The Score 40 – What is Your “Desert Island” Game?

This week The Score turns 40, so we’ve decided to change things up and ask you a different kind of question. Instead of asking something to do with anything current, we’d like to know which game you would choose as your “desert island” game. Which game would you choose to have with you, if it could be your last game ever?

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LAWSON721536d ago

Any Pokemon game preferably a hack version so I can catch them all rather than require trading which may not be possible. If not maybe Civilization V that game would make 50 years on a island feel like a week.

WeAreLegion1536d ago

Minecraft. Limitless possibilities. It's not my favorite game, but it wouldn't get old quite as fast. Maybe another Voxel based game? Starforge Alpha?

tnsrocks1536d ago

GTA 5. its not my favorite game but it could keep me entertained the longest

InfinityG35JT1536d ago

Fallout 3 or New Vegas or Skyrim Legendary or Dark Souls
or Demon's Souls

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