Unboxing The Xbox One Media Remote

We received the brand new Xbox One media remote on Tuesday so decided to do an unboxing video before it hits the shelves here in Australia. It will be released on March 13th and will retail for $29.95AUD.

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shivvy241656d ago

Throw out the kinect and replace with remote, drop price to $349

GearsOfWar1656d ago

Kinect was included as part of the Xbox One experience. After using it and getting used to it, I wouldn't opt for a kinectless version. I would be disappointed if they ever drop it being included.

In comparison, I got Kinect for 360 and then quickly sold it. That didn't happen with the X1. It's a different experience and in my opinion, is part of the console.

Besides, I think this remote needs Kinect .-.

VforVideogames1656d ago

Why ps4 people hate the Kinect? 99% of ps4 owners its getting the eyetoy so go figure........

colonel1791656d ago

It's different. If most of the people are getting the camera for PS4 is likely to be used for streaming videos on Tiwtch, and you can opt not to buy it ever. Kinect is forced on consumers,

PizzImperfect1656d ago

An unboxing video for a remote. That's a whole new level of BOREgasm.

JoGam1655d ago

I hear you but honestly some people like that type of stuff. I watched it and I don't have a Xbox1.