Planets³ Dev "Hope to Make Wii U Version"

One of the newest projects on Kickstarter is Cubical Drift's ambitious and stunning voxel-based open-world RPG game Planets³. CEO Michel Thomazeau has revealed to Nintendo Enthusiast the chances we might see the game on Wii U.

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imtheman20131626d ago

Lol is that a term now? "Minecraft Killer"

OT: This game does look really interesting. Lovely art style.

WeAreLegion1626d ago

It looks incredible. I hope we see a PS4 version, as well.

lilbroRx1626d ago

On Wii U article talking about a game on the Wii U comment about nothing but the PS4.

Modern console fanatics really sadden me. It makes me shake a my head at what has happened to gaming.

Never see this type of thing from any other console supporters camp. Just Sony's.

sknygy1626d ago

Sadly the reason N4G is left to those that way inclined mostly.

WeAreLegion1625d ago

I just want a PS4 version. What's your problem?

lilbroRx1625d ago

Then please beg for the PS4 version in articles where the PS4 is the topic.

If I cared about Sony and their products, I would be posting in their section and their news. not Wii U news.

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The story is too old to be commented.