Scrapped Crash Team Racing Reboot Gameplay Leaked

Junkie Monkeys: For some strange reason leaked footage of the canceled Crash Team Racing reboot has leaked.

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Snookies121625d ago

Well that's a shame, looked like fun.

SaturdayNightBeaver1625d ago

Yea, big shame.. This would have been a blast against people online. Well if Sony really got the IP back maybe we can expect it sometime on PS4. OMG hyped when i just think of it LOL

minimur121625d ago

It's a shame this was cancelled, it looks really fleshed out and the dev's had got pretty far into development, more that 3 tracks complete, animations for 4 separate racers, customisable tires/carts were done.

and most importantly - Wumpa fruit implementation!!! lol

Hopefully this game was far enough into development to be picked up from a different developer, but we all know that that's a bad idea....

SilentNegotiator1624d ago

I hate watching leaked footage of decent looking scrapped games. It hurts so much.

FamilyGuy1625d ago

Why the hell was this cancelled?

Looks like fun plus it's kid friendly.

Lyr1c1624d ago

Perhaps it has something to do with IP ownership?

One can hope.

Matt6661625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

No don't reboot the original was a classic and they should leave it well alone, especially while activision are in charge of Crash, activison just ruin anything and everything. Mean just look how rubbish Crash of the titans is compared to the original Crash Bandicoot's. If anything Sony/ Naughty Dog should take the series back over and make the games like they use to be.

Relientk771625d ago

Crash Team Racing (CTR) is still my favorite racing game ever

Would love to see it return

Fireseed1625d ago

OMG that looks like fun! D: Why would this get scrapped?!?!

PoSTedUP1625d ago

exactly!! who couldnt play That without a Huge smile the Entire Time!? looked to be the best cart racer to date. the Wii would have eaten that game alive, the PS3 and 360 fanbase almost just as much, too! who ever scrapped that Should Have Been Fired Immediately! that right there spells M-O-N-E-Y. get it to ps4, ps3, 360 and X1, Vita, 3DS and PC right away. release it as digital download and spend the money that you would have had to on distribution- on Marketing!! geezz... -_-.

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The story is too old to be commented.