Which is best? XBOX One or PS4? Does it matter?

TechDaring: "Moreover, this battle has spilled out into the public sphere, where fans of each console are now taking to the message boards and trolling users of the opposite platform."

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admiralvic1655d ago

The answer to this depends on what you feel is important in a console. I love the PlayStation exclusives and all my friends are on the PSN, so all these comparisons don't matter to me. However, some people really care about certain features and things of that nature, which can be a deciding factor. However, I do think some people get way to wrapped up in one being better than the other.

Kingthrash3601655d ago

well said.
the only thing that matters is customer preference.
what people want will always differ, so there is no "best"

that said gaming companies have been taking jabs at each other and gloating about what system is best.
some even turn to lies to sell more or twists words, adding "*" to key words and such.
companies are as responsible for this "war" as the blind fanboys who follow them.

joab7771655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I agree. If someone asked me which to buy, I would ask them if they owned a ps3 or 360, what their friends have bought and which type of games they like to play. I would ask how important price is and how important xbone's cable feature is...and I would let them decide.

That being said, I personally would recommend the PS4 b/c its costs $100 less and is a more powerful machine. It also seems that Sony is on a great path and all indicators point to Sony's dedication to the gaming experience.

That and PSN+ is absurd for the price. Andbthe dualshock 4 is my favorite controller ever!!! I tried playing w/ the dualshock 3 and its hard to believe the leaps and bounds in 1 generation. I also wonder why many of these modifications weren't made earlier. I wish they would make a DS3.5.

1654d ago
Bigpappy1655d ago

I like the Xbox controller. Some people see this as something that can be over looked... not in my case. I like how M$ is always adding little things you would not expect to the consoles, and when they start something, they are hell bent on seeing it true. I like how everything is made seamless to the user and how xbox live became a place where I when to hang out as much as it is a place to play games.

So far M$ has had some really interesting launch games. Their choices for games to make exclusive, if only for a time, have been fantastic and very diverse. The exclusives this time around are way more interesting that the Multiplat games to me. The only multiplat I bought so far is AC4 and I hardly touch it. Not a bad game, I am just not an AC fan. I was asked to give this one a try, so I did. But I have to force myself to play it. What they are asking me to in the game is not enjoyable to me.

So yes. It all comes down to personal taste

joab7771655d ago

I think u would love the dualshock 4 too. Actually, I think Sony learned alot from Microsoft last gen. Now, the ps4 has an amazing party chat system and psn+ is unparalleled on they have taken cues from steam.

But, itbisb preference. I am just hard pressed to b upset with sony concerning and aspect of the PS4. It is brilliant!! They were listening for sure!!

NeoTribe1655d ago

You obviously have not tried the ds4 because it is miles better than the xbox1 remote. Most reviews and personal opinions prove my point. The launch games for both systems were weak, ryse forza and dead rising are not very good and people are already done with them.

SonofGod1655d ago

I think the DS4 looks more comfortable to hold..

SixtyNine1654d ago


how do you know he hasn't tried the DS4? I've tried them both, and I think the Xbox still has the best controller between the two. The only thing luring me to PS4 is the exclusives games 'cause I'm sired to them as a PS3 owner.

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Scatpants1654d ago

I used to prefer the Xbox controller way more last gen, but this gen the difference is much closer. I like using either one now.

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-Superman-1655d ago

You remember that PS3 multiplatform ports were worse than Xbox 360 version and then N4G said that its not matter. Now suddenly when some games are better on PS4 then a whole N4G acts like Xbox One is worst console of all time and nothing beats PS4 and only grahpics matters.

MRMagoo1231655d ago

Odd because i seem to remember that a game having 4 blades of grass more or a couple more clouds made the 360 version the definitive must have version, at least thats what the sites that did the comparisons said along with the 360 fanboys comments on this very site. COD games where said to be the best because they had a about 20p more rez lol , you cant even try to spin it as if it didnt matter and now does. Even tho you have only been here since 2010 you would have to have seen it.

QuickdrawMcgraw1654d ago

Actually Superman you have that backwards...When the PS3 multiplats were worse then the 360's it did matter to the masses here...On what could have been called N4Xbox...The shoe is just on the other foot this time...And the Xbox bullies don't like it...This is just one man's opinion....

SpinalRemains1381654d ago

You're absolutely wrong.

What actually happened was that horse armor and extra grass made the 360 versions superior and ps3 versions gimped.

That's what really happened. Now its the other way around and you're rewriting history to suit your opinion.

PONTIAC08G8GT1655d ago

Yup, all about preference. Performance, the ps4 has the advantage. But I like Xbox exclusives better and the Xbox controller, so I got an x1. I also like the live service although PS+ is solid. Its all about what you like. Can't lose either way.

OculusRift1655d ago

Here, take this bubble. It seems they've bubbled you down.

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Snookies121655d ago

It depends on what 'best' means... Are we talking hardware? Are we talking accessibility? Are we talking all around games? Are we talking exclusive games?

It's all a matter of personal preference. That is and always will be true.

kingxtreme811655d ago

Always subjective as it depends on what you want in a console.

Me, I have 'em both, and I love 'em both. They both need some software updates (they both lack numerous features), and they both need games to come out (of course those will come in time), but they're both well on their way towards being killer gaming machines. For me, at least.

Majin-vegeta1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )


1st party support=PS4



Winner=PS4 IMO

maniacmayhem1655d ago


1st Party support=WiiU



Winner=WiiU IMO

Majin-vegeta1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Except this is between PS4&X1 and not Wii u

Looks like my comment hurt you,

@below defense mechanism??Nahh just correcting you cuz you went off topic.No need to thank me :).

Hicken1655d ago

Just like all the Xbox fanboys who suddenly insert PC gaming into a console versus console article, here's maniacmayhem, inserting Wii U into a PS4 vs XB1 srticle.

Ford or Chevy? Honda.
Cream of wheat or grits? Rice.
Black or white? Green.

And look at him rationalize. Can't say there's anybody else on this site that tries so hard not to come off like a fanboy, while obviously being a fanboy.

How can you claim to be responding to Majin and not the article, when it's painfully evident he's responding to the article?

maniacmayhem1655d ago


I am a fanboy Hicken. But unlike you I don't blindly defend my company of choice.


Something tells me thou is hurt that you keep getting called out by me.

"How can you claim to be responding to Majin and not the article, when it's painfully evident he's responding to the article?"

Hmmmm, not sure if I'm following your insane, bizzaro logic but I'll further explain myself.

I am responding to Majin on his opinion of which console is better, the PS4 or Xbox One. I simply told him "my opinion" and added a third contestant that was missing from the article. The WiiU.

McScroggz1655d ago


1st Party Support=PS3




Do you see how silly that is? Absolutely no context, although I'm quite interested to hear your explanation on how the Wii U has better hardware than the Xbox One or PS4. And, to possibly preempt a fallacious rebuttal, I know that having the best hardware doesn't inherently mean the most powerful; but, I'm curious to hear you try to make a case that the Wii U is a better machine than the Xbox One and the PS4.

No_Limit1655d ago

Hickam, how can you show your face and call someone a fanboy when you are one of the biggest ones on N4G. Please!!!

maniacmayhem1655d ago


See, it is easy, everyone can do it as easily as me and Majin did with no context.

Show me how many articles of the PS4 hardware fails at launch, or UI update errors for PS4. How about YLoD for PS3, or the bricking that sometimes occurred when a system update happened. Yes, some of that is software related and not hardware, but compare the many instances of those to how many times the Wii or WiiU failed.

I could make a case that the WiiU is a better machine than the PS4/X1 but would you really care? Could I ever convince you? I seriously doubt it as you are already up in arms with your first comment.

As I have said above, in my opinion the winner is WiiU.

McScroggz1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

"Show me how many articles of the PS4 hardware fails at launch, or UI update errors for PS4. How about YLoD for PS3, or the bricking that sometimes occurred when a system update happened. Yes, some of that is software related and not hardware, but compare the many instances of those to how many times the Wii or WiiU failed."

I could make a pithy comment regarding the popularity of the Wii U, but I'm going to refrain because if it's possible to have a reasonable back and forth then that's more interesting than mud-slinging.

As for hardware stability, sure I'd agree that Nintendo consoles have been the most sturdy consoles out of the big three. However, I would also assert two things: One, that Sony has (for the most part) made consoles that are fairly stable as well. Two, that with the ever growing social media influence that literally one faulty product during a time of intense hype can become a big story. The PS4 may not be perfect, but let's not act like it's the RROD situation either.

Regarding the Wii U...What about the hardware capabilities being so much weaker than the Xbox One and PS4 that even if third party publishers wanted to put their games on the Wii U it simply wouldn't be powerful enough to properly run the game (or at least it would be significantly altered)? What about the paltry amount of HDD space (8-32GB) in a video game landscape where digital distribution is becoming a thing? What about not having an Ethernet port on the console? What about having a unique controller as the primary input device with several technical drawbacks, chief among them how few games take advantage of it in a meaningful way?

What about things such as games being tied to a specific console instead of an account? My understanding is it's because of how the Wii U was built, but if I'm wrong about that I sincerely apologize. It's still a pretty unseemly oversight.

Quite frankly, the Wii U is a machine that just isn't as capable or as modern as the Xbox One or PS4. I mean sure the Wii U uses the least amount of power; but the PS4 and Xbox One are just more powerful, more modern machines capable of doing things the Wii U cannot and capable of running games the Wii U cannot.

The Wii U is a little more stable, uses less power and has a controller that while I wouldn't want it as a primary input device is cool for certain games. That's really about all I can think of.

"I could make a case that the WiiU is a better machine than the PS4/X1 but would you really care? Could I ever convince you? I seriously doubt it as you are already up in arms with your first comment."

Sorry for being so incredulous, but I provoked a response that might ultimately lead to a revelation by one of us and regardless I found your remark silly. As to if I would listen or care, yes I would and sure I would. I do not claim that my opinions are automatically correct. I'm more than willing to be convinced. But at the same time, if one cannot make a reasonable argument for their opinion on a forum or comment section then what is the point in having an opinion?

snoopgg1655d ago

Does wiiu have any 3rd party support like the other consoles? No!!!! Its all about the games, and nintendo has been behind even with their first party support, and that is why they lost alot of support and sales. The motion gimmick of the first wii could only last one generation. This is fact

Hicken1654d ago

Where's the "no context" crap you keep talking about?

The context is, quite obviously, that of the article: XB1 or PS4. It would have been perfectly fine to choose different CRITERIA to determine a winner, but Apollo Creed can't be the winner of a fight between Rocky and Drago. That's what you're trying to do here, and it's stupid.

The bizarro logic is in you thinking it's perfectly alright to arbitrarily add in a new contestant. And I know you WANT me to be a blind fanboy, but it's your blindness that's got you thinking that. Never hidden my preference for Sony in gaming, never concealed my dislike for Microsoft PERIOD.

One thing I DON'T do, though, is twist and manipulate aspect of an argument or the truth to make my point. I lay it all out there and state my case. I'll take all points into consideration when I claim something. And I DON'T move goalposts, like you do.

@No-Limit: Child, please. You really have the audacity to act like you're not worse than you accuse me of? You couldn't even pay attention long enough to get the SIX letters of my account name right when it's right above you; why should anybody take your opinion on someone's past comments seriously? That you, yourself, haven't been reduced to one bubble yet is one of life's greatest mysteries.

maniacmayhem1654d ago


The hardware is not so weak that a developer can not make a game that is still fun and engaging. Nintendo focuses on arcade like gameplay that goes back to the SNES days. We have already seen that most games can run on the WiiU if a developer puts the time in. We have heard from different devs repeatedly say that the WiiU is more than a capable machine.

The problem is the WiiU's low sales and low install base. Developers do not want to commit the time or money to port for it if they are not going to get back any profit.

Nintendo (should) but doesn't need blown out huge sandbox worlds, stuffed with filler missions, trying to reach 1080p/60fps, bloated multiplayer, DLC, Microtransaction and a patch every other day to fix the many bugs because they were pressured to push a release at such a date by a marketing, PR team.

They don't need a 500Gig/1TB HDD because they are not focused on DVR capabilities, TV, or any other form of entertainment BESIDES video games unlike PS4/Xb1 which are. Just games, everything else is truly secondary to them.

And what technical drawbacks for the Gamepad? How about all the advantages, like remote play, second game screening and other features found that are unique to the Gamepad. Nintendo may not be utilizing their gamepad the way I imagined they would but to say it has technical drawbacks is completely wrong.

Their online has a lot to catch up on JUST like Sony too with MS's Xbox Live. All of this did not happen overnight for any company. Nintendo just happens to be on the slower boat but this can contribute to a company who's sole focus is on video games. They don't have the advantage that Sony/MS have when it comes to other departments that have been specializing in hardware, networks, computers, and OS's and could help out where needed.

You want a console that is truly a gaming machine, FREE online, remote play, lots of indies, great 1st party games and is cheaper, then WiiU is definitely a good choice.

"Where's the "no context" crap you keep talking about?"

Hicken, how about you read the conversation Scrooge replied to me instead. Then maybe you can start sitting at the grown folks table and start using the metal fork and knife.

I know your preference is Sony, but you constantly stick your fat foot in your big mouth. There's a difference between preferring a brand and being a vile, spiteful troll with 98% no redeeming value to the gaming community.


Here you are so angry that people are complaining about the day/night cycle in inFamous and yet you were the main offender in almost EVERY Forza 5 article complaining about no day and night cycle.

You couldn't believe that Forza didn't have it, but inFamous its ok because you think Second Son is doing so much more. DEFENSE. But then, where's that 50% power you also scream if the PS4 can't even handle day/night and shadows and still achieve the graphics and framerate Sucker Punch is trying achieve?

I've called you out so many times and you stay quiet. The only time you do reply is when you piggy back off others who are disagreeing with me. Then in a true cowards form you grow some cajones and attempt to vindicate yourself.

I have constantly provided proof of your discrepancies, all the way to the point where you keep my name in your mouth in unrelated articles. How about YOU try and do the same.

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maniacmayhem1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Hurt me? Not at all, and very far from it. Just replying to your opinion on which system is the Winner.

Sorry if my comment triggered your defense mechanism.

Off topic? I am replying to you, not the article. You're welcome.

-Superman-1655d ago

Killzone and RESOGUN
Dead Rising, Forza, Killer Instinct, Plants vs Zombies and Peggle 2.
Xbox One has better games.

admiralvic1655d ago

That image needs Fighter Within and its impressive 23/100 or LocoCycle and its slightly less impressive 48/100 .

_FantasmA_1655d ago

Damn, I thought EggsBogg's color was green, but thats alot of yellow on Metacritic. And you are so biased, comparing 3 games against 10. Superdud.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1654d ago

That's only because ms stopped making Xbox 360 exclusives for the past few years. They tend not to support their console for long. Meanwhile sony supports their consoles for a really really long time.

OT: I go with PlayStation because of Sonys first party, they offer the best exclusives out there and always have. And they offer great variety in their games. Not just shooter after shooter like Xbox.

Master-H1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Plants vs Zombies is also coming to PC, add up all the PC/ps4 games like FF XIV, War Thunder, Warframe, Outlast, Don't Starve , DC Universe Online, Blackligh Retribution etc.
Also Plants vs Zombies & Peggle2 is on the 360 as well , then add all the Ps4/Ps3 games too Flower, Flow, Dead Nation, Yakuza Ishin etc.

Also Knack, Ryse, The Fighter Within, Lococycle is missing....picking and choosing are we ?.

NOW screenshot all of the metactritic scores of those and THEN tell me who's winning , i'll wait...

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lolCHILLbro1655d ago

You seriously believe PS4 has the better online? most of Sony's games are singleplayer, nevermind PSN constantly going down or maintenance, just because you get a couple free games doesnt mean the online gaming quality is better

Xbox LIVE = more established, wasnt hacked, 300000k servers and cloud support, no maintenance downtime, i will take that over a couple free games anyday nevermind Titanfall the most anticiapated multiplayer game this year

OculusRift1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

This literally gave me a headache. PSN has had cloud support for a while. How is XBL "more established"? Please explain. Wasn't hacked? Do you mean large scale or do you mean the '"small time" account hacking, stealing, CC fraud, DDOS attacks that happens in the thousands everyday on Xbox Live? Did you forget that since the first Xbox you've been paying for nothing? It was all and still Is P2P connection just like on PSN for Free.. You were just paying for the ADS. Only 1st party and certain games on the PS platform have dedicated servers. On the note of servers, did you know that those 300k servers only work in the US and certain parts of Europe. Stop trolling and grow up. I can see now why you have one bubble..

Majin-vegeta1654d ago

Troll for stating obvious facts??Lol

If you can prove any of those things I stated that are better on X1. I'm all ears buudy??

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PSNintyGamer1655d ago

"Better" is and always will be a subjective term. Only fanboys will argue which is 'better',.