Xbox One Has Improved, But There are 6 Main Features That Haven’t

As you’ll see in the video, Xbox One encountered more problems than Microsoft expected since it appeared on the market.
After many complaints and fails of the Xbox One, the company decided to make its move based on their customers’ wishes.

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AngelicIceDiamond1658d ago

Maybe MS can get those taken care of in the summer update. As of now I'm fine with what we have at the moment. Considering MS is fixing the common problems people were having since launch.

Like I said, the summer update should take care the other problems.

Automatic791658d ago

Wow 4 months in and there are people who just can't be patient.

SixtyNine1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

The console will continue to get better with time like wine.. not to worry. . judging by the 360, things will get better with updates..

n4rc1657d ago

I'm perfectly happy with my x1.. Updates are rolling out quickly like they always said they would..

I can wait for the little things.. Just like I'm waiting for a couple games Lol..

gamer78041657d ago

I am since the march update made videos enjoyable to watch again

ShowGun9011657d ago

i agree, a 4 month old console cant be expected to get EVERYTHING right... they made choices about what to include tech and features-wise, and didn't realise how much value people placed on what they omitted. like the first six-axis controller that left out rumble. i didn't think it was a big deal personally, but people were up in arms. they listened and fixed it. same goes for the xbone. M$ will filter out the idiots and use the actual feedback to impove their box. give em a minute, will ya? lol cant believe im defending M$. both companies are doing good work, people need to just quit acting like entitled brats. if you like a system, go play it and quit hating on somebody else's.

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