My Gamestop Experience: 360 Trade-in

Drew Koehler from Cross Console Gamers writes: So I finally decided to get the Xbox One. With Titanfall right around the corner and knowing that I would hear all of my friends talking about it and I would be jealous. So I called my local Gamestop and asked if they were still doing their promotional deal for turning in your old console for the Xbox One. They said yes, if you have a powerup card you can get an additional 50% in trade. Which for an Xbox 360 Slim with a 250 gb HDD I would get roughly $120. (which isn't too bad considering normally I would get $80).

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This story doesn't seem to add up. perhaps your Xbox was really, REALLY dirty and that's why they charged you the refurbish fee. I've traded in too many systems to count over the years and have never experienced a referb fee. Not once. My guess is that you walked in there with a console that needed care.

3-4-51656d ago

I am about to trade mine in tomorrow for a PS4.

kreate1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Its not that the console needed care, GameStop became strict over the years and if u have a employee doing his job the way corporate want him to do. then u will be charged a refurb fee.

The work around is to keep going to different GameStop until u find a employee who doesn't charge u the refurb fee cuz he doesn't care.

This is true especially w the first generation slim models with the glossy look.

9mmPreacher1656d ago

It wasn't dirty though I know you can only take my word for it but it wasnt

CerebralAssassin1656d ago

Well, I cant speak for all gamestops but I can for mine. If you bring in a dirty system or a heavily scuffed system, you can bet your ass your getting a refurb fee on the system. Although, I would have rolled the charger in with the refurb fee. My store is big into used sales and want the best product available. If your stuff doesnt meet my standards you will get turned away or get a refurb fee. Be glad you didnt come to my store because you would have gotten that refurb fee regardless of the complaining.

CerebralAssassin1656d ago

Also, if it was the shiny slim model, almost all of those systems get refurbished due to it easily being scratched.

parentsbasement1656d ago

I took in a old , fat PS3 and got $93 for that , got $58 for the old Wii ....all told with the games I had $187 on trade....came out with a brand new PS4......I almost kept the old stuff but decide to just move on.....launch Xbox 1 , PS4 now and probably a Wii U in the future just for the heck of it

The_devils_chum1656d ago

What the hell is? Another under cover advert for xbone and game stop , how pathetic.

Big-Bruizzer1656d ago

they charged him $8 or a charging wire. lol. that's cause he ran his piehole with that, "it ain't fair crap." the one I turned in was the exact same way, except I wasn't a douche about it and they said it was fine. moral of the story? don't be a douche.