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Submitted by Abriael 630d ago | video

Over One Hour of Titanfall Videos Shows New Maps and Three Campaign Missions in Full 1080p Glory

We’re just two days away from the release of Titanfall on PC and Xbox One, and more videos have surfaced. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update Mod note:

All the videos have been changed to private.

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colt-of-tipton  +   630d ago
Shouldn't really be watching these clips keep spoiling the map art direction/layout for myself but cant help it :D
4Sh0w  +   630d ago
Yeah, I keep saying I won't but then that other voice says "just take a peek".

Damm the maps are freaking awesome, so much going on, story window pops up shows what's happening, that 3 Towers map, had NPC vehicles drop in, it's a huge beautiful map. Wow, game just keeps getting better.
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Craigatorian  +   630d ago
better be, i paid $60 for it
Anthotis  +   629d ago
"Over One Hour of Titanfall Videos Shows The Same Gameplay Over and Over Again"

^ More accurate title.

"Over One Hour of These Videos Are Private Message"

^ Another more suitable title.
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fr0sty   629d ago | Trolling | show
Kidmyst  +   629d ago
Doing the same, skipping the videos waiting to play it first hand and save the wow factor. But it's so hard!! My PC is ready and waiting!
lifeisgamesok  +   629d ago
The hype is definitely deserved
incredibleMULK  +   629d ago
the trailer is in 1080p yet the game is 720p? That is sad. but funny.
u got owned  +   629d ago

you know the game its higher than 720p right? Do you research before commenting and looking like a retar.....
ITPython  +   629d ago
So the campaign for this game is pretty much just mutiplayer, but with 100% bots?

If so it sounds like what Unreal Tournament 3 did for it's SP portion of the game.
MegaMohsi  +   629d ago
No, the campaign is also pilots vs pilots and bots. Your side needs to win to continue the story arc.
FanboyKilla  +   629d ago
lol sony sour pus. is it fun? will the people who pick up tf be having a blast while you are on n4g downplaying it? more than likely, yes. if you are a gamer most likely you'll be playing tf. if you're a sony pony lmfao that you are so loyal to a brand, or man made device that you will deny yourself fun and your own happiness. misery loves company, but i gotta go my titan is ready.
cozomel  +   629d ago
So frosty gets marked for trolling for simply stating the fact, yet u got owned can call people "retar..." for just being off by a little bit and FanboyKilla can call people "sony ponies" but nothing happens to them right? Yet this is such a Sony fanboy ran site. You xbox fanboys are just as delusional about that as you are about the X1. The mods on this site are a piece work. And Fonboykilla, you've got some nerve calling other people "fanboys" when you are a huge fanatic. And how old are you? cuz you come of as mad childish
Crazyglues  +   629d ago
Ok, these videos are all down, but you can still watch this video --

LMAO.... hilarious

This guy just made my day... I laughed so hard...

Can't wait to play TitanFall starts tonight 12:00pm on PC ... -I'm Ready to go- See you crazy fools out in the field..

-Stand By for TitanFall-

||.........___||............ ||
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jhoward585  +   630d ago
TF is a great game. The only complaint I have with TF need a bit more variety in color. The soldiers are grey, the mech robots are grey, most of the environments are grey.

Not that it ruins the game. I just wished TF would had a lot less grey color in the game.

Now I clearly understand why Respawn didn't add campaign to TF. All the levels are grey in color. the sense of progress in TF wouldn't work well if all the levels are grey.
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Sammy777  +   630d ago
graphically it is underwhelming on consoles. If you want good graphics then get the game on PC . On PC it doesn't look anywhere close to battlefield for instance but still looks much better than consoles
GarrusVakarian  +   630d ago
If you're getting TF for the graphics, then you're doing it wrong.
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SliceOfTruth888  +   630d ago
I had the beta for PC and bone and I can assure you the difference between PC maxed out and xbone is small
monkeyDzoro  +   630d ago

I understand what you mean. But this is encouraging mediocrity. That's what CoD fans have claiming for years: "CoD isn't about the graphics".Now look the backlash now.
You should always ask for both. The gameplay is good but the graphics are underwhelming even on PC.
A good gameplay ISNT an excuse for poor graphics.
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   630d ago
I dont think graphics have been the backlash of COD. The backlash is the gameplay hasn't changed in years. Nothing new or innovative is brought to each sequel. Glorified $60 map packs basically.
iistuii  +   630d ago
I had the beta maxed out on my PC. It's not a lovely looking game, but I had too much fun to worry about graphics. It's not ugly, it's just ok, but the gameplay makes up for everything else.
0neShot  +   629d ago
Playing on XB1 beta, the graphics can easily be compared to BF4 graphics on XB1, so I don't really see why people are saying the graphics are bad, other than the reason of simply trolling because they own a different console.
Flames76  +   629d ago
I played the beta on the Xbox One and its the best looking fps on consoles at the moment period.So you need to take the PC thing elsewhere.A PC gamer opinion is a moo point.Its like a cows opinion it doesnt matter
cyclindk  +   630d ago
I agree/disagree. I don't think it is "color" so much, but rather depth/range of what's already there, very flat. I don't think a more broad color-pallet would solve what I believe are mostly engine design issues.

Shadows and lighting are poor on max
Textures are poor on max
Particle effects are poor on max

It just isn't a game that caters to those who enjoy eye candy in their games.

They could go the Halo color-scheme route with it and it would be brighter and colorful, but even the best looking Halo looked better than this game.

Runs really smooth though
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   630d ago
I'm getting it cause I need something to play on my x1 but this game is really disappointing graphics wise.
0neShot  +   629d ago
I suggest you go see an optometrist to confirm you are color blind.
jhoward585  +   629d ago
color blind. LOL

I wasn't expecting TF to look like halo color wise. I just think TF need a bit more color in my opinion.
It could use a bit of blue or maybe even green. Not just grey alone.

Another thing, I would like at least one of the maps to look completely run down to the ground.
The reason I say that is I think TF world would be more believable b/c It just doesn't seem like a bunch of huge mech robot war had really happened.

TF is still a great game, but its nothing to brag about.
ALS365  +   630d ago
Must not watch! Tempted
CrossingEden  +   630d ago
So we have about 30 minutes to watch these. God those maps look so good!
SG1_dapunisherX  +   630d ago
go pc go
go xbox go
the rise of titanfall begins tuesday
cyclindk  +   630d ago
I want destructability in the sequel and maybe a few different-sized Titans... like, there are titans and then there are TITAN TITANS.
TFJWM  +   629d ago
Ya was going to wait but found it for 33 bucks on PC so pulled the trigger and have it preloaded!
Whiskeyjacked87  +   630d ago
I've been looking for a new reason to buy a desktop.
SlapHappyJesus  +   630d ago
As long as this game doesn't pull a BF4 and have many people barely even being able to play at launch, then I am so in.
Hoping to get review code but, if not, I am definitely going to be buying through Origin. At least then, worst comes to worst, I will be able to get a refund.
Brazz  +   630d ago
for the rest of this is year, or at least 6 months, i will be playing this and dark souls on my PC/PS3.
Irishguy95  +   630d ago
Am skipping this for a while for Dark Souls myself, I simply cannot pass up another souls games and money is tight right now
Brazz  +   630d ago
me too. i don't give much credit for EA after Sincity/battlefield, i will wait 2-3 months util i start Titanfall. I will be playing Darksouls happily, maybe i will buy PC/PS3 version of dark souls because i'm a huge fan of soul series!
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ichdich  +   630d ago
Man, this looks epic.
Alex_Boro  +   630d ago
Dont get the hype
hiredhelp  +   630d ago
I played the Beta I get the hype.
nerdman67  +   629d ago
I didnt, but when I played that beta.... That sweet, sweet beta
RebelWAC  +   629d ago
You know what´s really funny about this Alex. People who are hyped dont get you. Just saying..
Ko_Uraki  +   630d ago
Great map design. Good job Respawn
lonewolfjedi  +   630d ago
aww man he lost all three campaign missions I wanted to see what happens
jjb1981  +   630d ago
So the video is higher resolution than the game? Interesting...
ginsunuva  +   630d ago
TheXgamerLive  +   630d ago
Interesting? All games play in 1080p whether native or upscaled. Either your an idiot or a sony fanboy trolling.
Tedakin  +   629d ago
All games are 1080p, just not native. All are upscaled and filtered to achieve a better look though.
Dan_scruggs  +   629d ago
I missed the time when higher resolution made a games good.

Oh yeah that never happened.
killzone619  +   629d ago
guy with a killzone symbol hating on titanfall not being 1080p on the XB1

oh the irony XD
Tapani  +   630d ago
I cannot understand the reactions of the masses (but then again, I never did). I'm really trying to be excited about these kind of games, but I just can't see shooting people while running around the same maps in a built-in context, or "story", as a very fun or productive gaming experience... I rather go back to my Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin and experience something deeper that happened in history and learn a language while at it.

Maybe I just outgrew these mindless sports shooters. As a concept, gaming should be far more than killing for points. But I'm happy all you guys are excited and have a good game in it's own genre to play! :)
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TRD4L1fe  +   630d ago
everyone has a different play style.

I for one get giddy watching this and cant wait to jump on with my clan
GodGinrai  +   630d ago
"I cannot understand the reactions of the masses (but then again, I never did)"

No offense but you sound like a pretentious hipster. again. No offense intended.
Tapani  +   630d ago
None taken. Just for the record, I'm a hard-working international business man :)
BakPAin  +   630d ago
Maybe you should be playing Chess or Solitaire then. Maybe gaming just isnt for know with business and all.
Ravenor  +   630d ago
There I was thinking I played video games for fun. Listen, I`m super happy for you. It`s great you have Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin, absolutely great. But your whole comment comes off as the most pretentious Otaku wankery imaginable.

Gaming can be whatever the hell I want it to be. From Sins of a Solar Empire to Shogun 2: Total War to Quake Live. This whole mentality that people have some superior high brow idea of what games are/should be really irks the hell out of me.

"I cannot understand the reactions of the masses (but then again, I never did)." Jesus f-ing christ. I don't understand peoples interest in Atelier or Yakuza but I don't poke my head into articles related to them saying: "Hey, I don't get this it would be better if it had more Yari Ashigaru or a Quad Damage."
#14.3 (Edited 630d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
RebelWAC  +   629d ago
Talk to them Ravenor!
tommygunzII  +   629d ago
Only a few give a crap about this game. Thankfully in a week we won't have to see another article unless it has network problems.

FPS are the new MMO. Probably another 5 years until the genre wakes up from its hangover and realizes that everything has turned into WoW, CoD I mean.
GodGinrai  +   630d ago
One more week, baby! My Atlas awaits :)
AutoCad  +   630d ago
Believe the Hype
kevinsheeks  +   630d ago
Greatness Arrives :)
calvincrack  +   630d ago
Been playing it all weekend and the game fucking rocks
HeavenlySnipes  +   630d ago
Only watched the first video

Looks like the game gives that adrenaline rush feeling when you're in chaotic situations.

I just don't understand why they are trying to have characters talk during the match like the player is even listening to anything they're saying lol
TheMapleNerd  +   630d ago
I think after 100hours of gameplay, you will get annoyed by the same "audio log" in each and every map.. Hopefully you can disable it after playing the same map 10-20times :P
Ravenor  +   630d ago
The "campaign" missions are separate. The standard MP modes have the Audio stuff scattered in there but it's not as in your face as the "Campaign" mode.

They really needed to explain all this campaign stuff better, it seems no one gets it.
Relientk77  +   630d ago
The maps look pretty awesome
cyclindk  +   630d ago
THIS is still my issue with the visuals:
Gamer-40  +   629d ago
You compare this boring shit Titanfall with a game? Titanfall eats it then in scoring and selling KZ series. You believe it the graphics on all of them, at a good game? Do not be ridiculous Sony droid.
cyclindk  +   629d ago
Tedakin  +   629d ago
The mechs in Titanfall feel incredible and are fast as hell. They're not lumbering like other games. It feels nothing like the weighty Killzone 3.
cyclindk  +   629d ago
I agree, there are certainly differences in that regard. Nothing to speak of visuals, but definitely differences...
Ravenor  +   629d ago
Man if only that section of the game wasn't incredibly boring.

Drawing any comparisons between the scripted mech sequence in KZ3 to TF is stupid.
strickers  +   629d ago
The mechs are in multiplayer KZ3 too.
Gamer-40  +   629d ago
Titanfall new Blockbuster FPS IP.
#22 (Edited 629d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Rocky5  +   629d ago
Really, EA oO taken down already, what about all the fecking beta gameplay, why aren't they being taken down.

Scummy company.
Ravenor  +   629d ago
There might be a NDA on the release copies? There wasn't one on the beta.
Triggytrolls  +   629d ago
The beta was fun for a while but I can see it getting old very fast. I'm not hyped at all for this.
bobacdigital  +   629d ago
The real question is why this game is 49 gigs on PC lol ... on xbone it is like 20 gigs... This game without single player is larger than BF4 and COD...

49 gigs for the game... I cant imagine how much space each of the dlc packs will take ... 15 gigs each?
#25 (Edited 629d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
nerdman67  +   629d ago
The extra 30 the PC have us from Audio files.
LuvBurger  +   629d ago

Are we going to be able to buy it digitally on the X1?
Slevon  +   629d ago
Yes, I believe it will be out at 12 pst on x1 no matter what time zone youre in. I could have the time zone wrong
#26.1 (Edited 629d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kewlkat007  +   629d ago
Can you pre-download it? So I will not have to wait

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