Irrational Games’ Closure Is a Nail in the Coffin for the BioShock Franchise - Michael Pachter

The closure of Irrational Games caused a bit of an earthquake in the gaming community, especially between fans of the BioShock franchise, and Wedbush Securities analyst and crystal ball holder extraordinaire Michael Pachter gave his own take on the issue.

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JonahNL1624d ago

When is the nail in your coffin going to be placed, Pachter?

He truly is the definition of an open door.

Visiblemarc1624d ago

Yes...this guy has literally zero value as an analyst/pundit.

Sites have to stop dignifying his random guesses by publishing them.

PeaSFor1624d ago

always take what he say with a 45tons grain of salt....

LondonMediaOS1624d ago

Does this guy just talk to hear himself??

nope1111624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Well, lets see what happens. I personally liked BioShock 2.

Visiblemarc1624d ago

Yes, 2 was underrated. Also Infinite certainly didn't meet their targets, but sold many millions and much like the film industry, this industry never, ever (for better or worse) dumps a franchise when the last game moved 5 million+ units. Expect to see a lower budget game based on this property within 4 years, and a "reboot" effort by the end of this gen or the beginning of next.

kalkano1624d ago

I don't care about Bioshock, and I didn't read the article. But, it's true.

Any time the creative minds behind a series leave, the series is done. It's about to change in ways that the original fans will hate.

-Foxtrot1624d ago

Well...he could have a point here, I mean if the next installment dosen't meet up to standards then yeah it will be because they will only end up decreasing in quality

I'm scared that this "plan" Ken Levine laid out in Infinite...

"There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city"

Will end up being ruined and not what he wanted. I felt they put that into the game so the different universe in each game would connect with one another

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The story is too old to be commented.