SXSW 2014: Panel with the CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson

Gamnesia: "The interviewer continued by asking about EA's misses and mistakes, specifically citing NBA Live, and how the company has learned from those errors.

As Wilson put it, constructive feedback occurs when you don't fulfill certain motivations. That was a nice way to address critics or people upset in comments sections. Making games is hard, and when things are judged subjectively, it makes it even harder. You can be conservative and not push the boundaries, but Wilson would rather be in a company that doesn’t conform to that mentality. Because of that, there are going to be some missteps. NBA Live was a game that needed to go back to the drawing board, and the team wanted to do what was necessary to make a quality product.

Of course, you can't talk about EA and errors without bringing up the recent difficulties with Battlefield 4, and that's exactly where the interview went next. When asked how Battlefield would be fixed, Wilson claimed that innovation determines the quality of a game. Battlefield 4 brought forth a ton of innovation, but there wasn’t enough time given towards polish. They overreached, trying to do so much on brand new consoles with brand new code, and there just wasn’t enough time to polish the experience."

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pompombrum1661d ago

When asked about Battlefield 4's problems he mentions them overextending? He believes that was the problem?? No, the real problem was their blatant disregard for consumers. They knew they were overextending and released it anyway regardless of the current state the game was in. Enjoy being voted worst company for a third year running, you've earned it!

AgentSmithPS41661d ago

Until now I hadn't seen the face of evil.

BlingBlaine1661d ago

BetaFail 4 runs Great, Just dont touch CQ64!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am forced to play pretend baby conquest (domination) because DICE supposedly didnt have the time to polish? No the Frostbite engine is maxxed beyond its ability.

Rubberbanding, Lag, atrocious hit detection, no region specific servers, OHK lag deaths happen too often when playing CQ64. None from Domination.