New Teaser Released for Half-Life VR

VRFocus - The developer of Half-Life VR (HLVR) has released a new teaser trailer for the title, showcasing the title’s weapons and a firing range. HLVR is a mod that’s set to adapt Valve’s Half-Life 2, which already features virtual reality (VR) support, with full Razer Hydra motion controller integration.

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Hellsvacancy1660d ago

Looks and feels just like the real thing

That's sarcasm btw for those that need it spelling out to them

curtis921660d ago

tip: if you cross your eyes and line up the two screens in your vision, you can see it in 3D.

another tip: to do that, keep the video small. If you full screen it youll need to sit back quite a ways to do this.

GentlemenRUs1660d ago

And yet the normal consumer has no access to these HMD's at all!

Sigh, Can't we wait till we(As the normal consumer) get a chance to have these things?

ninjahunter1660d ago

Cant wait till the consumer Oculus rift hits the market. Ive been saving sick days for it haha.