New Project CARS Fan Trailer Showcases Spectacular Visuals, Just As Good As The Famed "Bullshots"

DSOGaming writes: "A lot of people criticized Slightly Mad Studios as they believed that all the previously released fan screenshots for Project CARS were bullshots and nothing more. Well, if you were among them, it's time to reconsider."

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MaxwellBuddha1661d ago


This game absolutely obliterates Gran Turdismo.

Muerte24941661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

....? Compared to what exactly? Gran Turismo 6? The game frunning on 8 year old hardware? I'm sure this is running on PC with unlimited resources. If that's the case I'm not impressed. Put this on something with locked in hardware (level the playing feild) then show me something. Oh and I'm tagging this comment and hope you're around when the next Gran Turismo is revealed.

With that said... this game does look amazing.

clmstr1661d ago

I absolutely agree with you, Sir. Don't listen to this low-level troll.
Even GT5 looks more natural and less cartoonish than PCars -

karl1661d ago


the amount of details in cars and the environment its huge

but it kinda feels like old, the lighting and smoke simulation or material i dont know. it looks dated

PoSTedUP1661d ago

looks great. i wonder how many cars and tracks it'll have, and if it'll single handedly spawn any real professional racecar drivers...

fanyboyism aside, im glad to see it on consoles; its gonna look sexy next to driveclub and GT7. ive been wanting to play this for the longest.

Dasteru1661d ago


Bifocals have a cracked lense or really just that retarded?

Neither GT5 or 6 comes remotely close to PCars as far as visuals are concerned. Even the PS4 would choke on the PC version on PCars maxed out.

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clmstr1661d ago

Wow... I mean, WOW.

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

GarrusVakarian1661d ago

I thought your comment was pretty immature, that was before i realised you said "TURDismo"

All you have done today is bash on PS games. How sad. Comparing a game made on 8 year old hardware to a game running on a modern day beast rig. Pathetic.

MaxwellBuddha1660d ago

Not as pathetic (or creepy) as stalking strangers on the internet.

You do know you don't HAVE to respond to every comment you get butthurt about, right?

thisismyaccount1661d ago

Not sure what part of this video should leave me impressed, even at 1440p all i saw was Assetto Corsa-quality but slightly better.

Visually neither pCars (based on 1440p videos) and Assetto Corsa (steam copy") are better looking than GT6 or for that matter Forza 5. /jm2c

Assetto Corsa looked bad, it remembered me how bad PC games looked back in 2005 (Racer in general, >FIA GT Racing Game< last true Sim at simmode)..

Again based on pCars videos it does not look much better than Corsa does and this one ain´t pretty. And i was surprised i had to switch steering diffuclty in a supposedly SIM Racer... if you don´t do that, it will up/downshift for you. This is as bad as that Rewind button in FM5 and Grid, at least you can adjust it (but a SIM title shouldnt have it in the first place)

I wish i bought pCars back in the day, Assetto does not impress me at all (so far) and by the video here neither does pCars. /jm2c

sorane1660d ago

"Visually neither pCars (based on 1440p videos) and Assetto Corsa (steam copy") are better looking than GT6 or for that matter Forza 5. /jm2c
I can see why you only have 2 bubbles with quotes like that. Still trying to figure out if this is a joke post or not.

"Assetto Corsa looked bad, it remembered me how bad PC games looked back in 2005 (Racer in general, >FIA GT Racing Game< last true Sim at simmode).."

Ok so it must be a joke post because I was playing Doom 3 a year earlier which looked simply amazing.

thisismyaccount1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

If you really believe Assetto Corsa looks stunning, it´s about time to talk to some ophthalmologist.

Holly molly... AC does not look good nor bad and i played the 652? build at 2.5k maxed out. The game might be good with a wheel, but with a pad it´s a joke.

Compared to FIA GTR 1 (simmode, DA off), AC and prolly pC (assumptions) are simcade at best, i might redownload AC and give it another shot with a wheel (or ask for a refund).


pCars > AC any day of the year, sadly its made by the Shift 2 guys (yikes, can´t wait to see who they hired next, to do the "cool talk" in their game)

You like it? Good for you... AC up and downshifting for you, what a joke (even at pro settings i believe)

About the bubbles, grow up kid. You think people give a fuck? Apparently you do, criticism not allowed? Having a different opinion no good here? Like someone would care.. again, if you like it good for you, not everyone does though.

GentlemenRUs1661d ago

GT = Simulator
Proj Cars = Arcade


Dasteru1661d ago

PCars is not an arcade racer lol, GT is closer to arcade than PCars is.

sorane1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

GT and simulator should never be used in the same sentence. Go here for a quick lesson on real racing simulators:

GentlemenRUs1660d ago

@The 2 people above me

If that's the case, Then how come it says "The REAL driving SIMULATOR" under the GT logo? Exactly...

sorane1660d ago


Ummm because clueless marketing people put it there? If you really think that quote is REAL, then you've never played a REAL sim in your life. Exactly....

Dasteru1660d ago


If i were to create a Mario kart clone and release it under the title "The real driving/racing simulator", would that make it a sim? Exactly.

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Magicite1660d ago

what You said was completely irrelevant.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1661d ago

Yes yes we know the game looks attractive... what the heck kinda game modes does it have? What sets it apart from other racing games?

PlayTheGameBro1661d ago

I'm ready to see how it looks on consoles!

hennessey861661d ago

For me a racing game is all about the physics and while project cars isn't bad it's far from the best, assetto corsa and iracing are leagues ahead in the only department that matters to sim racers

Si-Fly1661d ago

C'mon, you're being too kind :) AC, iRacing RF2, GSC13 ... They're all miles better when it comes to FFB, Handling and Physics.

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