EA Can't Survive if Titanfall is a Failure

From the feature editorial:

"More than a year ago, on March 5th, 2013, Electronic Arts released the highly anticipated SimCity and nobody was able to play it. The servers were immediately overwhelmed and thousands of people all over the country were not able to play the game they spent their hard-earned money on. The game was downloaded onto their computer, their internet was working fine, but EA severely underestimated the popularity of SimCity and their servers were unprepared for the masses. Gamers were pissed."

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UltimaEnder1590d ago

Couldn't agree more, they really NEED Titanfall to be a success, as does Microsoft (in terms of Xbox One hype/support)... Especially with Infamous Second Son right around the corner...

caseh1590d ago

Yeah because EA don't have a choke hold on the sports aspect of gaming (NHL,NBA,FIFA,NFL,BOXING, UFC) so if Titanfall fails they are clearly doomed. /s

Not to mention every other game they have their grubby little mitts on.

Retroman1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

it would take more than TITANFALL for EA to fail.

for hits these Editors will write a article just about anything for hits.

i know what, how about a article about any editor
FAIL!!!! or Doomed!!!! stop LIEING that is a GREAT hit story.

Narutone661590d ago

For a company voted worst 3 years in a row, and still standing, a game like Titanfall won't be their downfall.

badz1491590d ago

Titanfall won't fail. NEVER! the hype for it is high and there's just no way it won't sell. it might not do CoD or BF numbers because it skips the PS3 and PS4 but 4-5 mil easy.

the worst thing that could happen to it is server/connection issues and bugs like BF4 but it will still sell regardless.

ZodTheRipper1590d ago

Titanfall won't fail, I'm sure that EA will make a profit and Microsoft will sell a lot of consoles thanks to it.

I'm much more interested in the longterm appeal of Titanfall, I could imagine people getting bored of it relatively fast.

guitarded771590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

EA will be fine either way. Microsoft took all the monetary risk when they paid to have Titanfall as an exclusive. EA had to take a huge chunk of money and free advertising for the game to go platform exclusive.

pompombrum1590d ago

I agree, if EA somehow lost their sports games, then they'd be screwed but while they hold onto their monopoly on so many sport games, they'll be fine.

Reverent1590d ago

@badz, honestly, I don't even see any hype for Titanfall outside of gaming sites. Sure, on the internet, the game is hyped like all hell, but in real life, I haven't met a single person who's even heard of the game's existence. It's actually pretty odd.

windblowsagain1590d ago

Exactly could not agree more.

Doomed my arse.

Stupid title and stupid article.

ThanatosDMC1590d ago

Right? I'm hoping they'd come out with Fight Night all ready minus Mayweather.

Kleptic1590d ago

the funny part to all this, for me at Titanfall would definitely be a game that grabbed an impulse buy from me...

yet the single reason i'm not touching it is because EA is publishing it...

tried the but shallow...and laughably easy...I wish the devs luck...but EA is not a company i'll be purchasing any products from for the foreseeable future...

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Mr Pumblechook1590d ago

EA is a massive company with money in the bank and many successful IPs.
Even if Titanfall tanks (it won't) it will be fine. Their business has not gambled everything on this one new IP.

Depending on how the Xbone version does or doesn't sell, what is liable to be reevaluated is their business preference of it and the PS4.

ramiuk11590d ago

but the millions they will lose because of going exclusive will cripple them as shareholders wont be happy

Narutone661589d ago

Titanfall is not yet on sale and it's not yet proven to be a big seller. So saying that it will lose millions because it's exclusive to a few platforms is not true.

SixtyNine1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

infamous is not a threat. And, Titanfall will probably do well, there's hardly any competition.

Melankolis1590d ago

Yes, Infamous isn't at the same market/genre. And Titanfall, whether the game is good or not, the hype will make it sell

Xer0_SiN1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

i dunno man, i could give two shakes about titanfall. but i do care about dead space and mass effect which both fall under ea (publishing). thats just a small piece of the pie that ea has its hands in. i think itll be just fine even if titanfall was to flop.

avengers19781590d ago

How much did they get from MS for exclusive rights to the game. I mean EA might not even care of one copy sells, they may have already made money on the game, due to MS.
But they are in no way going to fail if TitanFall fails, they have so many games that come out every year.

AceBlazer131590d ago

Didn't Microsoft pay for this game? Yh, so i think EA is already safe.

MysticStrummer1590d ago

EA would be fine, just not as fine as they'd be with a huge hit title. MS would be fine too, though XB1's future would be in question even more than it has been until now.

Blaze9291590d ago

EA not surviving in the gaming industry is the equivalent to there being NO gaming industry.

mynameisq1590d ago

EA are like cockroaches, they'll outlast even a nuclear war

Magicite1590d ago

just 2 more days and truth will be revealed.

gamer20131590d ago

Infamous isn't a threat to anyone and MS doesn't need Titanfall for continued success because it has plenty of games including brand new IP's with more on the way.

rainslacker1590d ago

EA will be fine if TF fails. Every time they have a failed launch people clamor about how it means the end of the company, yet they continue on. EA is pretty diverse, and while they focus on their bigger titles for marketing, they have plenty to fall back on. Their sports titles alone could sustain the company alone.

That being said, I doubt that TF will fail. It's the most hyped game of the new gen, is still available on the prior gen and PC, so it'll likely sell pretty well.

DeathofSouls1590d ago

Titanfall dosnt even use EA servers, it uses Microsoft servers.

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LaurenKB1231590d ago

If early beta thoughts are any indication Titanfall will blow everything out of the water, now EA just needs that to translate into sales!

pheature1589d ago

you have the looks, but you dont have the brains.
thats the way of the world.

-Foxtrot1590d ago

EA would perish.....oh wouldn't that be a shame

UltimaEnder1590d ago

HAHA, exactly, then WHAT would we do for the annual sports title that is no different other than a number and the price tag... #overdue

MightyNoX1590d ago

I have my crocodile tears inducer (tm) on standby if that were to happen.

ShowGun9011590d ago

EA's a cockroach, they'll be pushing madden 37 after the zombie apocalypse.

beerzombie1590d ago

They are a cancer on gaming and so is gamestop.

cabbitwithscissors1590d ago

Oh my, is there anyway I can help to hasten them to their untimely fate ?

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IanVanCheese1590d ago

Pretty sure EA can survive just fine. Despite all the negative press they get, they might as well be printing money, especially with the sports franchises they own.

UltimaEnder1590d ago

I think the point is that EA needs Titanfall to be a massive success to show the gaming public that they can still create games that are not just tweaked, rebooted franchise titles. Also if you listen to the latest financial reports so much of EA's current success rides on mobile; a genre that doesn't exactly excite the current gaming market and/or investors...

Lawboy21590d ago

Then that's a bad point when does ea creat games....usually don't they publish the u mean they buy bad franchises