Sony's PlayStation 4 Completely Dominates Microsoft's Xbox One

In the battle for console supremacy currently under way between Japanese electronics giant Sony (NYSE: SNE ) and software powerhouse Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ) , the hypothetical scoreboard currently reads...

Sony 6 million, Microsoft, well... a lot less than that.

Truth be told, few know exactly how many Xbox One's Microsoft has sold since its debut late last year. However, as was implied once again this week, Sony appears to be pulling ahead more each week in the race to control this major tech market.

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stuna11655d ago

There is no denying it at this point! Sony pushed all the right buttons, and its popularity is showing that.

lifeisgamesok1655d ago

X1 will catch up it's inevitable

Majin-vegeta1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Hmm let's see

PS4 outselling the X1 in NA,Europe.It's two strongest territories and that's only cuz Sony can;t keep up with demand,Wait until they can oh boy.

Lowsnamebrand1654d ago

Sure and you'll eventually get a second bubble too

SardoNumspa1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Not only is the PS4 outselling the XB1 in the US by 2-1, and Europe 5-1. The PS4 is outselling the XB1 worldwide just by its Japan sales of 60k/week 240k/month alone.

The XB1 is only selling 140k/month in the US and about 30-40k/month in Europe. If the PS4 was just being sold in Japan and not in the US and Europe it would still be increasing its massive lead by some 60-70k/month.

The PS4 is already close to double the XB1's 3.3 or so million installed base. And the PS4 in on track to have 3-1 or 4-1 installed base advantage by the end of 2014.

'Catching up' isn't in the realm of possibilities for the XB1.

medman1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Xbone will only catch up if it starts red ringing at a similar frequency with which is failed last gen. Otherwise, the numbers just aren't there for Microsoft. And if they can't count multiple sales to the same dopes who buy their under-engineered products, well, they have no hope at all. They won't win Europe or Asia, no matter what, and they are losing North America and the UK, and Sony hasn't even delivered any of their heavy hitters for PS4 yet. And that's not even taking into account PS4 shortages almost everywhere globally. Microsoft hasn't even released numbers because dat bone just ain't selling. They are waiting for Titanfall to give them some kind of boost so it doesn't look so bad for them. But after Infamous and Ground Zeroes release for PS4, any temporary sales advantage from TitanFall will vanish. Game over.

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Majin-vegeta1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Top 3 Reasons why this is happening.

2.Better hardware
3.No anti consumerism crap.

AngelicIceDiamond1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

From the looks of it you listed reasons. Price and better hardware.

I don't know of any anti consumer stuff that's on X1 currently.

maddskull1654d ago

The main anti consumer thing about Xbox is their costumer support even ea has a better costumer support than xbox. All the drm shit that they were trying to force down people throats. Last but not least all the adds you get even though you pay for a subscription.

metalsonar7131655d ago

really guys again?

AngelicIceDiamond1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

"Forget video games, this new technology boom is preparing to take off."

Stops reading there.

He's right its all fact but its something we've already known. Sounds like this article is an attempt at minimizing, and downplaying the the hype and great news X1 currently has going for it.

And say "hey lets throw games aside and talk about sales."

No I wanna talk about freakin games.

But nice try writer.

Skate-AK1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Well last gen the Xbox fanboys wanted to throw out games and count sales after their lackluster exclusives compared to TLoU, UC2, UC3 and God of War 3.

Dinkis1654d ago

I think they will release #s after a week or 2 of titainfall

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