Sony Updates Gaikai Site for PlayStation Now; Sleek UI Concept Pictures Possibly Hint to Pricing

With the announcement of the official PlayStation Now name given to the Gaikai streaming service, many expected it’s homepage to immediately change to match, but it didn’t happen until today.

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DanielGearSolid1593d ago

Honestly I hope it uses some sort of ad support

That way the prices can be be much lower

Abriael1593d ago

That's not very likely, IMHO. An alternate "Play all" subscription model is much more likely.

DanielGearSolid1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

You mean a subscription?

If you do, thats what I'm referring to as well. The ads would lower the price of the monthly fee

Similar to Hulu Plus

GusHasGas1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Yup, I'm hoping that there are two main methods of buying games:

1) Buy games individually. This will cost you more down the road but you get to keep the games you buy forever.

2) Subscription. Sign up for either a 3 month ($40), 6 month ($70), or 12 month ($100) subscription (that will automatically renew unless cancelled). With a subscription, you gain access to all games, but you will no longer have them if you terminate your subscription, similar to how you lose your library of games obtained via PS+ if you terminate your PS+ membership.

I hope that Sony uses these two models or something like them. I doubt that anything relating to PS Now will be revealed at GDC although it's still possible. Fingers crossed. Also crossing fingers for the VR headset.

There may also be different types of memberships - bronze, silver, gold, platinum. The higher the membership, the more games you get, and the games you get will be newer. The higher the membership, the more expensive, though, obviously. (So, for example, if I had a bronze membership, I'd have access to a growing library of say 20 or so games, all of which are fairly old and not as popular, if I had a platinum membership, I'd have access to a growing library of 200 games or so, all of which are very popular. Also, all games included in lower memberships would be included in higher memberships).

Eonjay1593d ago

I agree. I think there will be two modles. A $50/year back catalog (or unlimited access) and a monthly "rental" for each game. A game like Uncharted 3 will be $5 a month. Thats a whole lot cheaper than GameFly and its instant. A newer title may be more.

ginsunuva1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

EDIT: Nevermind.

Conzul1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Except that Hulu Plus is pathetic for having ads on a paid service.
I hope Sony would never stoop so low.

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STANK081593d ago

Wait so now ads are a good thing? I'm confused.

DanielGearSolid1593d ago

Ads have never been a bad thing in my eyes, maybe others

I can live with 30 seconds of BS if it means free and/or lower prices.

Also ads support alot of my favorite internet tv channels (Rev3) and youtube channels... Nothing in life is free

scott1821593d ago

Agreed, I never had a problem with ads on hulu, I wouldn't mind watching one before a game if it meant lower price.

Outside_ofthe_Box1593d ago

When will people learn that different individuals have different opinions? Never mind the fact that the two situation aren't similar.

Longshot281593d ago

For dropping cost, and done right, yes.

morganfell1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

You are not confused stank you are trolling. Wait, they won't do anything to you. Troll away.

Insomnia_841593d ago

If it's a paid service, I hate ads. If it's a free service them it's understandable. One of the reasons I don't like Xbox Live is because you are paying $60 for the service and still getting ads thrown at your face.

Ads on Vidzone and youtube are annoying, more on vidzone though since you can't skip them and have to just sit there until they finishe and watch them three times in a row(fck!).

I recently saw an ad for the first time while watching a stream on PS4, understandable since it is not behind the paywall but still I left the stream.

I really don't like those forced ads. I keep staring at the 5 second countdown to skip on youtube and when there no option to skip...FCK!!! Really annoying!

b777conehead1593d ago

no adds on a pay service thats wrong.

Gamer19821593d ago

Ads have grown on people I think over time. People are just used to them being there now.. So they don't bother people as much as they used to.

Jubez1871593d ago

Ads are only bad to people who feel entitled and don't understand people need to gain revenue in order to feed their families. These are usually the same people that are confused as to why the government hasn't printed more money to end poverty...

LexHazard791593d ago

Exactly, last gen it was fun bashing xbox for ads. A of a sudden its ok for PS Now.

Anyway I dont see it happening. Sony will just have a very competitive price for it. Maybe like $80yr PS+/Now. I would pay that no problem! [email protected] the ads!

darthv721592d ago

@morgan, is stank trolling or bringing up a good point? I mean all I ever hear is people outside of xbox live saying how ads on a paid service is bad.

Yet if sony used an ad based subsidized system then would it be bad as well?

These companies can only do so much on subscription fees. The idea of other revenue streams to keep the service at a reasonable rate isnt that unheard of.

Its all speculation at this point until definite pricing is made public. So for now just take it with a pinch of salt.

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Godmars2901593d ago

But they wont be.

Other than convenience, dependent on your provider and HDD space, on you don't see any benefit from DL games you could get in a store. If anything something online could still be $60 while its physical version is going for $10.

KwietStorm1593d ago

I want nothing to do with ads in my gaming.

Conzul1593d ago

LOL @disagrees.
F***ED up.

Gamer19821593d ago

I think people are talking about the store page etc.. Not in the games..

lolCHILLbro1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

so ads are ok on Playstation but not xbox right? lmao

Conzul1593d ago

Ads are NOT ok.
Stay classy Sony.

Oh_Yeah1593d ago

No that's one of the many reasons why we like playstation, and clown xbox.

b777conehead1593d ago

its just some people on here that want it cheaper. so they want ads sony has not said yet

BigErn1593d ago

Man, do I love your posts lolchillbro! It never fails to brighten my day when I see a post from you, then give it a thumbs down like everyone else. You say the most awesomely stupid things every single day, and I think I love you for that. I'm raising my glass of tanqueray and tab in salute to you, brother!

Snookies121593d ago

He wasn't talking about Xbox... And when it comes to Xbox, they had ads even when you paid for a Gold subscription. That was the issue a lot of people had with it.

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1OddWorld1593d ago

No ads on a paid service in my opinion. I hate commercials.

Sony signed a deal with Viacom last year but there has been no word on a video streaming service. Is PlayStation Now also going to be a video streaming service or will they be announcing soon another premium monthly service?

Any thoughts or info on Sonys deal with Viacom?

Pillsbury11593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

IPTV + ps vita tv = awesome.

They are planning to take over the IPTV space and they will do that with a 99$ vita tv... Its coming.

Also... Does anybody else remember the sega channel? Way ahead of its time.

parentoftheyear1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

I won't mind buying games but will I get to keep them? Ps5, vita 2, etc after seeing all the south parks post on reddit I'm sad I got rid if my ps3. Stupid move.

STICKzophrenic1593d ago

Xbox Live Gold is filled with ads and that isn't any cheaper.

Immorals1593d ago

On my 360 there's one on the dash.. Not seen any on my bone

jmc88881593d ago

That would be the hope, but it never works like that.

Did Microsoft lower the price of Xbox Live when they started running ads?

Did cable lower their prices because cable channels (non-regular network) show commercials?

That was the point of cable. Having channels that didn't need commercials because you were PAYING FOR IT.


So while I wouldn't mind an actual tradeoff where you could pay less for commercials as an option, it isn't going to happen like this.

Also you need a base case. How much does such a feature actually cost and what are people fairly willing to pay and it still be profitable for Sony?

Now if we knew that to be $7.99 a month then we'd know the base case.

Now if they said that an ad supported version was $2.99 or $4.99 some people might jump at that.

But it is incorrect to say ads will mean lower prices, because history has shown us, ads don't bring lower prices.

(..and if you want to encompass everything, the more ads there are, the more corporations spend on ads, the more you pay for their product since the price you pay for the product, pays for the ads)

So no matter what people, you are paying for the ads, one way or another.

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bleedsoe9mm1593d ago

i'm just hoping PS+ doesn't change , or now doesn't get rolled into + with a nasty price increase

Abriael1593d ago

I would say that's 99% impossible. PS Plus is necessary to play online for PS4, making a price increase not viable as a move for Sony.

bleedsoe9mm1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

don't you think some of the smaller ps+ free games for ps4 and ps3 games could be streamed as opposed to downloaded

i think its fair to say ps+ gives more value than gold and ps+ is 10$ cheaper , i don't think a 15-20$ increase and now rolled in as a rental service would be completely crazy , just a dumb thought .

Heisenburger1593d ago

It's impossible for something to be 99% impossible. Impossible is an absolute term. Perhaps you meant improbable, in which case I would agree.

Now we're square.

Sevir1593d ago

I think they'll keep the service ad free, but I think right now they are looking to introduce Now as its own stand alone service instead of adding it as a premium top tier subscription on top of PS+. Given that what was discussed was a pay as you go model where you stream a game for a set amount or get a subscription package, I think what will likely be the case is that Gaikai's former subscription will be what's employed here and they may make the subscription cheaper for PS+ members...

KwietStorm1593d ago

They could offer a standalone PlayStation Now subscription for a standard price, and then offer a bundle package with PS+ with a discount.

Geekman1593d ago

I'm honestly kinda concerned about cloud gaming. What if, years from now, cloud gaming completely takes over. That means retailers like Gamestop would be put out of business, and people would lose jobs. And then, should any company go bankrupt, well, let me use an example.

Microsoft goes out of bussiness. (Not saying it'll happen. They're not in that much trouble. Put your pitchforks away.)

Someone wants to play Halo 5 on the Xbox One, but there's no retail version. Only cloud.

Can't FIND the cloud version because Xbox Live doesn't run anymore because Microsoft is out of business.

You never *Shivers* get to play Halo 5.

Of course, I'm very pessimistic, so feel free to yell at me.

iPad1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Microsoft is never going out of business. The only way they'll go out of business is if everyone stops using Windows. Which is unlikely.

Windows is what makes Microsoft. Windows is Microsoft. Microsoft is Windows.

Geekman1593d ago

I just said it won't. I was using an example. Saying Sony or Nintendo would've caused a bigger fuss.

KwietStorm1593d ago

I don't think you comprehended what his point/concern is.

nunley331593d ago

And office,it's just as big for them. Now they wouldn't even notice if xbox and live was dropped,it's a small percentage of their revenue.

jmc88881593d ago

Which is possible given enough time.

But Xbox isn't windows, and already many people with influence, want it gone.

That doesn't mean it will, or will anytime soon, but Microsoft being gone will someday happen, even if it's 50 or 200 years away from happening. Xbox? Could be a helluva lot sooner then that.

ITPython1593d ago

If MS keeps screwing up like they did with Windows 8, then it will be very possible that some day windows will die off. They are just going to keep making the Windows OS more like the iphone and android because they believe they are competing with tablets and whatnot. The days of XP and even Windows 7 will be forever gone, and so will Microsoft if they stay on that path.

Heck, even Widows 7 for me is pretty terrible, it has some decent features but mostly it's a bloated inefficient pile of junk that is also less intuitive and easy to use than XP is. I would stick with XP for the rest of my life if I could, but I know the day is coming when I will have to make the switch. This upsets the heck out of me because I dual boot Windows 7 on my computer, and I absolutely hate it with a passion.

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cjflora1593d ago

There will always be ways to play games. It might take time, but they will come again eventually. I don't have a SNES anymore, but I have lots of options to play SNES games if I want, even from my phone.

Visualift1593d ago

Why would you be concerned if cloud gaming took over? The same way digital photography took over, some companies (Kodak) failed to adapt fast enough and struggled. Did they go bankrupt? No.

Companies like Gamestop, Walmart, Amazon, etc. are very aware (or at least they should be) that a digital future is coming. I see no reason to doubt they'll either be well prepared or lead the effort in selling content digitally.

Also, why in the world with Microsoft go out of business due to cloud gaming? There's not connection at all — if anything, it would allow them to profit more on their game releases which is where the money is at.

The soonest we'll see fully digital releases for full AAA titles will be next gen.

Immorals1593d ago

They better be ready, look what happened to the companies that didn't.. Hmv and blockbusters are a perfect example

TrueJerseyDevil1593d ago

Cloud gaming is a concern because it has latency problems that they might not be able to fix or avoid

TheTowelBoy1592d ago

"Yells at you". Lol I wouldn't worry too much, the architecture of internet around the world isn't there, where your fear lies. I see it happening when it is up to par, but until that time physical copies will be relevant, ans even then when everything goes digital the physical medium will still be viable mainly due to people like you and me. Companies still make profit on physical copies, they wouldn't sell them if they didn't! At worst you'll see a big increase and push(and incentive) to buy digital instead. And as for gamestop going out of business, I hope it does. It's a plague for developers. And I haven't spent any money there in a long, long time.

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Blacklash931593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

I'm not sure what to think of this cloud-gaming business. Problematic streaming quality for a video is annoying by itself, and it'll be absolutely deal-breaking for a videogame. And streaming services always have significant issues, even if they are just situational.

ShowGun9011593d ago

they had better launch it with a good price, and some of the BEST ps3 games available for it to really catch on, imo...

jurys still out, but im slightly optimistic.

Conzul1593d ago

I hope that Sony keeps it simple and that we get two Tiers of PS+.

Normal Tier: Everything it is now + streamed game demos with PSNow technology. ~$50/yr

PSNow Tier: PSNow buffet + normal benefits. ~up to $100/yr