Dark Souls II: Retail PS3 Version Shows Radical Lighting Downgrade from Earlier Videos

One of the best areas of the footage you’ve seen so far of Dark Souls II was its lighting, but looks like something has changed, and not for the better.

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Hellsvacancy1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

That totally sucks, game trailers are bs these days, you can't trust them

I'm rather disappointed

Abriael1590d ago

It wasn't trailers, it was gameplay recorded by PlayStation access. So the game did look like that. They just removed or downgraded the effect from some reason.

Hellsvacancy1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

If this is true FromSoftware should explain themselves, first we get Watchdogs now this

I shall play it regardless, it's too good to miss, I had just hoped for a nicer looking Dark Souls game

I'm still hoping for a PS4 version

Destrania1590d ago

It's a shame they don't have a PS4 version of this game, that would have been great. Oh well, I'm getting it on Tuesday for PS3 anyway.

ZodTheRipper1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I always said they should've went next-gen ...imagine how awesome this would have looked on PS4. At least we'll get Deep Down, hopefully it can keep up with the Souls series :)

vishmarx1590d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

gameplay was always on pc.
360 version is worse then ps3 .
framerate is solid are still a significant step up and thats all that should matter.gameplay is still great.
only thing that needs fixing is the health penalty lose 5-10% max health per death
we can be stuck with 50%health for the entire plathrough if youre unlucky.since the cure for that is extremely limited and theres no farming it

keabrown791589d ago

@vishmarx, do we have any actually evidence of the PS3 version being better then the 360 version other then opinion?

levian1589d ago

Man that sucks, that gameplay lighting looked freaking gorgeous. I'd love to just say I'll play it on pc, but my 6850 is starting to get a bit dated lately..

DragonKnight1589d ago

People, don't start turning Dark Souls into another graphics warzone. No one plays Dark Souls for the graphics. Right from the beginning, starting with Demon's Souls, these games have always been about the deep gameplay and subtle lore. Who gives a damn about lighting changes? They aren't going to mean a thing when you're getting ganked by aggressive hollows.

Hellsvacancy1589d ago

DragonKnight, why show the game looking pretty in the first place if that's not what we're getting?

What's wrong with wanting a game with awesome gameplay and great graphics

DragonKnight1589d ago

@Hellsvacancy: They showed the game how they had it, and people's opinions got the best of them. The Souls series has never been a graphics pusher so manage your expectations better.

Like I said, you won't be caring about the lighting when you're backstabbed and killed.

starchild1589d ago

Would people rather developers didn't show us anything while the game is in development?

Things have to be balanced and decisions have to be made. From the time development starts on a game until the time it ships there are many changes and iterations it goes through.

If in the end they had to remove or downgrade certain graphical elements in order to get adequate performance then it is for the best.

If they were to release a launch trailer for the game right before it comes out and it looks noticeably better than the actual game...THAT would be a deception. But letting us see gameplay of a game still in development that might look better or worse than the final game is completely normal and nothing to get upset about.

The Souls games are magical because of their gameplay and atmosphere and neither of those things is really reliant on the technical aspects of the graphics to any great degree.

minimur121589d ago

I'm just walking along the road reading this with squinted eyes, and I can see the change, holy crap.

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sprinterboy1590d ago

Most trailers say that it does not represent the final version, so it's not like they lie

Muffins12231589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Maybe it was pc footage? They never said the footage they showed in demos and trailers was from your ps3.

Back-to-Back1589d ago

This is what happens when you are still making 360/ps3 games when the ps4/bone are out.

Seriously this game should have a next gen port.

sdozzo1589d ago

Can't have another Blight Town incident.

PurpHerbison1587d ago

Yeah Blight Town was awful but the entire game suffered from FPS issues, while most minor. You can just feel the game chugging along. Going to get my copy of DkS2 sometime today. I hope that has changed.

MysticStrummer1589d ago

We seem to be entering the era of the downgrade, which sucks.

PurpHerbison1589d ago

If this means the game is going to play with a better FPS, then what is the issue? Souls games are infamous for terrible frame rates.

PurpHerbison1585d ago

And the FPS problems are STILL there. :[

Dynasty20211589d ago

The Order and The Division will be downgraded too.

100% guarantee it.

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SilentSolid1590d ago

Gonna wait for the pc version. Might get it for console later if the framerate is decent.

clmstr1590d ago

Alright, now I can be finally sure the PC version is definetely worth waiting.

keabrown791590d ago

It almost looks as if those earlier screens and videos where actually from a pc, simulating PS3 graphics by running at low or med settings.

Sly-Lupin1589d ago

All of the console versions are PC ports. What is likely is that the original screens were from a genuine PS3 build, but that they ended up being slightly more too demanding, and were disabled to maintain a stable frame rate.

This would explain why the effects are enabled in cutscenes.

NYC_Gamer1590d ago

E3 will be crazy this yr since developers may be scared to over promise on visuals

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