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"Other footage/trailers coming before launch", Watch Dogs head creative director says

Answering a whole slew of questions on twitter, Jonathan Morin mentions we should be expecting more footage/trailers before launch. (PC, PS3, PS4, Ubisoft, Ubisoft Montreal, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Naga  +   423d ago
After the storm they just kicked up, they had better be.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   423d ago
Watch it be PC footage instead and pass it off as next gen.
mcarsehat  +   423d ago
It'll be ps4, but they'll need to try and prove that it is. If it's better looking than the story trailer, people are just going to claim PC footage so it's pointless really.

It will be ps4, at night with the rain and wind system turned to max.
Abriael  +   423d ago
No Shit sherlock.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   423d ago
Well duh ! Obviously.
Metallox  +   423d ago
GTA V didn't have many.
iceman06  +   423d ago
GTA V didn't NEED many! It had the hype of having had to wait so long for it.
This is a totally different situation. The dev's backs are against the wall and they actually need to PROVE themselves...again.
Metallox  +   423d ago
@iceman06 LOL I was going to say that. Anyway, you're right, Watch Dogs it's a new IP, and Ubisoft needs to create more hype for the game, and gameplay trailers are the perfect medium, so in part, PriceOfAllSaiyans comment it's partially correct.
Longshot28  +   423d ago
The uncompressed video looks good, but I can almost guarantee everyone is watching it through a monitor that doesn't support 1080p anyway.
Zhipp  +   423d ago
I watched the old and new trailers on the same monitor, both with Youtube compression. Why would one require an uncompressed vid to look decent while the other doesn't?
Sevir  +   423d ago
I don't get the storm everyone is kicking up... The footage I saw at e3 2012 was confirmed to be PC, the Footage released at E3 last year was PS4 footage, Eurogamer did a breakdown comparison and it very much proved that the PS4 version wasn't as powerful but it played pretty close to the PC. The footage shown this week looks even smoother than the 2013 footage, I don't get the problem! PC footage to PS4 is obviously a downgrade... But what was shown looks recently compares well to the first footage running on PS4 at E3 and looks more polished.

Color me excited! May 27th can't come soon enough
starchild  +   423d ago
Yeah, it's really weird. I don't see any signs of a downgrade either. Not compared to the PS4 footage from some months ago.
JunkyardWillie  +   423d ago
Sevir either you're blind or retarded...Just saying
Sevir  +   423d ago
Junkyard! I've got 20/20 vision and calling me retarded is disrespectful... This is a video game, a hobby, no need for personal attacks... I'm not comparing this footage to the 2012 reveal.. that's console footage versus PC footage... What they showed this week lines up with what we shown in 2013... Which is what I'm comparing. Now. Please be gone!
JunkyardWillie  +   423d ago
You went full retard.
heisenberguk  +   423d ago
And this time if it looks good people will just go mad saying it's fake! They should've picked better footage to release and none of this would've happened!!
Pintheshadows  +   423d ago
I am still worried that it somehow looked a fair bit worse than Black Flag, yet it was delayed and announced a long time ago in gaming terms.

It is still odd in this footage seeing the disparity in the character models. Either this game will be all over the place in terms of visuals, or Ubisoft got PS3 and PS4 footage confused.

I hope it is the latter.
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starchild  +   423d ago
AC4 Black Flag is one of the best looking games out right now. I own all the best looking games on PC (and PS4) and I'd say AC4 is probably in the top 3 of all games in terms of visuals.

Most Ubisoft games have looked outstanding, including Far Cry 3 and the Assassin's Creed games.

I seriously doubt that Watch Dogs will be anything less than an amazing looking game.
SolidGear3  +   423d ago
Visually I honestly have to say that Beyond: Two Souls is the best thing I've ever seen in terms of photo realism.
Plagasx  +   423d ago
Good good prove it to us that the game still looks as good as the previous game play demos
ritsuka666  +   423d ago
Ubi Soft press the button panic. I see..
Metallox  +   423d ago
I want to see last gen footage. I'm starting to think that those versions will have good quality compared to Xbox One and PS4 versions. Less effects and worse textures, but they're going to look similar at the end. Expecting something similar to Assassin's Creed IV.

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