The Insane Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Will Soon Be Even More Insane

The ridiculous mod that allows folks to play with each other in Just Cause 2's map has always been wild, but now the enterprising people behind it are continuing to add features that will expand upon the madness.

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Oh_Yeah1659d ago

Well worth the 3$ I spent on it.

urwifeminder1659d ago

Played more online than the actual game way more fun , I like how it has its own updates on steam as well no strings or hoops to jump through.

FlyingFoxy1659d ago

I never tried this, but i know the GTA San Andreas multiplayer mod is awesome too, nothing like playing with 200 people on the CnR servers and even that amount of ppl isn't enough to fill up the huge map.

Matt6661659d ago

well said man, GTA SA MP is amazing, it's a shame steam don't support the MP mod.

jocomat91659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

plat this game finally a while ago. Love the game and i remember when the game released square said something along the lines of adding multiplayer later could happen. but it never did. I always knew that this was a mistake and according to this mod i was right.( mistake as in they could of sold a lot more by this one feature on consoles) this is an example that single player only people need to realize that adding multiplayer can work very well if done right.

Matt6661658d ago

@One_Eyed_Wizard & gentlemenrus

Thank you one_eyed_wizard, yes I did mean the GTA SA MP Mod.