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Tin Salamunic: Thief is a perfect example of why I never trust aggregate scores. With a Metacritic average of 69 (PC), I expected a flawed, disappointing, and underwhelming venture, yet what I experienced with Eidos Montreal’s latest resurrection of Garrett the master thief was anything but. While the reboot doesn't redefine stealth by any means, nor does it raise the bar any higher than what we’ve seen in Dishonored, It’s still a remarkably immersive, gorgeous, and fun adventure that’s only held back by annoying load times and odd design quirks. Eidos’ revival of the long forgotten classic is quite impressive, even if some of the charm and challenge is lost along the way. Whether you’re a franchise veteran or newcomer, Thief is a treat for anyone who enjoys slipping through darkness and looting everything in sight.

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RedSoakedSponge1657d ago

id personally give this game an 8. its a great game for a lover of the stealth genre. the loading times are annoying though and having to find the door to replay a chapter is becoming very annoying since the map doesnt show where they are.

starchild1657d ago

Are the loading times that bad on consoles? I hardly notice them on my PC even though I am running the game off a mechanical hard drive. They seem faster than the load times in a lot of games.

Anyway, I agree that Thief is a great Stealth game. I'm quite happy with my purchase and I've been enjoying the game a lot.

RedSoakedSponge1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

they arent long. its how they happen so frequently. i may have phrased that wrong. sorry about that :P i find its worse when freely exploring the city more than anything. you can end up getting about 4 or 5 loading screens getting from one side of the map to the other.

Audiggity1657d ago

Hmmm... now I am back into wanting this game. Does anyone know if a SSD drops these load time issues significantly. I'd imagine it would have to. But, sometimes, the occassional game still has weirdly long load times even with 6GB/s bandwidth at its disposal.

stavrami1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

the load times are a irritation at worst , i wouldn't say it spoils the game in any way . i counted some of the load screens and while most average between 4-7 seconds about the worst iv'e had is 10 and it's not regular enough to annoy me. as for frame rate drops its happened 3-4 times in over 20hrs playtime and its been at intervals that have never caused me issues

as far as scoring goes this game is an 8 for me

Audiggity1657d ago

Alright. Once I need a break from Titanfall I anticipate a Steam sale... it will be mine.

starchild1657d ago

I hardly notice the load times even running off a standard hard drive.

On PC I don't see how the load times could be an issue for anybody since they seem about normal or a bit faster than many games.

I really enjoy Thief and if it looks interesting to you and you like stealth games I think you will probably like it too. I'd personally give the game something between an 8.5 and an 8.9.

beebap1657d ago

Good review for thief. Its a 8 for me.been loving it all week .