Generation Lost?

Lead Example write "’ve been biting my tongue a little bit with the step through to the new generation. Mainly because it’s just one of those things I’ve not taken part in fully yet. I’ve yet to own either Xbox One, or PS4. But the obvious next gen titles are also coming to the PC platform which I’ve been playing."

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curtis921658d ago

I still laugh when a new gen comes out and people act surprised the shelves aren't lined with dozens of AAA exclusives like the previous gen (after 7 years). PATIENCE! Good grief!

secretcode1658d ago

Gonna have to agree on this one. While the PS3/360 had good titles pretty early on, the libraries took a year or so to truly get moving. I'm honestly less interested in seeing what's going on this year, and moreso interested in the year or two after this, once the gears truly start turning.

thorstein1658d ago

From the article: "But the obvious next gen titles are also coming to the PC platform which I’ve been playing."

Any PS4 or X1 owners want to counter this claim?

I have a PS4 BECAUSE it has games I can't play on my PC. I know the X1 has games that aren't on PC. What an oddball claim!

secretcode1658d ago

Eh. There's always going to be some overlap.

leadexample1657d ago

Well there's always going to be console games that you won't get on any other platform. That wasn't really my main intent of the article. I own a PS3 and 360 because there's games I can't play on the PC.

There's always going to be games which are console exclusive, and that's fine with me. But one example would be Watch Dogs. I was interested, until they flooded my inbox with videos on an almost daily basis, then went quiet. Now it's back, but looks to have suffered for it's push back and various other alterations. It should have just been a PS4, One and high end PC game. I think they're cutting corners and trying to get it to reflect on all platforms as close as possible.

Sure there are other examples that look great no matter the platform. But that wasn't the intent of the article. It's not all about graphics, it's more about the big push to the new systems, but not really making the new systems appealing. Well that's my view on it anyhow. I do hope there are some amazing games coming, but we shall see ;). Obviously early days, and we need at least 2 years before developers get comfortable with the new hardware.