Can Ubisoft Rescue The Watch Dogs Downgrade Controversy?

GH - Watch Dogs, one of the mostly hotly anticipated games of the year, has run into a PR disaster. A new story trailer released on Thursday for the already 6-month delayed game shows the effects of noticeable graphical downgrading, sparking vocal concerns amongst the gaming community. Can Ubisoft turn it around before its too late? Of course they can, but they need to act quickly.

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Shadonic1448d ago

Of course they can just show us that it doesn't actually look like that maybe even do some small demo showcasing it and releasing it.

theXtReMe11448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Is anyone else thinking this game is going to be delayed once again, reworked and released in 2015 or 2016? The press is just too bad surrounding the game. If it is anything less than the Jimmy Fallon gameplay presentation, there will be horrible backlash... If not a class action lawsuit.

I am hoping that the video released was a mish mash of current and last gen and some glitchy lighting. Otherwise, it is going to be a huge PR nightmare for Ubisoft. Basically blatant bait and switch, which I imagine will have some legal repercussions with all of the press it is receiving. It may make the federal government take notice and pass a law prohibiting game companies from releasing footage that they are unsure the final product can match. I would think, it would be better to under-promise and over achieve than the other way around. It would certainly make the company look better, in gamers eyes.

Now, it just looks like they blatantly lied and are trying to brush it under the carpet until after the game releases and they sell all of the copies they can. Dodging any questions they find confining and revealing to the true nature of the product.

Im hoping for the best, but expecting the worst... Because of their unproven denial. All they have to do is release gameplay footage from the PS4 version of the game showing the latest build being played by gamers and journalists. Allowed to check out the system and make sure everything is on the up and up.. The sooner, the better. Like, Monday.

The longer they wait, the more controversy it creates and the more upset consumers become. Not a good thing, if you want those same consumers to buy your product in a few months. Leaving them in the dark as to the true quality of the game. Only time will tell, hopefully sooner than later... as this is one of my most anticipated games and i just want the truth as to how it will look and play.

DevilishSix1448d ago

Now that we are post Aliens Colonial Marines the gaming public is now very aware of this vertical slice bait an switch to hype up a game. This practice will no longer be tolorated. Ubisoft is in for a PR nightmare. Gamers have their eye on The Division wondering if the same thing is going on there. Ubisoft needs to get their act together before they harm their name brand.

ritsuka6661448d ago

This game has promised too much and will be a disappointment. Just watch...

Beastforlifenoob1446d ago

I agree also the inital hype was WAY to big to sustain

gamerheadlines1448d ago

This is going to be awesome!

Geekman1448d ago

Are. You. Kidding me? Seriously people? You've spent two days complaining because you think Watch Dogs looks worse, when it looks fine! And on top of that, it doesn't matter! How many times do I need to tell you that as long as the graphics look decent, then it doesn't MATTER how pretty it is! And it looks decent! You don't hear anyone talking about how amazing these games look after it's released, and exception being Super Mario Galaxy, and that wasn't HD! God, get OVER yourselves.

BoneBone1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I blame industry individuals for breeding these types of attitudes amongst prissy ungrateful gamers.

Sony and Microsoft are the biggest offenders. It's backfired on MS with the Xone seeing as PS4 is seen as capable of slightly higher resolutions at a cheaper price.

The beast they have created is turning on them.

And now it's backfired on Sony. Ubisoft isn't to blame here. The E3 demo was shown on a development PC with x3 highend GPUs in it. There's no way the PS4 - which is basically a stripped-down budget gaming PC - would ever keep up with something like that.

But dopey gamers just don't get that... they want more and more and more. If there is a new video game crash, it'll be in part, due to these bad attitudes and unrealistic demands of emerging gamers.

Sketchy_Galore1447d ago

Damn, man. Take a breath. I can only speak for myself when I say the game itself looks like your usual cheesy generic Michael Bay style adolescent crap so the only thing making me consider buying it was the incredibly immersive environment shown off in the earlier videos. I can handle a cheesy immature plot if the simple act of walking around the streets feels cool and immersive. I can handle 'okay' graphics in a creative and intelligent game but when the game is clearly the same old generic action game crap (with another added gimmick) and the graphics are just 'okay' I can't see any reason to actually buy the thing.

Besides which, they lied. The game has clearly been downgraded from footage they had previously shown claiming it was representative of the ps4 version, they have since claimed the game has not been downgraded at all. By getting so bent out of shape about people complaining you're simply being an apologist for dishonest business practices that will only get worse until the company responsible is held accountable.

Geekman1447d ago

You speak of innovation when any attempt at it is dismissed as a gimmick.

And a company lying is no reason not to buy a game that looks like it will play good. Maybe they WERE'NT lying, and simply believed that it wasn't downgraded.

And listen here, boy. I am no slave to any company. I play games because they're good, and I will take a stand if any real BS is being done. I am angry with Ubisoft for delaying a game to make it better when it was downgraded yes, but I care so little about graphics that it could be downgraded graphically again and I'd still buy it.

There are more to games than just graphics, and should Ubisoft mess those features up, THEN I will start to boycott the game because I have a good reason to, but if it's the case that the game is less prettier, then I will be angry, but not angry enough to boycott a game that is actually fun.

Sketchy_Galore1447d ago

RE-your last point. Fair enough, point taken, each to their own and all that but more importantly.... did......did you just use the phrase 'listen here, boy' without any kind of irony? I know this is a heated issue and all but please let's not pull out our impersonations of 1940's school teachers just yet. At least not until Ubisoft release more video, young man.

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