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PA "Major Nelson came by the office on Wednesday to show Tycho and I how the new Twitch app worked on Xbox One. He had stopped by a few weeks prior and found us streaming from the PS4."

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AngelicIceDiamond1625d ago

He breaks it down quite a bit.

From the sounds of it. it really sounds like the X1 version is the definitely the best.

SITH1624d ago

I must admit. I never cared about using the twitch app. I think that is absolutely going to change. It is very impressive what Microsoft is doing with it.

Septic1624d ago

Don't know how anyone can disagree with you because Twitch on Xbox One is FAR superior to the PS4 one from what we've seen.

*720p- resolution matters now right?

*Archived gameplay- brilliant feature and something I wanted to do so the link to Twitch on my website would always have something to show even if I wasnt streaming

*Interface- FAR superior with the ability to customise pip placement etc and ghost out achievement pop ups. You can easily see who is broadcasting and join or launch the game

* Quality management- you can toggle different quality streams depending on your internet speed etc.

Im sure the PS4 version will get an update soon but in comparison to the Cbox One, it seems like a rushed version of the service.

Naga1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

"I’ve been pretty vocal about preferring the PS4 so far this generation. I have to say the Twitch app is a point where I can say the Xbox One is just way beyond what the PS4 is doing right now. Combine that with Tianfall and I think you’ll have a hard time getting me off my Xbox for a while."

And here I was not caring much about Twitch... It just goes to show how certain things can really swing a person's opinion.

MRMagoo1231624d ago

I havent even touched the streaming apps on the PS4 , i really have no intention in doing so either, I suspect if they removed them and there wasnt an article i wouldnt know it was gone either lol. I guess some ppl like different things and all but i have no interest in playing games while ppl some where else watch me.

Is it an American thing? I am not trying to sound racist or what not but I dont know anyone that uses it , but when i go on youtube pretty much any video i see is either from the US or UK. Is it some kind of fame searching thing or something? All i know is i wont really even bother trying it.

MK24ever1624d ago

I streamed once or twice, and believe me, most people will try it once or twice and not do it again, streaming will cover part of the screen , will distract you, most of the people will be contantly insulting or spamming, funny how people think suddently the XboxOne stream will be much different than that, it's streaming video to people who can comment, we all know how "mature" the gaming audience is...

Septic1624d ago

ive had some brilliant experiences oj Twitch for PS4. It even made the BF4 campaign fun as I was cracking jokes with viewers and accepting their mini challenges.

MK24ever1624d ago

Yes, there's cool moments to definitely, but I play mostly SP games, and I like to be immersed on the game's world, the twitch is to distracting for me.