Titanfall The Colony Gameplay New Map Leaked

This video gave viewers a few brief details

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stephan26p1537d ago

THE Video is still uploading give it some time

Abriael1537d ago

Then don't submit a post until it's ready.

Spenok1536d ago

Agreed. Just wait for the video to be fully loaded before you post it anywhere.

OT @stephan26p why does the quality change so drastically so often? Was it the way you captured it or something? What were you playing it on, PC or Xbone?

4Sh0w1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

lol that was funny its fixed though, nice vid but I'm done watching these, I just saw "The Colony" has a nice intro set piece so I need to save what little story and secrets there are for Titanfall until Tuesday. I might pour out a lil liquor in celebration of my first Titanfall achievement.

MegaMohsi1536d ago

We're allowed to upload gameplay now?

AKissFromDaddy1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Maybe it's because of YouTube's compression but the textures or graphics on Xbox One are disheartening, in my opinion.

The textures aren't horrible but it's definitely disappointing to me, at least on within video. 720p doesn't help. It's worse in full-screen.

Maybe you should have waited for the secondary Xbox update before posting , because it leaves an unimpressive feeling. Even the gameplay can't save the quality of this video.

I watched this two and half times to make sure I was being picky. I played and upload beta footage of this on PC and difference is apparently obvious, to me, at least in video quality, in my opinion.

I played this and my video side by side for comparison.

ma1asiah1536d ago

umm one it has to do with youtube video compression and two check the hud this is not from the Xbox One it is PC footage

AKissFromDaddy1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

You're absolutely right that's its on PC. I now see the PC keys prompting. The quality of this video is just bad. That was only focus and I missed it completely because of it.

Nonetheless, when I captured footage, I maxed out the graphics to Insane texture quality. To me, the textures in this video aren't similar to the ones in mine. However, the texture quality may be disheartening, even Insane texture quality, because of the lack of quality video capturing.

My PC beta footage is also compressed but the difference between the two is obvious in texture & video quality.

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