Respawn: No Rest Yet; Looking At Spectator Mode

Respawn's Vince Zampella confirms that the team isn't getting any rest yet, planning patches & DLC for Titanfall, among which there may be a spectator mode.

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Alexious1469d ago

Really hope they add a spectator mode soon, I'm quite surprised it's not in already

Bigpappy1469d ago

This game is fun to watch and play. Spectator mode DOA4 and some M$ exclusives.

Bigpappy1469d ago

Which every version was first released on Xbox live. Could DOA 2 Ultimate.

micx1469d ago

I can see spectator mode being helpful in tournaments.

pompombrum1469d ago

Won't do much good without private lobby or LAN support. Really hope Respawn support the game to the point where those three things are added however trying not to get my hopes up.

hello121469d ago

Spectator is great. Looks like privates matches are part of the patches.

pompombrum1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Private matches have been confirmed to be included in a patch some time after launch.

ArmyOfNone1469d ago

Why waste time and resources on a spectator mode when you can live stream to twitch? 0_o

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