Are Gamers Willing to Purchase an Xbox One or PS4 in Order to Play “Batman: Arkham Knight”?

Warner Bros. has announced the final installment to their Batman game series, Batman: Arkham Knight. With some really amazing features like the ability to drive the Batmobile for the first time and open-world gameplay in Gotham City, this game seems to be the best installment yet. That is, if you have an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC.

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mafiahajeri1658d ago

Yes they are for sure, I'm just waiting for he next GT to be announced that will push soooo many ps4's

GarrusVakarian1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

If i didn't own a next gen console, Batman AK would most definitely have made me buy a PS4.

Mikelarry1658d ago

Preach the good word, especially now that I know its been worked on by rocksteady and Kevin conroy

Ezz20131658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

i missed you guys
if i didn't own gaming pc
i would say yes too
sadly i don't own ps4 yet
i don't even have time to finish alot of games on ps3/pc
but i will very soon

i heard the graphics is not next gen because it using UE3 , is that true ?!

RedCloud881658d ago


Look up the unreal engine 3 samaritan video. You'll see how good it is when on powerful hardware.

Ezz20131658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )


i just saw the Gameinformer pics for the game and IMO, i don't see anything next gen in them at all
it seems like they were made for ps3/360 and then Rocksteady moved it to next gen consoles

AliTheSnake11658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Well, If you purchase a PS4, you wouldn't only be able to play Arkham Knight, You would be able to play Infamous second son, The order , Uncharted 4, and a lot of the new coming nextgen-consoles/PS4 exclusives .

EDIT: Nervermind I thought this article was talking about PC gamers, I thought this game for some stupid reason wasn't coming out on PC. But on topic, NO shit you should get a next gen console, not just for batman, or even the exclusives and the better services . cross-gen games will look and run much better on next gen.

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Crazyglues1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

well sure, good games that you really want to play are always going to be selling points for a system..

So yeah this game will indeed sell more PS4's or force people to upgrade to nex gen..

||.........___||............ ||

joab7771658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

If not then batman along with Infamous, Elder Scrolls online, The Witcher 3, The Division, The Order 1886, Diablo 3:RoS, & all the games that look and play better (much better especially with a dualshock 4)...definitely will!

Vandamme211658d ago

Yes...I'm defenetly getting a ps4 now..I love the arkham games.

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Ko_Uraki1658d ago

Yes, but They should show some gameplay before.

joab7771658d ago

Yeah cuz Rocksteady is known for being secretive about their horrible gameplay. C'mom...this thing is gonna b ridiculous.

curtis921658d ago

Just like sucker punch and their infamous games. I mean if you don't spoil absolutely everything about the gameplay before release then obviously you're hiding a bad product.

That's how the logic works these days around here, right?

Ko_Uraki1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

I love Rocksteady. I hoped for a Superman game made by them. But with all these discussions about the "true" nextgen graphics, I think that people are waiting to see a heavy upgrade before buying a PS4/One for it.
But I am optimistic on it. I hope for a great game.

FITgamer1658d ago

Arkham City was not only great game, but easily the best super hero game i've ever played. I'm not worried.

BG115791658d ago

After the fiasco that is Watch Dogs and the mediocre chapter that was Arkham Origins? I find it hard to believe...
For first, I'm actually expecting to see the game running on the consoles.
Secondary, there is a new console coming out this year.

Agent20091658d ago

You know Origins was made by a different developer, don't you?

And Watch Dogs, though downgraded visually, might still be a very plausible game.

BG115791658d ago

Yes, I know. Yet I became mistrustful because of some practices that are being made with early presentations.

joab7771658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Exactly. Origins was a copy and paste to bide Rocksteady time to make a true next gen Batman. For real, open world, batcave hideout, control of Bruce and the bat, building alliances w the city, handling Wayne enterprises and its finances, and the batmobile. Its almost complete control of the life of a superhero...brought to us by the ppl who made the best superhero games to date.

And dont b so quick to write off watch dogs. It was delayed 4 2 reasons, gta 5 and AC4...& have u seen AC4 running on a ps4. Yeah, im not really worried about the visuals. And this is the same company that brought us far cry 3. I think it will b alright.

Adexus1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Watch Dogs is a cross-gen game, it was never going to look absolutley spectacular with last gen consoles holding it back, though personally I still think it looks very nice.

As for Arkham Knight it's a next gen (current gen)/PC only so it's going to look as good as it can be.

What do you mean there's a new console coming out this year as well? :\

OsirisBlack1658d ago

I hope you aren't talking about steamboxes when you refer to new system. I am very curious to see how they market them. Odd controller no one knows anything about or has ever used which is nothing like traditional controllers. Multiple consoles by multiple companies with varied pricing and specs..... personally I think the entire thing is going to be a horrid affair.

Console owners wont budge and PC gamers already have their gaming PC's and generally you can just usb those to your tv through the GPU I have no idea who they can market them to.

Sorry for the mini rant I just do not see them being viable.

iiorestesii1658d ago

Thanks for your expert opinion, actually!

BG115791658d ago

I definitely hope you guys are right.

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RedCloud881658d ago

Honestly, I sincerely hope that gamers would never buy a system for one game. I own a ps4 and an xb1 as well as a decent pc, and I'll definitely buy arkham knight, but buying a system for one game is insane.

Neixus1658d ago

Depends on the type of game,don't you think?

I could imagine a family buying ps3 for LBP, or a Wii for mario party. Those games are excellent party games.
Or TLoU would be pretty much worth a ps3 for.

RedCloud881658d ago

A wii maybe, just due to the low price. But to purchase a $400/500 system for one game is insane. If you don't want to play at least three games day one, it's not worth the purchase. Only exceptions I could see are the long rumored FFVII remake, a new entry in the Legend of Dragoon series, and lost odyssey 2. As you can tell I'm a traditional rpg fan lol.

joab7771658d ago

Unless u bought a 360 for Mass! I did!!!

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