Ryse: The Most Next-gen, Next-gen Video Game.

While the gameplay might be stuck in the past, visually, Ryse: Son of Rome is the only game to really show off what next-gen consoles can do.

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GarrusVakarian1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

"Ryse: Son of Rome is the only game to really show off what next-gen consoles can do. "

I disagree. The most technically impressive videogame so far, imo, is Killzone SF. This article goes in-depth about some of the tech used in Killzone -

No doubt Ryse is a visual treat, but to say it's the *only* true next gen game so far and the only one that has shown off what the next gen consoles can do is plain ignorant.

ZodTheRipper1658d ago

InFamous? I mean these visuals would have been pretty good in a linear game but in an open world game?

GarrusVakarian1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I was only mentioning games that are already available, otherwise, The Order would be my pick for best both best next gen visuals and tech.

4Sh0w1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

"Yes, Battlefield is pretty, Killzone: Shadow Fall looks great and NBA 2K14 is a considerable step up from its current-gen counterpart, but none of these have come close to matching the jaw dropping beauty of Ryse. None. There are games on the horizon that look equally fantastic from a technical and artistic standpoint, but of what is available now, Ryse, to me at least, is visually head and shoulders above the competition."

Yes as always its subjective but the proofs in the pudding, just check many neutral game forums on the subject of next gen graphics, Ryse will be at the top, Ive seen quite a few owners of both next gen consoles say Ryse graphically is ahead of all others, every side by side in game untouched pic shows Ryse's sets the standard AND THATS WHY it's no coincidence that more game review sites said Ryse had the best next gen graphics than any other game, Crytek did a helluva job and its a visual masterpiece for sure, I personally enjoyed the gameplay as well. That said I hope some of the obvious gameplay flaws are fixed for the sequel, graphics are nice but should always take a back seat to gameplay.

gamer78041657d ago

the order and infamous have't released yet, of all the launch titles , its been widely stated that Ryse is the best looking next gen launch title. I'd hope graphics only get better from here.

That said , i'm very much looking forward to the order, cover scifi shooter with amazing graphics, yes please.

brich2331657d ago

It will get downgraded.

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lifeisgamesok1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Nothing compares to Ryse on consoles

Character models: Winner Ryse

Textures: Winner Ryse

Cutscenes: Winner Ryse

Lighting: Winner Killzone

Infamous doesn't have good enough shadows and lacks realism but it has good lighting as well

GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

"Nothing compares to Ryse on consoles"

Why do you always speak like your words are universal fact? I bet you haven't even seen Killzone in person, have you?

Face it, that's YOUR opinion.

Character models - Ryse, hands down.

Textures- Killzone SF, easily-

Cutscenes - Ryse

Lighting - Killzone SF

Res - Killzone

Framerate - Killzone

Killzone SF easily out performs Ryse both technically and visually. Again, that's all just my opinion based on my personal taste. But the res and framerate are obviously facts.

And of course Infamous isn't going to's open world. It would be stupid to compare an open world game to 2 linear games.

pedrof931657d ago

Pre-rendered cutscenes.

gamer78041657d ago

disagree, i've played both, Ryse looks a good deal better than killzone.

GarrusVakarian1657d ago

That's cool if you disagree, opinions are great!

My opinion is the exact opposite of yours and ive played both too ;)

gamer78041657d ago

you just criticized someone else for having an opinion... then say opinions are great when i disagree.

Liam23821658d ago

I agree that Killzone looks great, but I still don't think it represents the step-up that Ryse did.

GarrusVakarian1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

You must not have played it then, because while Killzone's graphics aren't as consistent as Ryse, there are multiple levels throughout the game that look a whole generation ahead of what saw on PS3.

The forest level, the zero gravity level, the level where you go down to Helghans surface are some that immediately come to mind...Then there's the framerate and the resolution being literally double that of past Killzone's, the high-res textures, the lighting, the is/was the perfect game to show you what your next gen system could do.

To be honest, in the time ive spent with both games...the only area which i would give the win to Ryse is with the facial animation and character models. But that's just my opinion.

Ko_Uraki1658d ago

Even the gameplay is not as bas as people think. At least a 7/10 game for me.

Lawboy21658d ago

I believe this is a very good OPINION piece....he acknowledges all the great looking games out doesn't say anything bad about any of them but gives reason why HE feels the way he does....I can respect that....good read

SolidGear31658d ago

Beyond: Two Souls .. Yeah, yeah .. but it might as well be Next Gen

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