Microsoft: Titanfall "Huge," No Problem Working with External Studios; XboxOne Graphics Will Improve

Titanfall is almost out of the gate, and Microsoft Game Studios Honcho Phil Spencer is definitely glad that the game is on Xbox platforms, despite the fact that it’s made by an external studio and Microsoft doesn’t own the IP as he mentioned today, adding that the company will definitely work with external studios and is actually already doing it on an old IP.

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christocolus1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

I love to hear Phil talking about more games.The guy is doing a great job and getting more ips on the console actually gives naysayers less to complain about..cant wait to see sunset overdrive and QB..i hear both games are coming along nicely and looking very impressive indeed.

we already know crackdown, phantum dust and forza horizon2 are rumored to be in the works so which of these could they be working on next?

Age of mythology
Black and white
Kung fu chaos
Blood wake
Mech assault
Blu dragon
Lost odysee
Fuzion frenzy
Grabbed by the ghoulies
Brute force
Crimson skies
Halo wars
1 vs 100
Banjoe k
Perfect dark
Midtown madness
Viva pinata
Death throw

Damn u Phil which of these are you bringing back?

Fireseed1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

If I see another Kung Fu Chaos I'm going to friggin lose it!!!

Edit: That also goes for another Whacked, Fusion Frenzy, Tao Feng, and Breakdown

tbone5671659d ago

Want to see Direct X12 on Xbox One. GDC can't come soon enough.

TomShoe1659d ago

Bring back Viva Pinata lol, game was before it's time.

Nocando1659d ago

Loved Tao Feng, even though it was not balanced very well.

GameNameFame1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Ofc the main problem is that MS has far weaker studios than Sony or Nintendo.

Of you don't believe me just look at track record of X360 vs PS3. X360 had about half retail exclusives on 80+ meta scores. Same on 90+.

Now their studio list is weaker than last gen. Even with "rumored to be in work" they are still extremely weak position. Weaker than last gen

No Bungie, No Epic, No Bioware, and so many more.....

Fireseed1659d ago


See we weren't having a pissing contest in here until you showed up but you want to know one number that exceeds any of that crap? Sales.

Remember when Halo 3 sold more copies than all of PS3s exclusives COMBINED?!? And to this day Gears and Halo STILL sell volumes more than the Uncharted series and even The Last of Us. I love those games but Sony ponies love to run their mouths but always fail to put their money where there mouth is.

Tempest3171659d ago

Kung fu chaos and fusion frenzy wpuld definitely entice me, but mechassault and crimson skies would be a system sellers for me. If they announce either I will be buying an x1 in short order

uso1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

@Fireseed you do know that Gran Turismo alone sold more than 10 millions and if you add 5 more from Prologue is enough to outsold Halo 3.

And Uncharted 3 sold more than Gears of War 3.

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GarrusVakarian1659d ago

PGR, please.

*Thinks of next gen 'bulldog' mode*......i need new pants.

xx4xx1659d ago

I think Spencer already said PGR is pretty much ruled out due to # of racing games franchises already in development/active.

Sorry. :)

iistuii1659d ago

Massive PGR fan here. Gutted when they stopped. PGR 2&3 were amazing, didn't like 4 as much as the bikes were in it.

mcstorm1658d ago

Lukas_Japonicus I agree ide love to see another pgr game but I want to see Horizon 2 as well as for me the as the best racing game I played last gen. Add the extra power of the Xbox one as the talent play ground have I think a Horizon 2 would be an amazing game if that's not announced then a pgr 5 would make my day.

memots1658d ago

Aren't you aware that some people from bizarre studio are currently working on DriveClub?

PGR is to this day one of my favorite racing series

GarrusVakarian1658d ago


No, i didn't know that. Awesome.

FriedGoat1658d ago

PGR was amazing. RIP Bizzare.

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RedSoakedSponge1659d ago

id LOVE to see a new Viva Piñata. such awesome games on 360 and would give Rare a break from shitty kinect focused games.

BABYLEG1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

See that's the difference between you and I. I would love a new viva pin using Kinect.

I'm sure it'll be playable both ways though

RedSoakedSponge1659d ago

i dont mind kinect as long as it isnt over used where it isnt needed. maybe use kinect to just stroke the piñatas like in kinectimals or something. or to swing a stick at them might be fun. using kinect to navigate the game would piss me off though im sure.

JohnathanACE1659d ago

Yep its great to see Microsoft finally fighting back with some exclusives, especial since SONY kicked their ass last gen. Now there's basically a reason for everyone to own both consoles.

TominatorXX1658d ago

you do realize that Shaq Fu is the worst fighting game ever, right?
right behind "Rise of the Robots"!

Father__Merrin1659d ago

nice list, I'd love to see a 1v
100 series or mabey grabbed by the ghoulies

xDHAV0K24x1658d ago

1 vs 100 would be a big deal. Maybe use our real face with kinect?

Zombro1659d ago

A microsoft fan you know are kinds not welcome here :)

The_devils_chum1659d ago

Woo hoo way to keep up that good xbone P.R. your lips reek of brown star.

k3rn3ll1658d ago

I wonder how intelligent posters like this manage to lose all their bubbles

curtis921659d ago

midtown madness hahaha

played the first 2 on pc and played the third on xbox. Played that a LOT online. Some fun MP action.

Deltaohio1659d ago

I'll take fusion frenzy and Jaded Empire FTW plz

VforVideogames1658d ago

I remember fuzion frenzy 1 and 2 I think it would make a great party game with kinect function and how about conquers bad fur day?

Deltaohio1658d ago

Idk. To be honest I think the N64 one was better but the xbox one was good. I think it's too mature for most ppl (less sales) so I doubt they would do that. But if they did then awesome!

mrmarx1659d ago

i hope he didnt bring you locoycle.. an xbone exclusive lol

IVanSpinal1659d ago

Excelent list man, but there is another game:
Transworld Snowboarding that game is better than Amped.

42 disagrees, pathetic FanboyStation

nerdman671659d ago

They need to make a real Banjo Kazooie 3

elninels1658d ago

Give me deathrow 2 please.

k3rn3ll1658d ago

I would kill for a good banjo game that harkens back to kazooie and isn't just some kart racers. Also a well done perfect dark reboot or sequel will be nice

TominatorXX1658d ago

*Shrugs Shoulders* I don't know, christocolus #1,
at this point after Forza 5, it became the "Call of Duty of racing Games", I wouldn't have my hopes too high if you know what I mean.

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staticdash221659d ago

But will it be 1080p? You can't just make up for deficient hardware, with software. Of course console graphics improve, with optimizations over time. I fear by the time they start hitting 1080p, Sony will have already moved on to higher fidelity for their exclusives.

Best of luck to them though, Spencer is a good guy and I know he probably gets overwhelmed with these questions.

Abriael1659d ago

"But will it be 1080p?"

Some will. Some won't. As it already is.

Zombro1659d ago

Hey I enjoyed killzone the same before and after I found out the resolution changed just sayin

Dudebro901659d ago

Get off the 1080p talk already. There is so much more to a game.

diehardmetallicafan1659d ago

@Dudebro90 yeah much more important things, like releasing an actual game! prepare for titanfall... then play that until the next exclusive drops at christmas time...

Ashunderfire861659d ago

I said the same thing in an article about Killzone ShadowFall not having true 1080p. I told people to play the game for what it is.

"Enough is enough, why can't gamers enjoy a game for what it is no matter the resolutions, or frames from 30 and whatever(I know it got to be 30 for stability)? I read on many of these post on resolution gate that some gamers won't play a game without 1080p 60FPS. They think their too good for that. Well I guess they won't play games like Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 then. Don't expect those games to have both, because its going to one or the other. There is always a trade off, so get use to it."

Click to read more:

staticdash221659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Well, that's all fine and dandy for you. Resolution might not be a bigger deal to you, but you don't get to tell other people what they should value. Let me ask you this. Are you paying for my xbox one? Are you buying me the game? So what in your ever loving mind, makes you think you can tell me what I should value and what's important when I'm buying games? Man, what? http://img2.wikia.nocookie....

You people are starting to kill me, trying to tell people what's important in THEIR own gam purchases like you're the almighty decider of what makes a game, cmon man lol. People don't drop 59.99 on games, that don't interest them, if the game isn't fun them why in your right mind would you waste 60 bucks? There's more to games, and fun is one of the factors that put games on my most wanted list
-is the game pushing a strong story?
-visual appeal
-Of course fun
-Value for the price

Resolution may not be a big deal to you, but you can't tell someone else, what SHOULD be important. That goes for both sides, so you need to chill and understand that people don't see things how you do. This is my opinion on 1080p, and that's that. Your opinion is not gonna make me stop talking about resolution, I hope you know that.

hello121659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

X box can't be using deficient hardware if directx12 is being used for the GPU. The x box 1 GPU can't be a 7000 series GPU because directx12 would have trouble running on it and GPU for directx12 don't even exist yet.

The last true directx came out around 5 years ago.

The only logical reason for the underperformance is the GPU in the x box 1 hasn't been using the right tools and software so it has been running incorrectly for devs.

Directx12 means AMD most have produced a customised low/mid budget GPU for Microsoft that nots not even on the market yet. This is what the likely secret sauce is. Just my view nothing confirmed yet, but direct12x should not be possible, but!

srd44841658d ago

Same thing an article from Gamingbolt said.
"But more than anything else, this indicates the Xbox One’s GPU is not as similar to the PS4′s initially revealed. Microsoft apparently has a deal with AMD but it means that the 7000 series Radeon isn’t what the Xbox One is packing.

Both DX12 and XB1 has been in the works for YEARS. DX12 being released 2014 and XB1 was rumored to be released 2014 as well, you can't tell me MS didn't add DX12 into (DirectX)Box One.

GodGinrai1658d ago

"Both DX12 and XB1 has been in the works for YEARS. DX12 being released 2014 and XB1 was rumored to be released 2014 as well, you can't tell me MS didn't add DX12 into (DirectX)Box One."

Given how the XB1 story has gone so far, it lends more truth to that rumour that they originally intended to launch this year and not in 2013.Add that to the fact that they were behind on drivers for dev kits. .. It makes sense. after all, none of last years games used DX12. Maybe we will see the likes of halo and what comes after it, use it. We have seen nothing of those games and maybe its because they are showing off DX12 tech. Of course we wont know till E3. luckily titanfall will ease any pre E3 impatience for me, in the meantime. My Atlas awaits :)

christocolus1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Do all games have to be 1080p to be enjoyed?...i dont think so. I enjoyed playing ryse and dr3 and guess what? res was never an issue.i play pvz with my nephew a lot and its addictive and lots of fun,i expect same from project spark and tbh ryse looks really good despite it being 900p and till today my nephew keeps showing it off to his friends even my folks and i always love the look i see on their faces when they see that game for the first time but guess what? its not 1080p either and if crytek and ms ever decide to make a sequel down the road i bet it will look a lot better than ryse..

I agree some people cant do without it but if 1080p was actually that big of a deal then no one would buy Bf4 and other sub hd games and it definitly aint stopping anyone from buying titanfall either. I think you guys keep holding on to this 1080p talk just so you have something against the xbx one but if ms finally gets past this res issues what will the next argument be?

You forget that both consoles will get better over time...Ps4 will improve but the xbox one will too..

srd44841658d ago

No one knew Ryse was 900p. Everyone thought it was 1080 until Crytek said something. Most can't tell the differnce on their tv and most don't care. It's not all about being the prettiest. Gameplay, framerate are bigger factors. In Titanfall, it's not the prettiest but the gameplay makes you not even think about it.

Eddie201011659d ago

PS4 already has better graphics out the gate and it's graphics will improve to. The question is not weather the graphics will get better on Xbox One but weather they will achieve parity with PS4 graphics. Since they have similar architectures but the Xbox One has weaker hardware, I don't think they will achieve parity, Might get close, maybe.

hello121659d ago

Eddie off the shelf parts tend to do that and run better from the start. Its not a flame against PS4 because it will get better too with driver updates.

But it seems to me Microsoft has paid AMD to create a card to run directx12? It probably runs similar to a 7000 series card (clock speed and shaders) but it has probably also been customised and tweaked for future developments that Microsoft has planned.

On march 20th we'll know more hopefully. It could be be overblown that directx12 will be revolutionary . Just have to wait.

1659d ago
Eddie201011659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

I don't think DirectX12 will be the revilation that you people think it will be. Directx11 and it's iteration rarely get used to it's fullest now and took a long time for many developers to get to work properly in games even with video cards developed with Directx11 support.

Also I don't think directX 12 will ever fix the resolution problems that Xbox One has, not just Directx12 anyway.

Nothing stopping Sony from making an API that is just as good or better, Sony and it's developers are very good at getting amazing things out of there hardware even though there hardware sometimes has a steep learning curve.

Ryse sacrificed AI and good game play for graphics that look good but have a lower resolution. I know many won't admit it but higher resolution does make a game look much better even on smaller screeens. You talk about last gen games with higher resolution that'a what Forza is mostly. I would argue that Killzone Shadowfall looks as good as Ryse and even though the story is a little lacking the multi player is effing great.

ALLWRONG1659d ago

Maybe it will be 1080p 60fps like Killzone.

bumnut1659d ago

Maybe it is fun, unlike Killzone.

nerdman671659d ago

A good game will be good if it 720p. 900p. or 1080p

Eddie201011659d ago

But it will be it's best on consoles at 1080p 60 FPS.

k3rn3ll1658d ago

Unless sony finds a way to stream 4k in N.A. with PSNOw, which is pretty much impossible ATM due to our shitty network infrastructure on the consumer sides, the higher fidelity you speak of is nearly impossible Neither one of these systems are powerful enough to render 4k games as a whole. Unless Fiber takes over in the next few years which god I hope happens

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Bonkerz1659d ago

Im gonna just go out and say that im pretty sure it will be another Crack down or Phantom Dust and that excites the hell out of me lol.

ZombieKiller1659d ago

That gameplay is so fast do you think you will really notice a difference in 1080 vs. 720?

I'm a PS fanboy and I understand the PlayStation is winning this pointless rat race (seriously, who cares about sales besides Sony/MS, and if you do WHY?) but do you have to bring the 720/1080 argument to every article? This is about TitanFall and MS, live and let live man. I'm pretty jealous they're getting the game in the first place.

720P is much higher than "ZeroP" which is what resolution the PS4 version is. Pick and choose your battles or you look like a mindless drone dude. This isn't an argument worth starting.

Abriael1659d ago

Well, yeah. The difference is noticeable.

It doesn't make the game any less fun though. Which is what most forget.

STANK081659d ago

The difference is noticeable? Does Killzone recent scandal ring a bell. Some folks suffer from selective memory

zebramocha1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

@stank from what I gather from neogaf the reason this went some what unnotice is,they thought the anti-aliasing method was badly implemented and GG methods are some what better than having the game at a lower resolution plus it doesn't have artifacting issue like upscaling.

kingdip901659d ago

The title of this article pretty plainly has xbox graphics as a topic of the article so the resolution debate applies here.

I agree though it's getting boring now.

Underworld1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

I care about sales. The more PS4 sells the more money Sony gets and more developers will support the system. Both of which means more games for us. Plus I have gotten so much joy out of the Playstation platforms, so I want Sony to be as successful as possible. That's why I care.

I don't think having games at 1080p is the most important thing, but I think it is pretty important. If definition means nothing then why don't we go back to gaming at standard definition? I don't care if every game isn't at 1080p but I would really like most to be. It's a new generation.

I do think Titanfall looks fun, so I might pick it up for my 360.

GodGinrai1658d ago

"720P is much higher than "ZeroP" which is what resolution the PS4 version is"

haha! that was .....epic. *applaudes*

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Oh_Yeah1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Xbox has never had a 1st party AAA game I was interested in since it's inception, but maybe that's because there's only really been 1 exclusive franchise to choose from which is forza. The rest of their "exclusive" aaa franchises have come out on pc in some form or have been timed release for other platforms. God the xbox brand is a leach.