The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Guide: All the Possible Deaths

The second episode has four certain deaths and two that depend exclusively on players’ choices. To locate each character’s death moment, I’ll use my walkthrough that contains seven parts. If you’re wondering which characters won’t live up to see the next episode or simply which characters you can kill, then keep reading.

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Nerdmaster1661d ago

Very interesting. I love this game, but I have the opinion that the way I played made MY story, so I refuse to play it again to change my choices. So it's fun to see what characters I could or couldn't have saved. I knew Kenny wouldn't kill Carver, and that sh*t would hit the fan if he tried, but in the few moments I had to make a decision, I ended up believing that it would be possible to get rid of him. As my logical side already knew, I was wrong...

xtremexx1661d ago

the options in this game are way deeper than the first season. its so amazing. After all the episodes come out im gonna have to do a full playthrough again.

Senyra1661d ago

Agreed, I feel there's way more diversity and chocies matter more than season one.