Best Buy Ad 3/16 - 3/22

Take a look at the latest Best Buy weekly ad.

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Allsystemgamer1623d ago

That's cute. Post ps4 in the ad when you're out of stock.

RESTOCK ALREADY! I want mine :(

SolidGear31623d ago

Amazon has them right now!

Allsystemgamer1623d ago

Yea but I'm in college. Getting it with financing and bestbuy gift cards lol. My bday is in June so it's an early present to me XD

s1xt6en1623d ago

Smart way to get it. I did the same for my birthday I asked all of my friends for a 15 dollar best buy gift card. I had more then 500 dollars by the time November came around lol. Birthday was in July.

Allsystemgamer1623d ago

Yea. My dad's helping out too. Had to bribe him but I'm getting 90s in class so that's enough for him.

SolidGear31623d ago

I'd buy it right now but I'm saving to move to NYC by August. If that ends up falling through then the first thing I'm doing is buying one :3