Sucker Punch: We'd Have Loved a Grunge Soundtrack in inFAMOUS: Second Son

Push Square: "Sucker Punch’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son stinks of teen spirit. The Seattle-based open world adventure has clearly been inspired by grunge culture, from the nature of Delsin Rowe’s clothing right through to the inclusion of famous venue the Crocodile Cafe, which has been painstakingly remodelled in the game. However, while the studio’s taken the opportunity to license a number of its hometown’s most iconic landmarks, it hasn’t been quite as successful in the soundtrack department."

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DunDee9101472d ago

Meh. That's what the PS Music subscriptions for. I prefer affordable unheard music in my games.

Wni01472d ago

How bout some Pixies action

Relientk771472d ago

Yea I woulda liked that, but it's cool

MaxwellBuddha1472d ago

Skinny jeans aren't "grunge"; they're for feminine douchebags like Delsin. An iced cappucino accessory would be more appropriate for that princess.

fallacious1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Aw, it's ok to be insecure about your sexuality.

Heisenburger1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

I prefer my coffee black with a small amount of sugar on a typical day. But I can enjoy a good cappuccino.

I much prefer having a character with clothes that fit him, rather that the ridiculous baggy jeans of old.

I must admit I fail to see the connection between his attire and you calling him a princess. Idk how punk-rock/normal Seattle attire makes him a princess. I understand that you are implying that he is either gay(which to you *would mean bad) or feminine(which to you would mean bad).
Usually people throw their own insecurities at other people. Classic bully mentality. My theory would be that perhaps you don't feel manly. Sometimes you need a good woman, or a cappuccino.

LOGICWINS1472d ago

Well, I enjoy wearing my skinny jeans. This isn't the 90s. People wear clothes that actually fit them nowadays. I put in hard work at the gym so wearing form fitting clothes allows me to show of my hard work. Theres nothing "feminine" about wanting to look good.

WeAreLegion1472d ago

Agreed. That guy's a douche. I don't wear them, but who cares? Delsin's freakin' cool.

LOGICWINS1472d ago

Without a doubt, I think Delsin will be more fun to play as than Cole. Not that Cole was unlikable or anything. Cole obviously couldn't enjoy his abilities the same way Delsin does due to his guilt for his actions in Empire City.

I'm glad SP is holding so much back to not ruin any surprises.

Anthotis1472d ago

That was extremely amusing.

+ Funny bubble

WeAreLegion1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

He's wearing them with style and they're not hugging every inch of his lower half. That's what they were created for. Hipsters give them a bad name.

GarrusVakarian1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Read your comment back to yourself, you have a grudge against a video game character? Seriously?.....That is really sad.

If you don't like Delsin's appearance then fair enough, but you sound pretty immature calling him a "princess" and a "douchebag"...i don't know if you know this, but he isn't a real person.

Sucker Punch are a Seattle based studio, they based Delsin's appearance on a stereotype of Seattle. The beanie, skinny jeans, denim jacket is what people in the modern "grunge/indie" scene wear generally. Would you rather see him in gym pants and a grey hoodie?

Rimgal1472d ago

@MaxwellBuddha And how do you prefer your men to look like? Do you like them more muscled? That's your thing?

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