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A unique and genuinely fun puzzle game with some decidedly rough edges, BLOK DROP U is a brief but engaging experience that will appeal to indie-lovers and puzzle fans in spite of its flaws — and it's easier to forgive those flaws when it costs less than a latte. That said, if presentation or replay value are a priority, this drop won't be for you; with no level select and no scoring to see how you stack up, its lasting appeal is limited. Still, if you're looking for a physics-based puzzler to play through in an afternoon, this delivers something different, fun, and definitely worth trying.

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Realplaya1659d ago

Supported this game and it is a blast. The best part is there should be free DLC coming in soon for it At 2 bucks how could you not like it.

MNGamer-N1659d ago

I want to pick it up, but on Miiverse, every post is "I beat the game already". 30 levels beat in a hour or two? It just seems like there is not much content. But on the other hand it's super cheap. I wish they would have made the game a little bigger so I felt like it would be worthwhile.

Realplaya1659d ago

@ MNGamer-N out.
A earlier interview from Nintendo life.

NL: Can you outline the release strategy for this, in terms of a rough price band and plans for additional content down the line?
MA: Plan is to release in Q1 of 2014 for the North American markets at $1.99. The project has been submitted to NoA for review as of this writing. I am also working on a release for Europe and Australia, but that may not hit the Q1 timeframe and instead slip into Q2. No plans to launch in Japan, unless there is a publisher that would like to bring it to that market! I do have plans to add in 20 FREE new stages in Q2/Q3 2014, with a final batch of 30 FREE additional stages in Q4 2014. Bringing the total number of stages in the game to 80 with no increase in price.check this