Is This the End of Microsoft's Xbox?

The claims that Xbox One is a complete and total failure are premature, but the console's current market difficulties were largely predictable. Amid the controversies and negative press that accompanied the introduction of the One, powerful voices within Microsoft began a heightened push to sell off the company's gaming business.

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Mikelarry1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

3 months... The console has been out for three month's is not enough time to really predict the end of the console. Also its not like they aren't making adjustment to try and shift consoles. Give it a year before we start making assumptions

Edit: @ hellvacancy I guess you are right

I am anxious for this years e3 its gonna be huge as I believe that's when this console war will really kick off with the games and features that will be added to the new gen console

Hellsvacancy1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

With a website name like what did you expect, intelligent material?

MightyNoX1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Their name is a reference to Shakespeare.

Motley Fool: 1
Two Random Uneducated Tools on the Web: 0

Mikelarry1476d ago

@ mighty

Don't really care what and how they came up with their name my point still stands.

And uneducated tools..... Keep your childish insults to yourself as like the site you are defending you have little or no information to come to that conclusion

HomerDog1476d ago

oh maria you troll you . I wonder why they keep approving your posts but any any negative gets declined hmmmmmm im smelling some fanboyism in n4g. how can that be.

mafiahajeri1476d ago

The first sentence in the article pretty much sums up what you said.

Mikelarry1476d ago

Yeah but it is sad that this is even a topic at the moment because that suggest some gamers and journalist actually believe this Topic to be true

SardoNumspa1476d ago

"because that suggest some gamers and journalist actually believe this Topic to be true"

% Increasing numbers of news stories talking about Microsoft actively looking at dumping the Xbox

% Microsoft bringing in a new head of the Xbox division who has a history of dismantling the companies he has headed

% The XB1 sold only 140k console in the US in January and about 35k in Europe. At that rate the XB1 won't even reach 5 million worldwide by the end of 2014

% Microsoft is having to resort to giving away the one game that is supposed to 'save the XB1' because sales are so bad

But, yeah, there's nothing to possibility of the end of the Xbox happening very soon.

Axios21476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

It's easy

Sony released their figures for previous gen sales to show the PS4 is outselling all previous gen consoles and the PS4 is in 57 countries.

Looking at the numbers SONY provided...X1 is outselling all previous gen consoles, and it's only in 13 countries.

So according to Sony, X1 must be hugely successful.

=4 months (one territory) – March 31st, 1995 – 0.85 million
-10 months – September 30th, 1995 – 1.77 million
-16 months – March 31st, 1996 – 4.26 million
-22 months – September 30th, 1996 – 8.07 million
-28 months – March 31st, 1997 – 13.50 million

1 month (one territory) – March 31st, 2000 – 1.41 million
7 months (one territory) – September 30th, 2000 – 3.52 million
13 months – March 31st, 2001 – 10.61 million
19 months – September 30th, 2001 – 19.58 million
22 months – December 30th, 2001 – 24.99 million

1 month – December 31st, 2006 – 1.7 million
4 months – March 31st, 2007 – 3.5 million
7 months – June 30th, 2007 – 4.2 million
10 months – September 30th, 2007 – 5.5 million
13 months – December 31st, 2007 – 10.4 million

@ Mighty...Why would MS need to reach 5m in just 13 countries compared with Sony's 57 countries, doesn't make sense.

Why, in order for the X1 to be successful would it need to sell more than:

6x the PS at 3 months?

Almost 50% more than the PS2 sold at 7 months?

and almost 50% more than the PS3 at 4 months?

GarrusVakarian1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Ive seen you use that exact same comment multiple times now, do you copy and paste it from a difference source?

Using stats from years ago, when the gaming industry was a completely different beast and conceived completely different by the media and public and comparing them to a current gen's consoles sales is a little silly.

Gaming in general is more mainstream than it ever has been, so obviously a next gen console from 2014 is going to wipe the floor with consoles that were from a time when gaming was for 'nerds in their parents basements'.

I agree with the general point of your comment, the X1 is doing "fine", but the way you try and prove it isn't logical. Even at the start of last gen, gaming perception was different to what it's like now.

And yes, im also criticizing Sony for doing it too. But they have a reason for such PR hype, you don't.

MightyNoX1476d ago

Both MS and Sony need to reach 5 Million units sold before March's end to be considered a successful launch. Sony's blazed through that line whilst Microsoft's limping towards 3.5m at best. That's not tracking well with their internal data.

Mikelarry1476d ago

@ those disagreeing

You just need to look at the ps3 to really understand that 3 months is not enough time to really predict a console end

SardoNumspa1476d ago

The PS3 outsold the 200 dollar cheaper Xbox 360 in the very first year on the market.

I have no idea what point you were trying to make. Or what relevance that has to the PS4 absolutely destorying the 100 dollar more expensive XB1 in sales.

Mikelarry1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

@ sardo

No offence but I suggest you reread your comment. You say the ps3 outsold the Xbox 360 within the first year not 3 months. My point is when the ps3 came out it struggled before it found its footing people were writhing it off as a failure the first couple of months before they made smart choices that allowed for it to be a successful console it didn't take three months for this turn around d it took almost a year so can't the same logic be applied in the this console cycle that the xbone needs time to make those adjustment to make it successful Not saying it will outsell the ps4 just that 3 months is not enough time

DigitalRaptor1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

@ Mike

I agree. 3 months is far, far too early for a corporation like MS to ditch a console.

Still... PS3 was outselling the 360 from its point of origin. Close to every single year it outsold it, and that is why it gnawed down that close-to-10 million lead the 360 had without the PS3 being on the market, and is currently sat at 2nd place.

And that was with all the negative Sony/PS3 attention, high price point, and poor implementation of certain aspects of the machine such as the barebones online network and being harder to developer for. AND the fact that a ton of people re-bought the 360 because of RROD issues.

MS achieved so much last gen because of many of Sony's faults and some of their strengths. They are losing at the game they were winning due to this fact, right now. And the fact that millions of gamers don't trust them because of what they have attempted. It's hard to see a recovery that their investors expect.

The global viability of the brand is on life support. And they are losing the popularity in North America to the competition.

I understand you don't want to make judgements too early, but all signs and common sense point to what is a disappointment for Microsoft, who were expecting to dominate yet again, based on their vision.

-Superman-1476d ago

Xbox One sold 25 million and it was not end of Microsoft
Many Nintendo consoles has flop even more(Nintendo is small company)
Microsoft Xbox One just came out, we seen no E3 and you already talking about end? Microsoft just earned more profit with 1 year than Nintendo a whole life total.
Microsoft wont go no where

HomerDog1476d ago

you should submit a complaint on maria. he never post anything worth reading only pure flame bait articles. Maria is one of the problems in n4g.

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4logpc1476d ago

Yea totally, because 3 months after a console launches determines how well it performs. The 3DS says hi.

That fool website is just filled with poor content. Every single article there is written by someone who has literally no understanding of the video game industry.

Hicken1476d ago

Remind me what the 3DS had to do in order to get to where it is now, cuz I seem to have forgotten.

Like a lot of other articles Xbox fanboys take apart before even reading, it's not saying the XB1 is definitively doomed. But things DO NOT look good.

People keep bringing up the last official sales numbers and saying "The XB1 is doing fine," but ignore that there haven't been much in the way of sales since then: Microsoft hasn't announced any more milestones, and VGChartz hasn't shown very impressive estimates. Couple that with the very recent example of the Wii U having a stellar launch followed by a steep drop-off, and it's extremely hard to say the XB1 is "doing fine."

And the Wii U wasn't plagued with the same level of negativity surrounding it at launch. Granted, that makes the XB1's launch numbers MORE impressive, but it also means the road to remain competitive is rougher.

The XB1 isn't necessarily doomed, nor is the Wii U. But if Microsoft and Nintendo do nothing- or continue doing what they're doing now- they're not going to matter much this generation, and the PS4 will run away with it(assuming things remain as they are). Titanfall seems to be doing well, but it's gonna be hard for any one game to cover the gap in sales performance.

And can folks PLEASE dispense with the "XB1 isn't in as many markets" nonsense? That might mean something if the Xbox were leading in sales in at least SOME of the regions where it's competing with the PS4, but it's actually leading in NONE of them. So that difference in number of markets is irrelevant. Of course, that means it doesn't matter that the PS4 isn't exactly seeing gangbusters of sales in those small markets.

Lawboy21476d ago

why is there so much doom and gloom article on the xbox one page...every other article says the same thing...this is crazy...and if I see one more person say that Microsoft has only sold 3.6 million im going to shoot myself...that was the number as of the end of numbers have been reported since guys even say it sold 150k in janurary...that would atleast put it at 3.75....why don't ppl wait until official numbers come out for once

TheRealHeisenberg1476d ago

Bu bu but...the Xbots were saying the same thing about PS3. Now the shoe is on the other foot and they can't handle it.

Lawboy21476d ago

Ur probably right....I'm new to console wars fiasco....I have both and had both last gen I don't see why it's such a big deal

TheRealHeisenberg1476d ago

I was just taking a stab at what I thought Sony fanboys would respond to your comment with. The "console wars" are completly foolish and should not be a big deal but some take it way too seriously...and I mean waaaaaaaaaay too seriously.

Ra30301475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

The 3.6 million was the units shipped not units sold number. Though your right about no numbers being posted in several weeks now. What we have seen from Microsoft in the last few weeks does not paint a pretty picture for them as far as sales go with the price cuts in the UK and giving Titanfall away in an effort to sale the Xbox One. This is not a good sign and a even worse sign is they keep having to add more give always to make the deal sweeter. Then we see retailers making their on deals to move the back stock the have sitting on shelves because they can't sale them. If the 3.6 million is really the shipped number back from the last of December it's possible and very likely they still have not sold 3 million units. They need some good news real soon. They came out of the gate smoking hot with a couple million sold in the first couple weeks but those were sales to the hardcore Xbots. Since then it's been a flat market for sales for Microsoft in fact the bottom has fallen from under them. The X1 has more than a few issues as to why no one is interested in it. They completely missed the mark on the TV, take over the living room idea. Really who did they think was going to pay $500 for stuff they already have? And does it make TV in any way better. Even if it did there's no way it's worth $500 dollars better.
Microsoft at the end of 2012 was thinking they were way ahead of Sony in the Next Gen. race as they had already gone to most if not all the major developers and distributors and told them what they had and what they were doing with the X1 and Microsoft got maybe comfortable thinking they had the Next Gen. on total lock down as Sony until their PS4 reveal had talked to no one and said nothing about their plans. And as it turns out the PS4 is a little more powerful and a bit easier to develop games for. And for whatever reason Microsoft has been
struggling to make changes to the X1 or unwilling to make changes. And please no one needs to mention the DMR and always on ideas as those are not the changes I'm talking about. Please down votes welcome....Then late May Microsoft had the Xbox One reveal that was as unexciting as having needles stuck in your eyes and 3 weeks later the E3 show was a debacle of epic proportions. Funny thing is, yes Sony has a great machine but they are doing nothing to this point other than riding out Microsofts mistakes and will keep doing just that till Microsoft get something right. And that will be???

GearSkiN1476d ago

Who evers in charge of posting link on this website sure is lame...

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