Titanfall The Odyssey Gameplay New Map

This video gave viewers a few brief details

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GarrusVakarian1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Loving the level design in this game so far. Im getting a CoD 4 feeling from these videos, it just feels like the next big MP of the industry, like CoD 4 was.

Repsawn killing it as always, just with a different name.

LackTrue4K1470d ago

i got a question, with bot AI and online many are on the map/game?

gameslayer24111470d ago

there are a total of 12 human players and a little over 40 bots per level, I am excited i pick up my titanfall collectors edition this tuesday! I'll be doing an unboxing if your curious go to GameslayerTV on youtube! (any other questions just ask!)

No1up1470d ago

This looks like a blast... I can't wait!