Unreal Engine 4 - Impressive Video Shows Off An Entire Honda Jet Rendered In Real-Time

Company 4T has released an amazing video, showing off a Honda Jet that was rendered in real-time by Unreal Engine 4. This tech demo showcases an amazing level of detail, really high-res textures, great reflections and refractions, as well as GI effects. What’s also impressive is that the entire scene is dynamic and dynamically lit. According to the company, each cabin light can be toggled and adjusted and anything that can move does (arm rests extend, knobs turn, tray tables extend and even the sink in the lavatory works).

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1507d ago

Okay we know the engine is attractive. Let's see a real game.

Maldread1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I don`t know if it`s just me, but i didn`t think it looked that impressive. Some sound would`ve helped too i`m sure.

The outside of the plane is just way too shiny for me. Almoast like the covered the whole damned thing with lipgloss or something. The lighting and clouds don`t all that good either.

The inside was better, but still too lipgloss for me.

vivid831507d ago

I was thinking the same thing

cyclindk1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I was thinking too much eye shadow, or anal bleaching...

I was all like, "dang, that jet is waaaay too bleached."

slivery1507d ago

I completely agree with you. Unreal Engine just isn't the definition of graphics anymore like it used to be.

Just better engines out there now, Unreal had its time and who knows maybe it will again someday but not this moment. Not saying this looks terrible either but it definitely is not the most impressive thing I have seen engine wise and it isn't that realistic looking.

Fireseed1507d ago

While I do agree that there are better engines, the main reason this was so lackluster was because the artist is pretty bad.

Visiblemarc1507d ago

I agree, it just seemed OK...but not great. Like, if it were in-game that would be one thing, but an isolated tech demo? Wasn't impressed.

Youtube compression is no doubt a factor here, but um, yeah seems weak.

purpleblau1507d ago

Same with me. Looks like a Cinema4d render video. rather mediocre. don't see the awesomeness of this graphics.

Maldread1507d ago

Hahaha cyclindk. You`re right about that. Bubble for the laugh :)

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xtheblackparade1507d ago

I wasn't impressed either. Should make a next-gen shooter to see.

Yahdaree1507d ago

Ya, that's alrigh, I guess... I wouldn't say it's anything super great though..

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The story is too old to be commented.