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Final Fantasy VIII: How a 15 Year Old Game Hasn’t Lost its Charm

Frontburnr writes: "Final Fantasy VIII is about more than an elite mercenary force having to fight of the threat of a powerful sorceress, its a contemplation on how one fits into life and how a journey like the one Squall and his comrades embark on can shape them both individually and as a group. For this reason, it has been a part of my gaming experience for over a decade and will continue to probably be for decades to come." (Final Fantasy VIII, PC, PS3, PSP, Retro)

Snookies12  +   509d ago
Recently played through it again on Steam about 5 months ago... This was like the 8th or 9th time I'd played through this game, yet I was still completely addicted. Loved the character model revamp on the PC version, and I got to mod it with some overhauled music which was a real treat.

FF VIII most certainly stands the test of time, and it's a game I can play over and over again.
Tempest317  +   508d ago
FFVIII is far and away my favorite in the series. I own it on every platform (original retail pc AND steam, ps1 and psn) and played it at least once a year until just a couple years ago. The design of the combat/junction/draw systems and integration of cards were so good and innovative, and really promote playing through in different ways. My personal favorite way to play is a slightly customized (by me!) version of the standard no level up. Using the system to its fullest to grab numerous ultimate weapons before the end of the first disc, and then 1 shotting edea at level 8 are some of my favorite things to do lol...never gets old!
kalkano  +   509d ago
"Released in 1999, Final Fantasy VIII lacks many aspects we see as commonplace in gaming, and particularly in RPGs."

And that is a VERY good thing. Until the industry gets back to making games like this, I'll remain VERY disconnected from it.
die_fiend  +   509d ago
Tried Ni No Kuni?
dcj0524  +   508d ago
That sucks for you I guess. Some very good RPGS have been released in the past 10 years.
There was no snowboarding, motorcycling, boxing, or rollercoaster rides at a Golden Nugget in FFVIII. It took me so long to finally leave Midgar I thought the Shinra building was the end of the whole game, only to find out there was a huge open world to search with countless more hours. That disqualifies FFVIII from being the best Final Fantasy ever. FFVII is.
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djplonker  +   509d ago
*golden saucer

while ff7 had the mini games ff8 had the card game both are great and I couldn't pick between the two!
caseh  +   509d ago
Actually, FF6 is the best :D
Summons75  +   509d ago
Except FF8 has much better character personalities, development and story that FF7. Not to mention all the characters look like characters, Ff7 characters were awfully designed.

Sure the side content and music were great and the gameplay was solid. That can be safety said for any FF game. Even the not so great ones (whatever opinion you hold on that)
vallencer  +   508d ago
They may have been "awful" looking but ff7 was what sparked rpgs to be insanely popular. We'll never know, but I believe if ff7 didn't do what it did then rpgs wouldn't be where they are today.

And my opinion would be that ff8 was the worst one. I hated the characters and the story was just a giant love story with a whiny main protagonist. And the junction system and draw system was the dumbest thing I've seen in ANY FF game. But that's just my opinion.
DC777  +   509d ago
I was just playing it. Easily my favorite FF and one of my all time favorites. Love the GFs and some Triple Triad. The game brought graphics and cut scenes to a whole new level at the time.
DCfan  +   509d ago
Playing through it now. Definitely love it and somehow i feel like this would end up my favorite FF game. Still learning thewhole junctioning thing and the card game.
sephiroth420  +   508d ago
Its still better than the 13 series after all the attempts to save it, i think i might get this again on steam, i never got use the pocketstation thing the first time round.
SolidGear3  +   508d ago
I'd prefer a remake of this over 7.
Hicken  +   508d ago
Still my favorite FF. I would love a remake or remaster or sequel or WHATEVER. I wouldn't need it fully voiced- though that'd be a nice bonus- but I can only imagine what some of the scenes- like everything in space- would look like all updated.
Nerdmaster  +   508d ago
I still think it's funny that it's the only time they used the game's main couple in the logo, and said couple is one of the worst couple in any game in the series.

"While Squall’s moodiness might deter some gamers, it is balanced well with more upbeat characters like Zell and Selphie in the mix"
An overly moody character isn't balanced of overly "upbeat" characters. The horribly moody Lightning and the extremely annoying upbeat Vanille are another example. Those extremes are awful and they don't balance each other.
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