MGSV Ground Zeroes and Titanfall leaked in the UAE, Available Now in Stores

Two days before the game ‘s release, Titanfall has been leaked in UAE and now available in some stores

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nukeitall1589d ago

I'm jealous, especially of Titanfall!

Only two more days, and I get my sweet hands on a digital copy. I can then instantly switch between playing Titanfalls and enjoying a Netflix movie!

Cannot wait!!! :D

Muffins12231589d ago

Wow not a single agree, MGS must be allot more loved.

SgtButtSniff1589d ago

DUDE! No worries! You shoulda waited 4 months after the xbox one launch, you woulda gotten a price cut and a free digital download of titanfall! The savior of xbox one! FOR FREE! Who said goodthings dont come to those who wait. :3. Metal gear solid forever :*

solidt121589d ago

I wish I had Metal Gear today!

2pacalypsenow1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

been watching gameplay of mgs 5 on twitch on my ps4 makes me want it even more

2pacalypsenow1589d ago

I saw it on live from playstation I don't have a link just go on it if you have a ps4 it's live

mafiahajeri1589d ago

It really is two hours btw asked some people that got it, and no not a speed run.

Sounds like a glorified over priced demo to me.

ANIALATOR1361589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

We know, yet myself and many others are still buying it regardless

KonsoruMasuta1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Did that person do all the special ops missions too? Or just the main mission?

We've known that the main mission is two hours. We want to know how long it is with all of the other content.

GentlemenRUs1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I canceled the pre-order a while ago but this means i'm not even going to buy it now...

I'm waiting till it comes with TPP.

EDIT: Tehe, I love it when people hate the fk out of me for having an OPINION.

jon12341589d ago

tell that person to play it on the hardest setting with all those little thingys that help you, like the slow mo and the tagging, off, lets see how long it takes him

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mafiahajeri1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Ain't buying it there selling it for double the price I'll wait. Digital version for me I hate scammers...

Heisenburger1589d ago

If I hadn't played Peace Walker before, I'd probably be one of the people sitting Ground Zeroes out.

However I owned the game originally on psp and subsequently played through the story twice. I didn't get into the recruiting/extra ops originally.

I've been going through Peace Walker HD I've put in fifty-one hours so far, twelve of which I spent playing the story for the third time. Idk why the recruitment aspect never clicked before but I have been playing the hell out of Peace Walker for the past month going for the platinum.

When I heard that the people you rescue/recruit would carry over to The Phantom Pain I was sold.

I'm playing Peace Walker with no end in sight. THAT is what makes me confident in my Ground Zeroes purchase.

THamm1589d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself...