How Does PlayStation Plus Make Money?

Michael Pachter discusses PlayStation Plus and more.

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SynGamer1597d ago

Why do people listen to this fool? 9 times out of 10, his "predictions" are completely off. He provides nothing of value, unless you want a good laugh now and then.

Ultr1597d ago

Laughing is the key to happiness...
So he provides the essence for a happy life.

SynGamer1597d ago

Laughing because something is funny? Yes, valuable, laughing because the situation is terrible/bad/frustrating, not so great ;)

My biggest issue with Pachter is his "predictions" can affect companies' stocks, and with his track record of being wrong most of the time, this concerns me...

BG115791597d ago

Worse part of this, this guy actually makes a lot of money saying this kind of stuff...

GarrusVakarian1597d ago

"How Does PlayStation Plus Make Money?"

Step 1) Charge £40 per year for PS plus.

Step 2) People buy it.

Step 3) PROFIT!

devwan1597d ago


How does Michael Pachter make money?

Step 1)Have an opinion - the more controversial the better.

Step 2)Ummm he's never had need for a step 2.

Step 3)PROFIT!

WalterWJR1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

The funny thing here is pachter think you only get 10 games a year. it's closer to 10 a month, what a complete idiot. How does he get paid to talk about the gaming industry?

Ratty1597d ago

Pachter doesn't make money off the accuracy of his predictions. He makes money off the controversy of his predictions.

In other words, he doesn't have to be right. He only has to make people talk about it.

andibandit1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )


Im pretty sure he meant 10 big games.

Anyways i dont see how anything he said this time on pach attack is wrong, unless all of you above actually believe amd is going bankrupt within 7 years

Tiqila1597d ago


I 100% agree!

pixelsword1596d ago

How Does PlayStation Plus Make Money?

Make everyone pay for it.

The end.

Godmars2901596d ago

forgot the part where they have to buy or pay for the rights for "free" games.

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caseh1597d ago

Because he's quite engaging and he knows a lot of people in the industry.

He only suggests what may happen based off current trends, past trends and word of mouth. He isn't an oracle but oddly enough, he is often right about many things, however most articles are only posted when he is wrong...never when he is right.

kreate1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

His predictions of the future are usually wrong.

His 'predictions' of the current industry is right. But half of n4g users can do this.

His explanation of why he was wrong is superb though. This is where ppl fall for him.

He himself said he doesn't need to be right. So he's usually not right.

He does what he does becuz....

"It's a profit deal!"

(Ca'ching! Money drops over the background)

rhcpfan1597d ago

I remember a few years back where he was saying how gaming PCs weren't nowhere near as powerful as the PS3.

The guy's a joke.

caseh1597d ago

Got an actual quote for that? It's a well known fact that Cell processor was an absolute animal for its time and 'power' wise he was correct.

A clustered set of PS3s would demolish anything that AMD or Intel had produced for the consumer market around that time.

Mikethejew1597d ago

When the ps3 came out it was true dumb fuck

rhcpfan1597d ago

It was on an episode of the bonus round on gametrailers during the 09-10 I believe. Geoff Keighley said how you needed a 1500$ PC to compete with current Gen consoles then Pacther added how that still wouldn't as powerful as a PS3. I'm too lazy to hunt down the exact quote, but maybe someone else can shed a light on that.


How about you learn how to construct a proper sentence?

jrbeerman111597d ago

Grammar police for one missing punctuation?

rhcpfan1596d ago

I don't what to tell you. He and 17 very intelligent users seemed to jump to the conclusion that when I said "a few years back", it automatically meant 2007. Not really surprised though as this is N4G after all.

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hay1597d ago

Humans like baboons.

thekhurg1597d ago

His predictions are right more often than not. But like with everything on the internet, only his wrong statements are brought to the top of the pile and hammered to death by the legion of know-it-alls in the community.

andibandit1597d ago

I particularly like all the bandwagon haters who dont even watch the episode, but just write
"Why do people even listen to this guy"

jrbeerman111597d ago

I watch his show regularly and wonder why people think he's always wrong.

Of course he isn't always right, nature of predictions.

Does anyone listen to sports radio? They are wrong 80% of the time and will kill anyone with a different opinion.

Crazyglues1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Wait when I first read this, I was like are you kidding me...

"How Does PlayStation Plus Make Money?"

-They charge for it.. 49.99 yearly

||.........___||............ ||

Crazyglues1597d ago

Really who disagrees with this, can you please tell me where Playstation Plus is free.. because I would like to sign up there..

Instead of paying... LoL

nirwanda1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

They probably don't make that much money from it with the amount of games they give away, but the whole point of it is that takes people like me away from an Xbox 360 to a ps4.

Lets be honest its worth more than the price you pay for it by quite a margin.

KwietStorm1596d ago

So do you think Sony and Microsoft make 400 and 500 dollars for every system sold? It's been it straight forward like that. Sony doesn't just choose other developers games and offer them for free. The question, "How does PS+ make money," doesn't insinuate that it does not make money. It's asking how do the profits work, as in profit margins from those $50 subs after the deals behind the scenes have been put together.

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Mikethejew1597d ago

Because hes a whole lot fucking smarter than you. Im in the industry and believe me all developers and publishers listen to him. Because his job is to tell investors if they will make money investing in our company, not argue with fanboy tards on n4g and gaf.

KwietStorm1596d ago

What industry is that? The "I'm gonna fake it til I make it, talk down to people, make myself feel superior" industry?

jmac531597d ago

Pachter has become a tabloid junkie. He thrives off of the limelight and will say anything controversial to get the press. Just watch his videos and you will see how arrogant and full of himself he is.

TheTowelBoy1597d ago

I'd say 9/10 he predicts stuff that is PAINFULLY obvious, or he's wrong lol

showtimefolks1596d ago

Remember when Microsoft doubled the price of Xbox Live? Did you play Grand Theft Auto V when it came out in 2010? Were you pleased that Kinect launched at $50? Are you happy that the console wars have finally ended?

If none of that sounds familiar, it’s because these are just a few of the widely off-the-mark predictions of video game industry analyst Michael Pachter.

Pachter is wrong a lot. He predicted that we were in the “last generation of consoles,” before the Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One were announced. He predicted Kinect was unlikely to sell for more than $80. He promised Grand Theft Auto V would arrive by 2010, then by 2011, then by 2012.

joab7771596d ago

How does valve make money? What is wrong with this guy? He has too much time on his hands.

FanboyKilla1596d ago

but go to his articles with negative xbox stuff, and the same mutha f***ers in here bashing him, will be praising him there.smh sigh

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BX811597d ago

Says the guy wearing sunglasses inside.

Rimgal1597d ago

My question is how does this guy still have a job?

Sharius1597d ago

as long as you keep click in his link

seriously, this guy is nothing but a clickbait, that's why he still has his job

Rimgal1597d ago

Thank god for adblocks then.

Capt-FuzzyPants1597d ago

I don't think he gets paid for this. Gametrailers does a show with him every week and he agrees to answer questions. His real job is to analyze the industry and give advice when and where to invest. I don't know why people get on him so much, he is usually pretty accurate and when he does make crazy, outlandish predictions he prefaces them by saying something to the effect of "this won't happen, but [insert crazy prediction]. People that make these articles take what he says out of context and tone all the time to make him look like an idiot. Actually watch the videos and you will see.

Goro1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

What a dumb article, PS Plus makes money because it's a PAID subscription service. They make more money from subscriptions than they pay the developers to put their games on the IGC.

Omar911597d ago

I think what the article or the question is trying to say is with the amount of free games sony gives, how is it that they are making a profit out of it?

Goro1597d ago

I explained in my above comment how they are making a profit out of it, seems like common sense to me.

Panthers1596d ago

All I know is that I am profiting from PS+ every month, so as long as Sony can keep it up I am happy.

I just wished I didnt miss out on it for so long. Thank God PS4 forced me to get it. I would have never known how awesome it is.

jrbeerman111597d ago

you do know that his show is a Q + A right? so hes answering questions. He also does not make the headline for gametrailers nor N4G.

This isn't an article at all.

Not to mention that the question was asking for more details on how exactly the payments worked for the publishers whos games were on the service.

Its also 1/3 of the video.

KwietStorm1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

No, you didn't explain it. You assume that's how it happens, but you have no idea what the numbers are, and you have no idea how it's handled from game to game. That's what's being asked and discussed, specifically how the program works. It's not a simple "do they make money.?"

Petebloodyonion1597d ago

I know that Pachter isn't the most loved guy around here but at least watch the video.
Someone ask him a question about how PS+ make money with the free game program and he provided a logical answer.
As for his job, it's not about giving is opinion about the video games industry but about being a analyst for investor.
and at that, it seem he's quite competent.

hay1597d ago

Answer, which was released and talked about multiple times(try Googleh), brings nothing new to the table along with his legendary legacy of being doubtfully precise.

andibandit1597d ago

I guess they should ask people to stop asking questions on the show, if it can in anyway be found on google, and of course what you find on google is always fact..........

hay1597d ago

Of course, because we all know that people who live by packaging and re-selling in 90% incorrect information are the biggest gifts of humanity we should cherish that 10% of the time they are right.

This just makes my education hurt.