What Would the U.S. Games Industry Decline Look Like Interpreted As a Video?

If you haven’t heard, noticed, or felt it as a gaming enthusiast, the United States video game industry is on quite the decline. Perhaps not one that is as alarming as the video below is about to make it seem, but noticeable none the less. We hit our peak back in 2008 when the industry became worth $21.33 billion and have now seem to have fallen right back to 2006 numbers in that we’re now only woth $12.97 billion. What’s concerning is that the decline shows little signs of leveling, putting us in risk of falling back to 6th generation levels of revenue. To be fair, two new consoles recently launched and there seem to be quite a bit promising titles releasing in 2014 for the gamer looking for something tasty. Anyway, it’s not looking like I’m going to hit our desired word count target. On with the next entry in our Gaming Industry Humor series.

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AgentSmithPS41625d ago

I'm glad my volume was low while watching this, turn it down or go deaf.

Maybe the worst thing I've ever seen on the internet?

LaserEyeKitty1624d ago

2008 is also when a slew of casuals entered the market. It is unlikely the industry will see such a climb any time soon. Everyone games but not everyone who plays video games are gamers.