Crafty PS4 User Makes External Battery Pack To Extend the Life of the DualShock 4

One of the few complaints often heard about the otherwise lovely DualShock 4 is its relatively short battery life, that often forces you to be tethered to that USB cord attached to the console.

PS4 owner Justin Gaskin decided to solve the problem on his own, and with the help of a 3D printer, a few components and ingenuity, he created an external battery pack that holds 3 rechargeable batteries to power the controller.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1356d ago

Cool but to bulky and to much added weight. Go about you just put a better battery in the DS4 Sony?

Abriael1356d ago

Well, there *is* a battery in the PS4. you just can't access it unless you dismantle the controller.

GarrusVakarian1356d ago

The easier option would be to just buy a micro-USB extension cable. I have a 3 meter cable always within arms reach. There's no need to do this to your controller.

pyramidshead1356d ago

@Lukas seems to have the best theory there. 3m cable damn lol

ziggurcat1356d ago

@ lukas:

i was just going to say...

and it's probably a lot less expensive to just buy a bloody cable than it would to pay for all of the materials required for that ridiculous mod.

strifeblade1356d ago

Just looked up the charge on ds4 and its only 1000mhah compared to ds3 which is 1800mhah couple that with ps4 touchpad, rumble, and lightbar will leave you with an abysmal charge compared to ds3 which only uses rumble-this explains why some ps4 users are buying ds3 batteries on amazon to replace ps4 ones. Energizer by comparison have 1400mhah as their low end entry level rechargeable battery and 2300mhah their step up which I use on x1 or eneloop is also an excellent choice at 2500mhah

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GutZ311356d ago

DS4 uses the same battery that the DS3 uses. Order a DS3 1,800mAh battery from eBay for like $12, and change it your self.

I've done it my self, works great, and last at least 17 hours now.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1356d ago


Then why didn't Sony put that battery on there! Lol

ShadowKingx1356d ago

i think if sony threw an option to turn the light on the controller, it would extend the battery life a bit more, if you want it on, ok your choice, if you want it off, your choice, i really think that light is what making it go dead within a 3 hours of playtime.

imtheman20131356d ago

The battery life is a little short... but luckily I got the Dualshock 4 Bundle on Amazon that came with 2 controllers. So if one's dying, I just switch over to the other.

strifeblade1356d ago

that's what I like about x1 controllers. Have a pair of a 4 pack of energizer 2300mhah batteries, make my controller last a while asnd put in the new batteries and old ones on charge. I also have 1400mhah and those are alright- don't last that long especially [playing games that uses rumble like crazy (forza 5)

theshonen88991356d ago

Personally speaking I would rather have two controllers and switch between them instead of burning through batteries and constantly recharging them.

M1ST4K31356d ago

Care to really tell the difference!? I have 2 controllers too, but his point is very valid and I don't see where changing batteries and put them to charge is different from changing controllers and put the usb cable on the one to charge... I can see the last one is "more convenient" but "instead of burning through batteries and constantly recharging them." is no diff from "burning" through internal batteries and constantly recharging them.

strifeblade1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Not bad in the long run though the controller needs replacing once batteries lose charge. Same can be said about batteries, however just replace batteries, the ps4 needs controller replacing. I'm not sure how good or long the ps4 charge lasts, but 2300nhah lasts a long time like a week of continuous play. You can get batteries with a higher charge than that up to 2800mhah I believe lol. Plus never plug in a cable I'm always wireless. I know u spend a bit more Money buy in the batteries and charger but well worth it. Do not buy play n charge kits.... those suck big time

Seraphim1356d ago

strifeblade: I'd hate to put a time on it but a charge lasts maybe about 12 hours. Past few weeks it seems I get One solid night of gaming out of a charge. If I start around 10-11pm and shut er down around 7am the battery is down to 1 bar. One night w/ the speaker volume at max I think about 8 hours in I had to plug the DS4 in. Since then I've turned the speaker volume on the DS4 down to maybe 1/3. Really hadn't played a ton of PS4 so hadn't noticed the difference until a couple weeks ago when I really started tearing into Black Flag. Right away, after a good couple nights gaming I noticed the DS4 doesn't last nearly as long as the DS3. Just before that I finally played AC3 and I'd get 2+ solid nights out of the DS3. But not only do you have that speaker in the DS4 but also the light bar... Sony definitely needs to slap a stronger battery in these. Or make an upgraded version for an extra $10 for those who need the extra juice. Course now that ColorWare offers PS4 & DS4 I broke down and ordered a second controller so problem solved.

I just seen a video where a guy swaps out batteries and puts a blackberry battery into the DS4. Oddly enough one he recommends is infamous for growing and exploding. My Storm 2 came with one and after a year in the drawer I pulled it out and the battery had ballooned. Did some research and sure enough, that's a common problem with that BB li-ion battery.

gamer78041356d ago

Neither are huge deals but yah this the light bar and the battery life are really my only hardware complaints about the ps4, the light is too bright and i'd rather have an external battery or use rechargeables.

yezz1356d ago

You can always cover the light bar with electric tape or buy the logo stickers if it really is such an annoyance..

gamer78041355d ago

i know, i've thought about making my own stickers to cover almost all of it. I said neither are huge deals, just would have been nice to have a way to turn it off unless for charging.

yezz1356d ago

Creative but very bulky and ugly. The battery life is quite disappointing but I don't feel like it's constantly dying on me so it hasn't been a problem...

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