Amazon Deals : Specials For Sunday & A New Game Listed

Amazon has a few specials for Sunday. Xbox One Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag is on sale. Charger for the PS Vita is over 50% off. Gran Turismo 6 is being discounted down to $34.99 for the PS3.

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Livingon6001657d ago

Curious as to when Borderlands 2 is coming out on Vita. This game I can get excited for.

GuruStarr781657d ago

Still don't see a borderlands 2 vita pre-order on Amazon. Link takes you to the old versions....

Bogus website.

SWayne1657d ago

Fixed, sorry about that. Now it takes you to correct place.

pheature1657d ago

i notice amazon droping prices when other people drop prices like game stop and im sure amazon get far more orders than gamestop, so youhave to give credit to place likes gamestop to take the first step and put amazon under some presure to make price drops.
good for the ndustry