PS4 and Xbox One Won't Be in Trouble due to AMD's Financial Woes According to Michael Pachter

AMD's finances have been on a bit of a roller-coaster lately, but Wedbush Securities Analyst and crystal ball holder extraordinaire Michael Pachter feels that this won't spell trouble for Sony and Microsoft's new consoles.

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zyphee1376d ago

Hmm so thats why nvidia backed out

Geekman1376d ago

If either company does get into trouble, then they'd just sell off the brand. That creates the question:
Who would you want to buy Playstation?
Who would you want to buy Xbox?

Ultr1376d ago

What has this to do with playstation/xbox ^^

smooch_3571376d ago

Pach said if they were to go out of business, Sony and MS would know this well ahead of time and buy enough chips well in advance so that they could continue production...He also said that by them buying so many all at once, that that would probably give AMD the money it needed to avoid bankruptcy anyway.

AsimLeonheart1376d ago

What are you talking about? Did you even read the article? It is talking about the possibility of AMD going out of business and its impact on its two major customers: MS and Sony.

Geekman1376d ago

I know. I'm just trying to ask a simple question in the chance that any of these companies goes under. No need to freak out.

foie1376d ago

So, by the Law of Pachter, does this mean that they actually will be in trouble?

Eonjay1376d ago

Prepare for AMD doom articles. I just got back from the store. I picked up the AMD F-Series 8320 CPU. Only 129.99 (Usually 150 almost everywhere else though). Its an 8 core CPU 3.5 (4.0 Turbo) processor. Its an excellent deal for anyone looking to build a decent rig.

OpenGL1376d ago

I'm pretty sure that GlobalFoundries actually manufactures the APUs in both consoles, so if AMD dissolved it would probably only hurt the development of revisions and die shrinks.

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