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DX12 May Allow Xbox One To Save GPU Time, Render Ray Tracing, SuperFog And Custom Effects

"The Xbox One hasn't been having a good time as far as graphical prowess goes - several months after its release and it's still faltering behind the PlayStation 4 in terms of high resolution textures, output resolution and frame rate." (Xbox One)

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trywizardo  +   578d ago
if X1 graphic card can support it and MS made it exclusive to their console , then the competition will be on fire between sony and MS xD
SardoNumspa  +   578d ago
If the XB1 hardware was capable of anything more than what we've seen in real world games Microsoft would have shown it off long ago.

People clinging to the 'magic SDK update' are just setting themselves up for disappointment.

This is just another SDK update for the XB1. No different than any other SDK update that consoles always get through their lifetimes. Microsoft would have had this latest XB1 SDK version running on their own internal development kits for a long time now. If there was some 'magic' unlocking of power they would have been holding press conferences or releasing demo footage showing off these amazing new XB1 graphics features a long time ago.
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Irishguy95  +   578d ago | Well said
That's some faulty logic you've got there. It's very very simple.

The X1 and Ps4 will improve as the software improves. Their hardware will not get better, but Software always comes after hardware. My GPU supports DX9, 10 and 11. When DX10 came out, suddenly my GPU was pushing out better looking games.

Uncharted 1 -> Uncharted 2 -> Uncharted 3. Very simple example of software progression versus hardware. What Fanboys call 'optimisation' is very much more to do with game engines and software improvements. PC gpus were not 'optimised'. But naturally software upgrades came out and older GPUs can take advantage of them too. I'll give an example again, Oblivion versus Skyrim. Same systems, same FPS. Yet PC tech that could run oblivion, also had no problem running Skyrim. Just like the X360 and Ps3

DX12 is a step up from 11. There is literally no reason X1 wouldn't improve from it. Sony don't use DX at all. So no they won't be using it. They'll have their own upgrades with OpenGl.

You just have to get that DX12 is not exclusive to one devs skills. It's a system wide improvement for the Xbox 1

Edit -
No, what Uncharted 2 had over 1 was much better graphics.

Resolution, FPS, graphics. ND managed to increase the graphics without sacrificing the FPS. There's literally nothing you can say to deny that man. Just let it go, you're wrong. Face it.

I like how you're picking on Resolution as the deciding factor towards 'next gen'. Again I have to point out Killzone SF's Multiplayer ran at 1080i. Resolution is not the only factor in terms of processing power. Hence Ryse and The order

Cause thats exactly what I said right grimlash? I'm simply responding to a guy trying to say DX12 won't improve the X1's graphical capabilities. Because for some 'strange' reason he has to come into an X1 article and downplay what could be and likely will be the X1's first big upgrade in software/ Again I state, their is no reason at all DX12 would not enhance how games will look on the X1. There is simply no argument that can say DX11 is as good as DX12. Well actually, there is one thing I can think of/
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SardoNumspa  +   578d ago
Did Uncharted 2 run at 1080p compared to the first Uncharted's 720p?

No. Of course not.

If Microsoft had this 'magic SDK update' they would be showing off amazing improves in Forza over the massively downgraded game they released or they would be letting the Titanfall devs have early access to it and showing off how the game no longer is stuck rendering at a last gen 792p resolution.

These stories and desperately hopeful posts about imminent 'magic SDK updates' are just making the massive graphical power advantage the PS4 has over the XB1 all the more obvious in the eyes of gamers.

And it makes it even worse when the inevitable 'magic SDK updates' fail to deliver and XB1 fans switch to the 'we never cared about graphics' damage control.
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ALS365  +   578d ago
I agree to a extent, however MS still has something up their sleeve that will enhance the X1
4Sh0w  +   578d ago
I don,t pretend to know what this means, I don't believe the "OMG dat secret sauce" hype nor do I think microsoft is going to sit on their hands and not continue to upgrade X1 software, SDK, dev tools, etc.

I don't understand what the problem is, I'm not sure how much DX12 will improve X1, maybe it will be a small SDK upgrade or something more interesting but I don't understand why some people get pissed off at the idea microsoft is improving the X1???
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Qrphe  +   578d ago
You wanted Microsoft to show anything the X1 is capable in the first few months after release? That's impossible. The same thing goes for Sony; this gen just started.
Mister_Dawg  +   578d ago
No. They would have loved to have shown the full potential of XB1 from launch. However it is very obvious the XB1 was not anywhere near ready for launch. MS were caught off guard by Sony, PS4 wasn't fully ready either for that matter. They have been rushing through the updates and tools to get the Bone to where it should have been from day one.

I don't understand why some people are upset by this. I would have thought this is a very good thing that the XB1 is going to get better.
dedicatedtogamers  +   578d ago
We need a chalkboard for all of the "____ will bring graphical parity to the XBox One". First it was "the hardware gap is not noticable", then it was "Cloud", then it was "blazing fast 32M esRAM", then it was "fine-tuned hardware balance" and "we invented DirectX", then it was "Dev kit upgrade will improve games", then it was "stereo drivers" and whatever else MisterX spews.

Now it's "DirectX 12 will improve the X1 graphics".
gameon1985  +   578d ago
You sony fans don't realize how scared your comments make you seem. bottom line no one outside of microsoft really knows what the xbox one is truly capable of. So stop with this isn't going to make a different crap, and just say what you rally are thinking. Which is damn I sure hope this doesn't make the Xbox as good or better then PS4... which is where the fear comes in.
Pogmathoin  +   578d ago
Grimlash, I want to carve something out of stone, witn a hammer and a carving chisel. Basic tools, everyone has access to them, but it is very hard, and results are not pretty.... Now I got a CNC machine, with diamond tip coated chisel..... Makes amazing carving.... Point is, tools improve, end results improve.... Why is it that games at end of a consoles generation look as good as next gens first games? You think thats a fluke every time???

Ahhh typical dedicatedtogamers. Never ever brought something new, or even positive to any post. Please change name to dedicatedtobitterness, and when you get upset, post another blog about Xbox fanboys, why they make you cry all night....
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GameNameFame  +   578d ago
Some people are so desperate to believe this is some scecret sauce.

Sad fact is, console dev can already "code to metal" that is far more effective. Dx12 is just general api and is not efficient.

So no. This isnt magical secret sauce. Yes x1 will improve over time, but so will ps4 if not more since it does have that huge power gap.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   578d ago
@Grimlash Can't wait for Nintendo to put out a new SDK for the Wii U so it can put out Xbox One level graphics. Right???

Sure, if Wii U supports the new API DirectX12 or something similar hidden within its specs like MS supposedly does then yeah.

Or if Wii U has a build coming up showcasing its capabilities on how Wii U's power can be tapped further in some fashion.

It's obvious you weren't paying attention.

I'm attacking your seriously poor logic because Nintendo aren't software engineers experts/engineers like MS. So that's a fail statement right there.
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B-radical  +   578d ago
How can they show it off ages ago when no one bot even insiders knew dx 12 was coming
GameNameFame  +   578d ago
@Angelic Ice

No it cant. Lolol. How are you that desperate?

WiiU hardware is too weak. Just like X1 hardware is too weak. DX11 stuff cant even get used on X1. Look at tesselation. Cant run on x1.

Also, Dx11 and Dx12 stuff will be on ps4 as well. It is just software thay gets ported. Go google "opengl tessellation" and goofle "dx11 tessellation"

It is pure delusion that somehow reduce graphics power gap. Lol
Saigon  +   578d ago
@Pogmathoin the analogy that you stated seem to make sense but the one thing you forgot to mention is the type of rock you are carving into. The tools do not matter depending on the type of rock. Such as trying to carve into Marble. I guess my point is is that if the hardware is difficult it doesn't matter what tool you use. New tools can make a dent but it doesn't mean it will carve perfectly.
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cozomel  +   578d ago
Really kid? no one outside of Microsoft really knows what the Xbox one is truly capable of? Really? cuz i think we all know what its capable of, and its lower res and lower performance consistently! Talk to us when you come back to reality. Also, you must be scared, bring up fear.

Really? you didnt get the analogy? really? Talk about bad comprehension abilities.
NewZealander  +   578d ago
wow i have visions of a kid with his fingers in his ears "NAH NAH NAHHH I CAN'T HEAR YOUUU!
Sammy777  +   578d ago
sorry deleted my comment . It seems that the bubble snatchers are at play
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InTheLab  +   578d ago
Seems that way at least for specific threads like these. I said the most horrible thing imaginable in a WiiU watchdogs thread that earned me my first trolling mark in the 3 or so years I've come to this site.

I simply said you can't blame ubisoft for the delay as games of this type do not sell well on the WiiU.

Not sure what your comment was but if it's anything close to the truth but negative , you'll lose a bubble.

This site is a horrible place for conversation.
kickerz  +   578d ago
Yea I said "is this the animal hospital? Cause there's so many butthurt ponies"(in another thread)And I loose a bubble. I don't even know how to get more lol
It was just a funny joke,, I have nothing against people who love Sony or gaming, if u love gaming then your ok in my books lol
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lifeisgamesok  +   578d ago
Yes, if the Xbox One can do Ray Tracing then this will be one fierce console war

Ray tracing creates photo realistic visuals by simulating light unlike anything currently available on consoles

Phil Spencer has already said they're experimenting with it and that basically confirms that this is no low range gpu in the system

Sony forced Microsoft's hand and MS weren't ready to ship last year and that's why the slight difference in multiplats is there
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pedrof93  +   578d ago
What makes you think that Ps4 wouldn't be capable of ray tracing ?
XtraTrstrL  +   578d ago
I believe Killzone uses some type of ray tracing methods on some of the surfaces. I remember it being mentioned in the slideshow they showed way back comparing it to Killzone 3.
xx4xx  +   578d ago
The drawback on ray tracing is the amount of processing power that is needed.

Not saying this is correct, but in theory Microsoft would be able to pull off ray tracing (and Sony wouldn't) is because of 'the power of the cloud' and Microsoft's 300,000 servers for xbox.

Take that with a grain of alt. .but that's at least what Microsoft has been angling.
scott182  +   578d ago
I thought the PS3 did ray tracing for games... What makes this new?
zebramocha  +   578d ago
@Scott the only I think to pull it off was warhawks for the clouds.
imt558  +   578d ago
Forget about raw Ray Tracing. Ray Tracing requires
HUGE AMOUNT of procesing power. Even today the high-end PC's SLI Titan's CAN'T run Ray Tracing in full force.

Xbox One logo is ADDED FEW DAYS LATER after DX12 announcement for GDC.

This is original picture :


I believe that is just marketing for Xbone to hype Xbone fans.
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jerethdagryphon  +   577d ago
having experminted with raytrace software
it is very powerful but also costly in resources mainly as it resolves over time as more rays are cast, apis will help but there are 6 less cu in xb1 then in ps4.
no software will fix that,

in the same way that no software will make a gt450 run like a titan
Fantangoooo  +   578d ago
Its only logical, from the way things have played out. I feel Microsoft has always been aware of their software strength which they always had as indicated with x360. The GPU of X1 definitely seems different to ps4. Thus its just the flip side to what happen last gen when implementation of similar development process on x360 and ps3 didnt benefit the ps3 at all and needed its own approach. Time will tell either way but i like the direction of things. At the end we the end users benefit the most.
elsuperamigo   578d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
sprinterboy  +   578d ago
My calender alarm went off today reminding me of a Xbone announcement, is this it.
OMGitzThatGuy  +   578d ago
I'm assuming that's the reason why MS went with the cpu overclocking and such
Fireseed  +   578d ago
Would make sense seeing as they've solved the CPU overhead problem that Mantle touted it had finally accomplished.
gamingisnotacrime  +   578d ago
Show the games, please stop with technical fantasies, aka power of the cloud

The same to sony, stop overhyping the ps4 architecture anddeliver the games
KNWS  +   578d ago
If true this confirms Microsoft indeed had a secret deal with AMD to produce a low/mid GPU direcx12 ready graphic card.

Its looks like for Microsoft was caught of guard by Sony when they announced early the PS4.

Directx12 is a genuine sign Microsoft has not revealed everything about the capabilities of the console.
Paulie_gualtieri  +   578d ago
oh god..

Please stop.It's guys like you with the wild conspiracy theories that will keep this xbox one secret sauce dream going all gen.Just when things were finally starting to settle down and the rabid PS fanboys were content with their gloating the fire is being re-ignited.

Let me just enjoy my xbox in peace
KNWS  +   578d ago
Its logic friend not a conspiracy.

A video card that doesn't support the DX12 APIs will not be able to run the DX12 APIs

That's a well known fact to PC techs!

The card in the x box 1 is supposedly a 7000 series Radeon card with directx11 support.

You can't a patch directx12 to a 7000 series card! as the card would not be suitable.

So your left with the believe AMD must have customised and designed a new graphic card for Microsoft, that can handle directx12 features?
ThanatosDMC  +   578d ago

How dare you rebutt fanboy dreams with fact?!
insomnium2  +   578d ago
dat zeldass.....
RedDeadLB  +   578d ago
First of all, no one actually knows if DX12 will require new hardware.

Second of all, DX12 is so far touting decreased CPU overhead, a problem which is nonexistent in the Xbox One and even PS4 because the developers can program direct to metal from the start.

The Xbox logo in the DX12 poster is possibly because DX12 is a derivative from the DX11.x (Xbone's low-level API).

Third, DX12 is geared towards PCs, because PCs are the ones with problems with CPU overhead.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the possibility of the Xbox One getting some magical API upgrade and outperforming the PS4 are slim to none. There could be some SLIGHT improvements, but nothing as major as being able to render 1080p all of a sudden.
Nocando  +   578d ago
I havent seen one person state that this update would help the Xbox One outperform the Ps4, the fact that YOU stated it speaks volumes, and also explains the reason behind all the salt from you people.
PCpower  +   578d ago
**Correction** PC's with weak processors like those using Intel i3's. Real world data benchmarks with Mantle API vs. DirectX 11 API show that Intel i7's are actually so powerful that they bottleneck the GPU under DirectX 11! Even with all the overhead issue,the power of i7's overcome this and feed data to the GPU's to the point that the GPU is at 100% utilization at all times.

What this new API will allow, is for people who cannot afford i7's to be able to use cheaper processors that are weaker, but can allow greater utilization of a more powerful GPU.

That is why we PC guys talk about "system balance". A balanced system as an example for the high end is an i7-3930K paired with an AMD R9-290X. This model i7 or larger is the only CPU's capable of feeding that video card such that the video card is always at 100% utilization.

A PC newb might screw up by using an i5 series and run into a situation where the video card is only being 70% used. The good news is that with these new API's, system balance will not longer by such a big issue because of reduce CPU overhead. This should help bring about cheaper PC gaming systems. Because let me tell you, an i7-3930K is EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can buy almost two PS4 for the price of this processor!!!
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mixelon  +   578d ago
A new version of DX isn't going to do anything which a new version of PS4-optimised OpenGL couldn't.

The hardware is what it is. Both platforms will see steady software/dev kit progress.
Ju  +   578d ago
Can we please stop that the PS4 uses OpenGL. It doesn't. It runs a proprietary Sony API which is beyond DX11. If anything it probably is already on DX12 level (that said, it includes an additional GPGPU stage in the render pipeline).

Dx12 is just an API update which probably integrates some XO extensions into a new version (12). And that's that. It sure doesn't improve what the XO can handle.
mixelon  +   578d ago
@Ju It uses a custom branch of OpenGL. Just like the PS3 did, in my understanding. It's based on the same OpenGL source, trimmed down and made more console specific.

Where are you getting your info?
jmac53  +   578d ago
Gotta love that Xbox secret sauce! First it was the cloud, then a secret chip in the console, now it's DX12 that's going to make up the difference between the specs for fanboys.
DollMighty8313  +   578d ago
You realize the only idiots who are clamoring about this DX12 being "Secret Sauce" are you idiots right?
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PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   578d ago
@jmac It's pretty funny actually. And once they get it through there head that this isn't going to make the xbone as powerful as the PS4 they will make up some other junk.
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aawells07  +   578d ago
Grow up please.
jmac53  +   578d ago
I will grow up and when I look at you I will throw up, and when your mom comes around the corner she can lick it up.
insomnium2  +   578d ago
what what what? How old are you jmac exactly? My guess is 15-17yo.
a08andan  +   578d ago
Software-wise it is certainly a great thing if Microsoft can use new techniques and get more from the Xbones GPU, but it will never change the amount of shadercores and ROP's and those are the among the real limitations and the importance of that won't show for some time yet, but it will show.
Yo Mama  +   578d ago
I heard Dx12 cures cancer and hiv.
Whitey2k  +   578d ago
Anything xbox can do playstation can do better due to opengl can use features thats on dx12
ArbitorChief  +   578d ago
If true, great news for the Xbox One, but I won't believe it until I see it.
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Kayant  +   578d ago
"Microsoft apparently has a deal with AMD but it means that the 7000 series Radeon isn’t what the Xbox One is packing." - It's Sea Island like the PS4's. Which is a rebrand of the 7000 series.
"Just like our friends we're based on the Sea Islands family. We've made quite a number of changes in different parts of the areas. The biggest thing in terms of the number of compute units, that's been something that's been very easy to focus on. It's like, hey, let's count up the number of CUs, count up the gigaflops and declare the winner based on that."


The co-processors could be what the update will enable to be better utilised. Like MS said they took a different route to Sony and this could be what it is. Sony went with GPGPU compute for their customisation of their GPU.

Anyone thinking it's activating dormant hardware to make it 3-4 times more powerful than PS4 is in for disappointment. You think MS would sell their console at the price it is considering they have already said they were close/breaking even with each console and the fact we know from cost estimates that the XB1 cost more to manufacture mainly due to kinect estimated at $75.

Low level access to the GPU *code to metal* has been on the XB1 for a while so you can scratch that off as secret sauce or major thing with this update for XB1. It's major for PC/Mobile/Tablet if MS's teaser for the session is to beleived --> http://www.neogaf.com/forum...
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Ju  +   578d ago
The Agree vs. Disagree ratio on your comment makes me lol. Only on n4g...
Toman85  +   578d ago
First Cloud Azure gonna make Xbox One 4x faster, powerful and 4x memory through cloud. After that, SDK update magical gives 1080p on all games, but now DX12 shall make X1 games better than PS4 in terms of framerate and resolution output on multiplatform games.

Which of these is gonna be? Im tired of this cloud can do this, SDK update that and now DX12 is the Xbox One savior and yes I own a Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and PC.
I believe it when I see it.
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aawells07  +   578d ago
Why do you even care? If you don't believe it, why not just ignore it?
Why o why  +   578d ago
Its funny to observe. The detractors have all the cards at the minute because the proof is on their side. The x1 hasn't matched the ps4 on multiplats and its only 1080 exclusive was downgraded.

Since the start, there have been a numerous amount of levelers that have been touted by fans and more aggressively by fanboys. I've heard the same guys saying resolution doesnt matter clamouring to every article like this professing the gaps closing and not only using them as theory but as proof. Sorry people, the only proof is in the pudding no rhetoric can change that.

If its true then massive egg on the detractors and non believers' faces, myself included. If its some more ol bs, LIKE ALL THE OTHERS, then its another disappointment for the guys who will say they didn't care and resolution doesn't matter AGAIN. Like I said... funny to observe
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christocolus  +   578d ago
The plot thickens....whatever all this means we will finally get to know when all will be revealed at GDC and E3.

The DX team are definitly keeping a tight lid on this till GDC..according to their tweet the relationship between dx12 and xbx one will be revealed at GDC, so guys pls stop trying to downplay this, there is no way Ms would build Dx12 without making sure the xbx ones architecture wasnt fully compatible with it.

I also believe at that event MS will show off an xbx one game running on DX12.
#13 (Edited 578d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
ArbitorChief  +   578d ago
I'd love to see Halo 5 or Quantum Break being demonstrated using DX12 technology at GDC
Fantangoooo  +   578d ago
i am actually looking forward to it in that respect. Imagine the glory.. but hey not to get on the hype train yet i will hold my expectations till i am sure before i "jump in"
cyhm3112  +   578d ago
why people are so stupid, if dx12 really can improve xbone's graphics abilities, you think they will wait until now to utilize it? Let PS4 has a great head start over them and sell tons more? They need to reduce the xbone's price if it is really more powerful?
Elit3Nick  +   578d ago
Maybe because DX12 isn't ready yet?...
yarbie1000  +   578d ago
"why people are so stupid"
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   578d ago
Might i add that it's rumored from anonymous developers that the xbox one is in fact faster than the ps4 when it comes to raytracing.

"“Let’s say you are using procedural generation or raytracing via parametric surfaces – that is, using a lot of memory writes and not much texturing or ALU – Xbox One will be likely be faster.”

#15 (Edited 578d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
No1up  +   578d ago
I don't care... The xbox has been much more fun than my ps4 easy. I'm sorry but for now the ps4 is just no fun. I beat tomb raider on ps4 and had a chance to play the xbox one version, I wasn't blown away by the difference, if someone didn't point out specific areas I would have never known, and even though I've seen it, I think it's possible there was no difference it might have just been in my head. With that said, if it's that small of difference I pick the system with much more functionality and (for now) many more games.
kingdip90  +   578d ago
I doubt only microsoft will use direct x 12 to make games. Why do people not think devs won't use the software across all platforms?
Dewitt  +   578d ago
PS uses PSSL and OpenGL, they will not use DX12. PSSL is still somewhat unknown so it's possible it may have some of these features.
#17.1 (Edited 578d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kalbo14  +   578d ago
everything still depends on developers talent..if it is nicely done DX12 will be stellar for XB1..but how many saviors are we already for XB1?, only to justify that $500 purchase we have to wait for the entire justice league to say "now we're talking"..
iistuii  +   578d ago



Above were the difference between DX10&11 so if indeed the graphics card inside the One is compatible, then of course the games will look better with DX12. I doubt the resolution would improve, but the graphics will.
CrossingEden  +   578d ago
Wow that is a HUGE difference. Definitely can't wait to see what this can do for xb1 games. Can't wait to see Next gen Halo if there's the possibility of it using this tech.
#19.1 (Edited 578d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
windblowsagain  +   578d ago
Actually, you saying that like because it's jumped one number it automatically looks better.

DX10 GPU'S had the power to do Tessellation, but it wasn't included in DX10 sdk's and was added to DX11.

That's all the difference is between those shots.
iistuii  +   578d ago
There was a lot more than just Tessellation, but that's just an example of the difference the newer version of DX helped achieve, & it was a great improvement I remember, especially with Crysis2.. Now if they achieve even a small amount of an improvement, it will still be an improvement.
aerisbueller  +   578d ago
I have this demo on my pc. It's just tessellation added. Thing is, when you enable tessellation, there's a framerate hit. Yes dx11 gave additional options, but they still required gpu power. So if you're like the xbox one, and already struggling running pacman above 796p then adding additional effects and techniques to the palette of things you're not capable of rendering at a decent framerate doesn't really help anything.
iistuii  +   578d ago
Agree. I can't see it making the resolution any higher as your right, it took more gpu power to get the added extra's to run on PC.
kainslayer  +   578d ago
dx12 came because of mantle console fanboys and no the xbonegpu isnt dx12 combatible on hardware level but theres always the software lvl anyway the way that i see it dx12 does what the cloud would if it was real so maybe 8% avg fps (a frame or 2) and maybe shader optimizations but..(spoiler) no 1080p lol
.xboxnow and ps4 will drop 1080p 2nd year in as more shaderheavy games apear!

conclusion: pc master race ftw!!!
EXVirtual  +   578d ago
Quit trolling.
The PS4 and XBO will be able to keep up there current average resolutions. Updates like these allow more graphically intensive games while sustaining the current resolutions that they've been achieving. Maybe in the last year of the gen (5 or so years) or so is when you'll see a decline in resolution.
Both systems will flourish.
kainslayer  +   575d ago
well i think not many games now have resolutions way below 1080p and the consoles are 4 months in they are cheaply made both of them and way overpriced i hope you are right though and they keep the 1080p but i cant seem to believe it the way its going now 1080p no aa maybe and its a big maybe.Its all the apus fault when you put 2 things that heat up under the same space they are little to do about in terms of performance...except if there is a fan controller update in the future ;-p
piffdabiff  +   578d ago
All I can say on this topic is I believe it when I see it.
The_devils_chum  +   578d ago
You guys are delusional, you probably think your going from 720p to 4k. Just keep believing this its very intertaining. You have all these fancy things going on but still a very tiny hole to get it out of, microsoft is just trying to keep the hope alive grasping on to every little thing. Microsoft is competeing with Wii U at this point in sales, ps3 sold more in uk than xbone. This is why titanfall 2 will also be on ps3 - ps4.
SonofGod  +   578d ago
Whatever helps you sleep man.
Software_Lover  +   578d ago
...... Is it that serious? There just toys.
iistuii  +   578d ago
It's not going to go from 720 to 4k, but it will enhance the graphics on the machine & if it's like when DX went from 10 to 11 a patch could be released for the older games to also benefit. It's no secret sauce, google it, you can clearly see it's a software enhancement that does indeed make things look a lot better.
Software_Lover  +   578d ago
If that is the case, then I was wrong on all counts. I have no problem saying it.
windblowsagain  +   578d ago
Howling at the moon. That's what these threads look like these days.

There is no secret sauce. It's a software update.


The reason for the jump in terms of graphics/animations etc was entirely done to the CELL PROCESSOR. ND Realised they could offload graphics tasks, more animations, Culling. That left the GPU with more bandwidth to add other things.

I think the Games will a slight upgrade for the X1 and the same will happen with the PS4.

But i'll tell you this.

There isn't all of a sudden going to be this massive leap in graphics for any system and that includes PC. I'm not talking REZ.

I'm saying that until lighting,textures,shaders then you won't get a massive increase.

Games like DEEPDOWN that use liquid physics for fire that interacts with it's surroundings is pushing in new directions. I want Puddles that disperse when a car passes through them and ends up elsewhere.

But any software upgrades for any system are always welcome.
EXVirtual  +   578d ago
And it begins again.
Yes, DX12 will help the XBO in terms of performance. But these sorts of software updates happen on consoles all the time.
The Along with the XBO, the PS4 will also get software updates like this. A new version of OpenGL, as MS owns DX.

Despite that, people like misterxmedia are having a field day with this subject. Expect multiple articles from him about this. He's already started.
SonofGod  +   578d ago
I wonder if PS4 and XO could do ray tracing real-time on hardware..
rainslacker  +   578d ago
Did you know that DirectX is free to use for anyone that wants to use it? If Sony or Nintendo wanted to use it, the licence agreement would allow them to do such a thing...for free for that matter. There's not much need, as OpenGL tends to be a lot faster at adapting to changes, but overall, both DirectX and OpenGL tend to borrow from each other.
HaydenJameSmith  +   578d ago
Conversation Example:

Guy 1: I hope MS can improve Xbox One with DX12 and maybe this was there plan all along...

Guy 2: No this is just sum BS MS is feeding all you xbots... PS4 is so much better, Xbone is Garbage... ye are all dumb... Fanboy nonsence... etc. etc.

This is all i see on these articles, when in reality everyone who bought an xbox one is hoping there console with get better and start delivering 1080p standard games and all these sony fanboys just want to put them down... is there an end game here or are ye just being pathetic fanboys cause you like it... or do you want everyone to just start playing ps4 and for MS to just stop making consoles cause that would mean terrible things for you beloved PS4. Not many ppl are arguing that the ps4 isnt delivering on the 1080p games and how powerful its hardware is but why is it ye have to put down everyone who wants the x1 to start delivering...
Cobra951  +   578d ago
"Whatever be the case, Microsoft’s Xbox One obviously hasn’t revealed its full graphical potential by a long shot."

This should be obvious, and it applies to the PS4 as well. The software technology in this new gen is in its infancy. Both platforms will produce much better technical results in the years to come. Whether DX12 is a significant step in this process for the XB1 remains to be seen.
Dante81  +   578d ago
What happened to the cloud?
SonofGod  +   578d ago
It vaporized :)
gameon1985  +   578d ago
did you not read the article were Phil said " “Feel like next demo we do of cloud has to be running code and impressive,” Phil Spencer said on Twitter when asked about Cloud. “Lot’s of questions about how real and I want to answer" So the cloud will still happen, and DX12 is just icing on the cake.

aerisbueller  +   578d ago
it turned into fanboy tears
lonewolfjedi  +   578d ago
wait I thought you guys said "gameplay over graphics", "resolution doesn't matter", and "you play games not pixels or names". so why is direct x12 getting you all excited?
No1up  +   578d ago
We're really not, it's just annoying when people are try to bash a company for trying to improve the product. Dam if you do, Dam if you don't..
parentsbasement  +   578d ago
Xbox one will improve , why the hell does that anger so many people ?.....it WILL improve , it may never get to PS4 numbers but so what?
Why o why  +   578d ago
They will both improve. Anybody saying different is naive. What some are taking issue with is what some are pushing as fact like its already level somewhat. Whats angering others is the other sides cynicism.

Best thing is to wait and see because as it stands the cynical side have been proven right since the consoles announcements. The crow served if ms pulls a leveler out of the bag would be humongous. Mister x is like the pide piper to people on here. He denied there was a gao initially and many followed him. He's led many down many dead ends.

Head to head, whos been correct more. Thunnway et el or mister x et el
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