Persona 2: Innocent Sin Pulled From PS Store Due To Vita Exploit

Angie Santiago reports: "For those of you who may still want to grab Persona 2: Innocent Sin, the game is temporarily being pulled from the PlayStation Store due to there being an exploit in it that allows one to mod their Vita. The PSP game is said to have an exploit which would allow one to run homebrew on the handheld."

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nick3091660d ago

At the end all psp games will be pulled of the store due to these exploits. Gtts be a different solution

Qrphe1660d ago

They pull them out and put them back up. They're not gone forever.

Hicken1660d ago

Seeing as how there are plenty of PSP games still available for download, and any with exploits have been added back...

Qrphe1660d ago

They'll be put back once there is a firmware update that patches the vulnerability.

KarateExplosion1660d ago

There are a lot more games on the PSN that have that exploit.

MWH1660d ago

Eternal Punishment the best Persona I ever played.

nope1111660d ago

I do dig the mature tone and the fact that all party members can have multiple personas.... OH, and i do miss fusion spells.

dcj05241659d ago

Aren't fusion spells in persona 3 as well? I didn't seem them in Persona4 Golden though.