Oculus Founder - More VR Content Made Last Year than Last 20 Combined

VRFocus - Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR, has revealed a surprising statistic about the amount of virtual reality (VR) content that has been developed in the past year during the South By South West Gaming Festival. Speaking at a panel for the company’s Oculus Rift VR headset, Luckey announced that more VR content had been made in the past year than the previous 20 combined.

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mochachino1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Another interesting fact, more data has been transferred on the internet in in the last 6 months than in the billion years preceding 1985.

Wow eh?


xer01623d ago

Yep - wish, they'd release the damn tech for consumer consumption already.

At this, rate - Sony's VR tech will be available before theres!

curtis921623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

This is a guess on my part but I'd imagine Sony has more resources devoted to VR than the team on OR. Also OR has relied on crowd funding a lot so obviously they're showing every step of their design, whereas Sony has probably been working internally for a long time and hasn't revealed their steps along the way.

Pandamobile1623d ago

Oculus has the best VR minds in the industry working for them or with them. I'd be surprised if Sony's supposed VR solution is even on the same level as the Rift.

starchild1623d ago

What? Sony's VR headset hasn't even been announced. It's still technically a rumor at this point. Once it is officially announced (if it is indeed real) there is still no guarantee it will be coming out this year or any time soon.

I think Sony saw the Rift and realized what incredible potential it has and decided to take what they had done with head-mounted displays like the HMZ-T3W and add head-tracking and a wide field of view to create an actual VR headset. I predict that they are still behind Oculus. Especially considering that Valve and Oculus are working together and have some of the best minds and people most passionate about VR.

The Oculus Rift will likely be released later this year or early next.

sprinterboy1623d ago

I expect the witness to be unveiled again with Sony vr at gdc, hoping drive club uses it but I think we may have to wait till ps5 for ultra gfx games, hope I am wrong though

Hozi891623d ago

I almost don't want to buy a xbox one or ps4 because I feel like it's not really doing much much more than a ps3...I mean I know its a jump up from last gen but I feel like the jump should have been doubled.