Hideo Kojima Explains Why He Does Almost Everything Himself While Working on His Games

Legendary Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima is a quite versatile fellow. As a matter of fact, he must be one of the most versatile developers in the industry, as he explained today.

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ZodTheRipper1595d ago

Because he's the best of course.
When I'm at work, I also prefer doing most of the stuff myself because I had bad experiences with relying on others. They either take too much time, don't understand what you are going for or in my case do it half-heartedly because it's not concerning them directly. I wish I'd have the opportunity to work with people like Kojima :/

neoandrew1595d ago

More like one of the best trolls in game industry, my personal top 3 in that category

1. Peter Molyneux
2. Hideo Kojima
3. Cliffy B

And more on topic, he is really good, but not the best (there are no single one that is the best)

kx111595d ago

how many minutes did he spend on that 30$ demo ?!

curtis921595d ago

do you normally get 10 hours from demos? I don't. So to me, if I can get that many hours (even if it's multiple playthroughs) then that's worth $30 to me. It all comes down to how fun it is for each person. I'd rather play a 2 hour game that's addictively fun over and over again for $30 than a 20 hour game that's boring for $60.

Pillsbury11595d ago

Kojima is a genius and I will be sad the day he retires from video games.

karl1595d ago

omg, i didnt even thought of that.. can he retire?
thats scary

MWH1595d ago

not before my Zone of the Enders 3.

mochachino1595d ago

Because when you want something done right....

firelogic1595d ago

He's got final say on EVERYTHING. Even the sound effect used on the start screen. That's why the MGS games have a uniqueness that every other game lacks and are so ridiculously detailed.

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The story is too old to be commented.