inFAMOUS: Second Son Will Have a Day One Patch; Sucker Punch Working on the “Finishing Touches”

If anyone had any doubts, inFAMOUS: Second Son, like most games nowadays, will have a day one patch to address the last few nags, as explained by Sucker Punch Productions Co-Founder Chris Zimmerman.

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mania5681450d ago

that is actually a good thing to hear, better a day one download to fix it than the alternative

Derekvinyard131450d ago

I miss the ps2 days, when a game released it didn't need any patch or downloads.

Abriael1450d ago

No mate. They needed em. They still had plenty glitches. They just didn't get them, and we had to work with the glitches.

Rose tinted nostalgia glasses aren't good.

iamnsuperman1450d ago

There were glitches though that didn't get fixed in the PS2 days. I don't mind day one patches. It is those games that release with bugs (with no patch) and still being "fixed" months later that piss me off (those games that clearly have not had any quality testing).

lemoncake1450d ago

I prefer patches over games with bugs that never get fixed

Conzul1450d ago

It's the ATTITUDE that "oh, we can release it and fix it later" that is damaging.

I'm actually glad that there's an immediate patch. Better a single Day1 patch than a bunch of later ones.

PersonMan1450d ago

Games are 100x more complicated these days than they were back in the PS2 days.

Even with hundreds of people working on games, and having game testers, there are still things that they don't have time to fix before the game ships.

If you want the games to be perfect on release, then you'll be waiting a very long time because there's always room for improvement.

brich2331449d ago

Games are getting more complicated.

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Derekvinyard131450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Have to disagree with you bro, I owned or played every title in the ps2 library besides a few Japanese titles and never had a bug that prevented me from finishing the game. There is one game though. In state of emergency there's one mission where you can't get through a wall, I always use the code to get passed it wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

edit- I do think patches are beneficial now but when some devs use them to pretty much fix there broken game, that's bs. Like bf4 had to return it couldn't see that game getting 100% fixed through patches. Needed some more time in the cooker

zerog1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I have to disagree with you dude. Most of my experience with the ps2 was great and I even found some cool glitches like one that gave me a 0.0 lap time, 0.36 race time and top speed of over 9,000mph in need for speed 3 but there was 1 matrix game that I went through 3 different copies and they all froze in the same place and wouldn't allow me to go any farther. There was also a glitch in ffx that would do the same thing in the fight with sin under some conditions. These days I'm glad they're able to fix these issues with a simple download.

@1nsomniac. This kind of thing happens all the time in the electronics industry. Tvs, phones, blue ray, dvd players, computer and mobile software all get updates to fix bugs and issues. For those of you on down making smart comments about it being because its a ps exclusive titan fall also needs a day 1 patch and when has ms ever released a windows that didn't end up needing dozens? People need to stop complaining and glad its not like the old days before the internet became readily available when if you bought software and it didn't work that it just didn't work.

WeAreLegion1450d ago

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within had a game breaking glitch where you were caught shifting in time and couldn't continue. Many games had these issues.

Inception1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

"I owned or played every title in the ps2 library besides a few Japanese titles and never had a bug that prevented me from finishing the game."

Than you never play Ar Tonelico 2. There's a bug when the final boss used a special moves and the game suddenly freezes. That bug prevented me to finish the game...unless i beat the final boss only with two turns OR using a hacked PS2.

Not only that, the english dub also incomplete and tons of translation error.

If only PS2 can use patches, than i'm sure NISA can fix AT 2 problems.

1nsomniac1450d ago

The alternative should be not releasing it until it's fixed. Which should be the only answer.
I'm getting a bit sick of people allowing their praised gaming industry to get away with whatever they want.

We wouldn't allow it in any other industry. It just shows that gaming is still stuck in this bubble of immaturity that unfortunately I don't think it will ever get out of due to the age of some of its demographic allowing it.

tracyllrkn1450d ago

You don't like it, stop playing video games! I see absolutely nothing wrong with this.

1nsomniac1449d ago

....annnnd bingo!

That's exactly the attitude I'm talking about!

Well done sir!

plaZeHD1450d ago

So they are releasing an unfinished product. How is this acceptable again?...oh I forgot, it's a playstation exclusive. Stupid me.

Abriael1450d ago

Day one patch means that they aren't releasing an unfinished product. Means exactly that they're releasing a finished product.

Nice attempt to flamebait mate. Weak, but nice :D

plaZeHD1450d ago

What does the title say?
"Infamous: Second Son will have a day one patch Sucker Punch working on the FINISHING TOUCHES"
Meaning the game isn't finished unless you download a day one patch.

Abriael1450d ago

plaZeHD: I think you're trying very hard to be smart, but you're failing :D

It's not March 21st today. They're putting the finishing touches on the game, that hasn't been released yet, and won't for another two weeks.

So again, no, they're not releasing an unifinished game. They're putting the finishing touches on an unreleased one.

There's quite a big difference there.

plaZeHD1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

But it will be March 21st one day and you still have to download that patch.

creeping judas1450d ago

@ Abriel, let's be honest here, if the title was replaced with let's just say Titanfall for an example, you and I both know the comments on that story would would be exactly the same, but I doubt anyone would be considering it flamebait? Correct?

1nsomniac1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

What a stupid thing to say, @plaZeHD provides you with factual evidence based not only from clear common sense but from the actual title & statement from the developer themselves & you reply with that..... Who's really looking like they failed the intelligence test here???

Abriael1450d ago

@creeping judas: Incorrect. I'd consider it flamebait anyway. Nice try.

@plaZeHD: and? If it's finished when you first play the game, it's finished. Sorry. Try again.

zerog1450d ago

Its ok, plaZeHD is just one of those people who don't understand that you can't just produce a million copies of a disc, package it and ship it over night. That most games are boxed and ready to go weeks ahead of time so they can't just redo everything last minute.

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iamnsuperman1450d ago

or it is like any game. Sucker Punch isn't just going to sit on their asses just because the game has gone gold. There is always more to do (polishing)

DarkLord10031450d ago

You're right... stupid you..

Silly gameAr1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Well, it may not be on Playstation, but Titanfall requires a day one patch too. Guess that means that's an unfinished game as well?

RollinThunder1450d ago

Thanks for trolling. How was the day one update for your Xbox One? The difference here is Infamous will still be playable without it.

AceBlazer131450d ago

The XBONE needs a day 1 patch to be used, Titanfall needs a day 1 patch, alot of non PlayStation things need day 1 patches. So what does PlayStation have to do with anything.

BOLO1449d ago

Kinda like M$FT released the Xbox One unfinished without Direct X12 to compete with the PS4? Grab straws when close.

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B1uBurneR1450d ago

What ever happened to finishing a game then launching it. Strange business habits these people are practicing it needs to stop with next Gen not get worse. I understand fixing after the fact but at launch is just ridiculous

Abriael1450d ago

What ever happened?

It never happened.

Back in time, products were launched with gliches and bugs and we just had to deal with it.

Now games get patches because they CAN get patched. Not because they're more buggy.

Heisenburger1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I absolutely agree with you, Abe. However allow me a moment to play Devil's advocate. Unfortunately their are many cases in which people launch games with game breaking bugs. Arkham Origins comes immediately to mind. So it is, of course, understandable that he would be at a state of unrest upon hearing about Second Son.

Now obviously I agree with you, as I've said. Nowadays developers have the ability to fix problems post-launch that they were otherwise unaware of. Which is fantastic for us as consumers. But far too many developers excuse poor programming with the promise of a patch being worked upon. Battlefield 4 is a game that I have owned on PlayStation since it released. I find the state in which it was released to be far below an acceptable standard.

However when it comes to developers in whom I trust, such as Sucker Punch, I pretty much take it on faith that they are giving me a quality product. Day one patches included.

I don't prefer to look at it as an exception to the rule, I consider it the rule.

*typographical error

Abriael1450d ago

@Heisenburger: we all know that playing devil's advocate is an exercise in fallacy. And it is even here. Games released with gamebreaking bugs always existed. Nothing new under the sun.

Heisenburger1450d ago

I'm not sure how to interpret your reply. Would you elaborate?

ginsunuva1450d ago

finishing touches does not necessarily equal bug-fixing.

IRNMUNKEY1450d ago

Single player games have no reason for patches they should just push back release date till finished. Its different for multiplayer as they can't test everything until everyone is playing.

Ultr1450d ago

Man, cmon. You never read a book with a missing letter?
Its cool that they can just patch something like that.

Father__Merrin1450d ago

I hope it's not a 13 gig patch or something :-S

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