Titanfall - Full List of Confirmed Weapons

MP1st - More Titanfall details surface as we learn about the game’s complete list of weapons.

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Fireseed1591d ago

The concept of the Plasma Railgun gets me more excited than it probably should... It's probably going to become my primary weapon on my Titan even if it turns out to be ineffective XD

4Sh0w1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I just hope their all well balanced like the beta so everyone doesn't use the same weapon. Then of course like with any multi shooter if one turns out to be "cooler" or just plain old more fun to use, no doubt that's what most people will gravitate too anyway; it's unavoidable.

Either way looks like a nice variety of weapons, for close, medium, longrange, power vs versatility vs ease of use (smart pistol) etc.

Spurg1591d ago

...I can't wait to try these out.
One complain though...there are your regular rifles, handgun,shotgun, sniper and rocket launcher. For futuristic game I think it could have done something mush better...more daring. I mean there are new types of weapons like the smart pistol and arc cannon but I would be pretty cool if there added more futuristic weapons. It could be the same regular weapon but with an alternate fire.
It seem they are doing that with the burn cards.

No1up1591d ago

They did add futuristic weapons.. I believe they call them titans? :-)

Just kidding, I know what you mean. Can't wait! We need some good clan battles.