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Pictures and Video of the Amazing Titanfall Xbox One Shared by Respawn; it Sounds like a Titan

Remember the special edition Titanfall Xbox One leaked a while ago and that apparently was canned because of the cost of the project?

Apparently there are quite a lot of them, and they’re being given to Respawn employees as thanks for making the game. Today they shared a few more pictures on it, and a video of it in action. (TitanFall, Xbox One)

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Fireseed  +   507d ago
I want it.
crxss  +   507d ago
I always preferred Xbox machine startup sounds over ps machines
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nerdman67  +   507d ago
I will always have the special place in my heart for the PS1 startup sound. Both of them
But yeah, Xbox machines sound badass
elmaton98  +   506d ago
Well, in my case, I always prefered the playstion but ill admit; microsoft has always delivered some truly great custom bundles for most of their important games and titanfall(which I enjoyed playing the beta on pc since I dont own a xbone) is no exception.
lolCHILLbro  +   507d ago
im sorry PS fans but this beast is nicer than any PS4 could ever be
NeoTribe  +   507d ago
Its still a 80s vcr with a new paintjob. Still overly huge and underpowered. Ps4 is the slickest looking machine ever made. Smaller, twice the power, power brick inside. Enough said.
BOLO  +   507d ago
@NeoTribe The Xbox One is an all in one "watercooler" based, DRM reversed, "cumulonimbus" weather enhanced, secret sauce shootin, super DirectX 12 charged gaming/media/tv remote based console...Oh and it also has an alarm clock /s... http://img.gawkerassets.com...
elmaton98  +   506d ago
Bolo. you are right man(besides the exaggeration I guess) but, well, if the new sku update is gonna make the xbox one better, then kudos to the fellas who bought the xbone but im still enjoying my ps4(and no amount of fanboyism or peole interference).
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metalsonar713  +   507d ago
did you here the startup sound... dam
oODEADPOOLOo  +   507d ago
looks really cool, but its pretty lame that MS cheaped out at the end, MS only one of the big three that does customized consoles like this. It would have helped push sales atleast. Much better of a bundle then the cheap digital code and box cover art with basic console. Its kind of ironic that the limiting factor was cost when they spend shit-tons (yes i just invented that metric) on promotions, and still have cash to spare. MS is just half assing their sales pitches.
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theWB27  +   507d ago
"Much better of a bundle then the cheap digital code and box cover art with basic console."

Are you saying you'd rather get a cover than a free game? That giving out said 65 dollar game for free is cheap?
oODEADPOOLOo  +   507d ago
I'm saying a customized,controller and console was better than having a plain ass one, with a bundle graphic around it. As for the free game, digital code still sucks, would take forever to download. If I had an xbone I would have bought the game separately. Just the controller alone costs as much as game, but the controller doesn't depreciate in value as much.
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Chevalier  +   507d ago
It's free, but, only for 1 month then you have to buy Live so yeah it still cost you money in the end. It would be better to get Forza or Dead Rising instead then even if your live expired it can still be played.
theWB27  +   507d ago
"As for the free game, digital code still sucks, would take forever to download."

Even if you bought the disc, you still have to save all X1 games to the HDD so the only thing you're really saving is bandwidth.

"Just the controller alone costs as much as game, but the controller doesn't depreciate in value as much."

What does that mean really? Spend the 65 it takes to get the game on the controller. You're still saving 65 bucks. Not wanting a free game for an aesthetic seems a little weird to me.
oODEADPOOLOo  +   507d ago
"What does that mean really? Spend the 65 it takes to get the game on the controller. You're still saving 65 bucks. Not wanting a free game for an aesthetic seems a little weird to me."

The people who are interested in the game would buy it regardless. A customized console and controller offers something unique. And as for the controller, yes it would be a better deal to have the controller over the game for the reasons above.

And because generally controllers do not depreciate over time as much as games do. So after a few months the game might drop to half off from $60 to $30, 1-2 years later it could drop more meanwhile the controller prob only depreciated by $10-20 off its $65 original price in that same time span. So if you wanted to sell it for something else later you would have more trade-in value. And that's all if you have a physical copy, a digital copy is completely worthless and offers no outside value.
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Jae_Blaze06  +   506d ago
Sony made a Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes themed PS4, available for purchase. This is only made for the developers at Respawn.
s8anicslayer  +   506d ago
People complain about the current $499 price tag of a standard One, They would have to charge more money for that custom paint and thus people would still complain. I would pay the extra loot for the branding but not everyone feels the same.
rbailey  +   507d ago
This is the Titanfall bundle Microsoft should have released in the first place. Those sounds and that design blows the other bundle out the water.
OwnageDC650  +   507d ago
Nice! Why not sell this to the public?
Regis  +   507d ago
It cost to much to produced they said and then sell it for a profit. For the U.S it may have costed about a thousand dollars to buy one though. anyways I would still get one.
The_Infected  +   507d ago
It wouldn't have cost a grand. It may have been $699 but that's still way to much. Could've been very possible if not for Kinect.
BakPAin  +   507d ago
No, more like $550-$600.
GearSkiN  +   507d ago
I was so ready to trade my xb1,then they cancel this, so sad
SITH  +   507d ago
I did not know about it. But I would have traded mine also.
lunatic0001  +   507d ago
from the look of the pics...it seems they did manufacture quite a lot of them...looks cool...if this was coming...i would have tried to get one...but hey....can't argue with a free game though
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Grave  +   507d ago
Ugh, who puts there disk on a surface like that. I would never loan that dude any of my games.
Skate-AK  +   507d ago
And why would he leave it on the carpet...
HappyWithOneBubble  +   507d ago
It's tile not carpet.
FITgamer  +   507d ago
Still shouldn't be on the floor.
bandit905  +   507d ago
probably cause he has the cash to buy another game no problem, or he bought the 2 dollar game disk warranty from gamestop lol
firefly69  +   507d ago
Nice package it would actually help selling more consoles if they had released this has a premium exclusive console,but from Microsoft this was expected not happening since they have so many release SDK versions on the xboxone in the shelves this days.
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lonewolfjedi  +   507d ago
*throws money at the screen. wtf microsoft your consoles sales would have increase by so much with this bundle. hell I want to buy this bundle like now no seriously like right now.
STANK08  +   507d ago
My guess as to why the didn't release this bundle to the public is that it would've been expensive. Limited Edition console+Limited Edition controller+ Titanfall.

This bundle would cost $550 to $600. The last thing MS needs is more people bickering about price. That console is Bad Ass BTW
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nerdman67  +   507d ago
This thing is so freaking sweet
firefly69  +   507d ago
Microsoft have to sell the Xboxones they have in the warehouse and in the stores before giving the fans the opportunity of owning a exclusive Xboxone,to many black machines stuck for sale.lol.lol.
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DoubleM70  +   507d ago
Uhhhmm this guy is a Dev from Respawn. Microsoft gave all the employees at Respawn XB1's for working on the game.
jasondracd  +   507d ago
Yeah sell this bundle anytime between now and the end of your E3-2014 conference MS and i'll buy this SKU Xbone.
Adolph Fitler  +   507d ago
I want a Timesplitters PS4 unit, to go with this game. I will say the Titanfall XBone looks pretty cool though.

BakPAin  +   507d ago
Is Timesplitters PS4 exclusive? No really I wasnt aware of this, I'll just play it on PS4!

OT: Titanfall Xbox One would have been great! I think the first customized XB1 consumer console will be Halo 5 with like 1TB..mark my words!
SonyAddict   507d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Adolph Fitler  +   507d ago
"Is Timesplitters PS4 exclusive? No really I wasnt aware of this, I'll just play it on PS4!"

No, not PS4 exclusive, as is pc as well...BUT, one of the main reasons it's not going to XBOne is because of MS's sh1t crossplay policies.....In other words, the PS4 version is being made so you can play pc players online as well. MS won't allow this for some retarded, greedy arse reason, so XB owners are deprived of maybe a great remake of a classic game. ALL the maps of the 3 games, splitscreen play (for PS4 version only), & I think all the single player levels may be included (but not sure about that).
I hope they do it justice & it plays as awesome as it did on PS2, back in the day (it was a 60fps 1st person shooter 2 gens ago, pretty impressive really).....
And, I hope it is VERY popular, & Crytek are smart enough to greenlight a fully fledged sequel to TS3.
n4rc  +   507d ago
Well.. I have the controller.. Lol

That's something..
Flames76  +   506d ago
Damn why couldnt they have released this would have gotten another Xbox One for sure

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