Nintendo and the Wii U Are Not Doomed, That is Ridiculous

Cory Shultz from For the Love of Gaming writes:

"Ever since Nintendo announced that the company would be lowering their sales forecast of the Wii U and 3DS, a lot of gamers around the net have been claiming Nintendo is “doomed” and are trying to say that Nintendo is doing awful as a company. I have read some of the most ridiculous claims such as, Nintendo needs to scrap the Wii U and release a new console, all the way to Nintendo needs to go third party. These suggestions make little sense and obviously come from people that truly don’t understand how the gaming industry works. If you think Nintendo is bleeding money or is in anyway hurting for cash, you are dead wrong."

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DC7771593d ago

All good points but they could be doing more to keep up with current trends such as more online games, perhaps bringing in an mmo or two. People now days want to feel connected and I don't think miiverse fills that need. Broadening their base certainly wouldn't hurt. They have everything you explained to fall back on.

4logpc1593d ago

I really dont see how that would help them. People do not buy Nintendo games wanting an MMO experience. There are already many other devices that do that, and frankly would do it better. Nintendo is focusing on what they do best. Making fun games.

KonsoruMasuta1593d ago

They don't need to make MMO experiences but more games with online modes can help. And I'm not talking about cramming multiplayer into games that don't need it, that's the worse thing they could do. But they could add multiplayer into games that could use it, Super Mario 3D world begged for online mp.

-Foxtrot1593d ago

It dosen't matter if it's an MMO or an online mode in their games, they need something to show they have a stable online network.

Games like Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze were built up around co-op and in the end it was local only....I mean what the hell man.

That's like doing a game like Borderlands and saying "Oh you can only do local, there's no online mode"

MrTimesplitters1593d ago

Im sure if they made a Pokemon MMO for the Wii U Im certain ALOT of people would buy a Wii U, and im sorry but the Wii U would be the best device for it.

DC7771592d ago

I know they make fun games but it's just the reality we live in today that people are connected to everything.

I mean the possibilities of a Nintendo online world game...well who knows what they would come up with.

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Fanboyssuck271593d ago

The only people that think Nintendo are doomed are Sony fanyboys, notice I said Sony fanboys not the genuine gamers who just prefer to game on Sony consoles.

Nintendo is far from a failure I actually think Nintendo will end this generation the strongest. It's not how you start it's how you finish.

I think for pure unadulterated gaming Wii U wins, their games have the best gameplay and never need dlc especially first party exclusives and Indies and the online is always smooth, never lags.

when it comes to power, graphics and third party support Sony wins no doubt.

Not really sure about xbone, I played a bit of forza and ryse and graphics where amazing but I haven't spent much time with it yet.

slivery1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Yes because Xbox fans, Nintendo fans and PC fans never have said the same things? It is always those darn Sony fans that do everything huh?

I am sorry but I don't know how anyone can take people seriously when they single out a group of people so ignorantly like this. When clearly anyone with a brain who visits this site on the regular basis knows that Sony fans are not the only ones proclaiming the Wii U's doom..

Hell even Nintendo fans proclaim it's doom at times, do you even own a Wii U yourself? I do, have you not been on Miiverse before? Of course most those drawings get taken down pretty quickly but I am sure you can google them, there are plenty of 3DS owners and Wii U owners who simply don't like the device and think the same thing saying it's doomed, so much so they take time out of their days to draw these intricate drawings about how the console is failing.

To say all Sony has is third parties is literally dumb as all hell also.. Sony is known for their first party games just the same as Nintendo is, they just happen to get more third party support, no one is bragging about third party games on the PS4 except when it comes to resolutions or some bull.

In the same sense people bought the Wii U when it really had no games, they bought the system with the intent on knowing that later on down the line Nintendo will release their first party titles that everyone knows and loves. The same thing for the PS4, people buy Playstation systems for their first party games also.

.... and LOL bragging about Nintendo's online capabilities, that is total bullshit right there.. Did you ever play Smash Bro's because the online was horrible.. Most Nintendo games don't even support online at all to begin with so how can you even seriously compare it to either the Xbox One or PS4.

"online is always smooth, never lags" Yea that is due to your internet connection and the fact most Nintendo games don't even use online.. Please list off all the incredible online games your playing on the Wii U right now that aren't the same third party games you'll find on other systems? The 3DS for god sakes has more online support than the Wii U currently does.

That is when you cross the line bragging about Nitnendo's online when they are furthest behind in that department, where you also not there with all the NNID mess that happened? Their servers crashing simply because of people signing up for an ID... You are being just as ignorant as any other fanboy literally acting like Nintendo's online service is that good, they need to greatly improve in that area and as much as I love Nintendo, I am not going to act like they are perfect, no gaming company is, they all could improve in some way.

You must be pretty dumb period singling out people, people are all the same, doesn't matter what system they support more.. Seriously how does no one know this by now.. I question if you people even live in the same reality or world I do or maybe you just sit inside all day and base your entire life off the internet.. I don't know.. Trust me people can be shitty no matter what walk of life they come from.

So stop making yourself look as dumb as all these other rabid fans attacking one another.

NihonjinChick1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

I agree with everything you said, except when you bring up NNID crashing. Let's not act like Nintendo is the only that has had problems with their online infrastructure. Wasn't there that one time where a certain company's console was offline for more than a month?

lemoncake1593d ago

Thanks for proving the original poster right...

slivery1593d ago


Did I ever say PSN or Xbox Live never had their problems? They have had problems before but they have never had issues with something as minor as making accounts causing their servers to crash, that was my point.

The point being Nintendo's online infrastructure is way behind compared to PSN and Live. Their servers just cannot handle the same level of stress.

I used to use Xbox Live and still use PSN and I never remember a time where either of them were offline for over a month or even a month. Even with PSN getting hacked it was a couple weeks outage, not an entire month. Can you blame them though when hackers where the cause of that outage? It was not server stress load or PSN that was the cause of the outage unlike in Nintendo's case, they got hacked. Other than that PSN has never had outages like that.

Hell I expected the outage to be a lot longer than a few weeks considering how badly those hackers dismantled the security on PSN.

I couldn't imagine what Nintendo would do if the same happened to them. As even things as little as Pokemon Bank are still giving people a lot of problems being a cloud based Nintendo service and how long was that delayed and it still released with online issues when all it is a online bank for Pokemon.

Not saying every Nintendo game or all the online it supports is that bad either I am simply saying it is in no way comparable to PSN or Live in the same instance. Quite frankly the Nintendo Network needs a lot of improving, that is my entire point. Their games and their services lack so much when it comes to competing with PSN or Live.

They are still releasing multiplayer games that just do not support any online.. How awesome would Nintendland have been if it had online? It would have so much more replay value, same goes for any of their newer games like SM3DW.. I would have loved to play that with people around the globe but nope..

People can act like Nintendo doesn't need online as much all they want but the fact is online multiplayer has been hugely popular since the 90's, still is and for some odd reason Nintendo feels the need to force local multiplayer on games that should just have the option to play online.. If you like local more, no one is forcing you to play online but to not even have the option this late in the game is a bit ridiculous knowing how popular online multiplayer is.

I can see all the disagrees now just for wanting some more online support with Nintendo's games.. I don't know why but most people are resilient as Nintendo when it comes to adapting to change for some weird reason.. People act like it's ok for Nintendo be behind the times as long as they have good games but what is so wrong with wanting them to have good games that have up to date features that almost all other games have now?

Is that seriously so wrong?

C_Ali881593d ago

He said fanboys! Are you a fanboy? You must be! Writing a book to refute something somebody said that wasn't even directed at you! Clearly it got your knickers in a bunch....

InTheLab1593d ago


Get it right. PSn store was down a month. The online was back on after two weeks.

The outage was actually do to an external intrusion unlike the Nintendo Network which the blame is placed on Nintendo's incompetence.


Correcting an obvious troll attempt is everyone's job and fanboys can never really do that.

Also, while it was long, Slivery's post was mostly factual unlike the post he/she responded to...

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Dudebro901593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

WHat is this!? A Nintendo article that isnt about it dying!? Crazy.

All good points. Whoever wrote this brings up a ton of good evidence to how Nintendo will make the Wii U a success.

I never knew they held so many spots in the top of amount of copies sold for a game. 35 million for Mario Kart wii...holy crap.

EDIT: Also this is the type of stuff we should see on the front page, not that stupid Xbox Secret Sauce topics.

Necro_5591593d ago

Nintendo isnt doomed but the Wii U basically is. I wouldnt use doomed personally. But its not going to be a success. The Wii was a fluke.

KonsoruMasuta1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

The Wii wasn't really a fluke. It was cheap, Nintendo was advertising the hell out of it, and it had tons of games and support.

Nintendo isn't doing as much advertising with the WiiU as they were doing with the Wii, and the WiiU isn't getting much as much support. Those two things are really killing it for the console. WiiU games are fun, but let's face it, the selection is kind of thin.

Hicken1593d ago

As it pertains to Nintendo's home consoles, it appears to have been a fluke.

It was a perfect storm of conditions that allowed the Wii to rocket to success like it did. But those conditions don't exist this time around, nor had they all combined ever before in the industry. On these things, it can be called a fluke, as well. For some reason, Nintendo thought the Wii U could continue that trend. They hoped to pull in more of the core as well, but it's pretty clear they expected lightning to strike twice.

I DO believe the system's sales can be turned around, but I don't know that the console's current rate of sales for the duration of this generation could be called successful.

ritsuka6661593d ago

The Wii was a fluke''

You called a fluke a most influential console this gen?

zero_gamer1593d ago

Wii was a fluke, yet it enjoyed smashing success for the first few years. The entire 7th generation is succeeded and both competitors have yet to outsell the Wii's lifetime sales despite it being the only console that has been nearly dead for the past several years.

That was an accomplishment for Nintendo.

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Brazz1593d ago

Nintendo > they are ok, they are great! they have a money printing machine called the 3ds! they have some of the most epics ip like pokemon, zelda em mario! Nintendo is here to stay!

WiiU > not so sure...

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