Titanfall's Xbox One Screenshots Appear, Early Pixel Counts Indicate 792p Resolution

The first screenshots of the Xbox One version of Titanfall have been shared on the Beyond 3D forums, the first instances of pixel counting done in the same boards indicate the same resolution of the beta, 792p.

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GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I'm more concerned with the framerate. Respawn said framerate is king, but the beta had some pretty big drops, especially when inside the titan. It wasn't constantly fluctuating, but it was a little distracting imo.

If the final res is 792p, meh, not too big of a deal, 900p would have been nice. But the game is fun enough that i can accept 792p, but if the framerate isn't great that will directly affect the gameplay. So fingers crossed for locked or very near constant 60fps for the final game.

Abriael1657d ago

If the game is great, it's great, regardless of resolution, that's for sure.

GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Definitely. I would even take a drop 720p if it meant better framerate.


Exactly. The final res of the game isn't even on my mind at all, i just want 60fps.

4Sh0w1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Well I'm not concerned at all since any drops it may have had went u noticed by ME, I spent every moment besides when I was either at work, sleeping, or time with my kids playing the beta and it ran smooth as hell. Every single friend I know who tried it had the same experience so I'm just itching for the game to play it again. The over analyzing of pixels and framerate this gen just further proves to me that I don't care unless it affects the gameplay.

pedrof931657d ago

792p ?

Like in 1200x792 ?

GarrusVakarian1657d ago


I think it's 1408x792.

abstractel1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

A game that looks as dated as Titanfall should not run at 792p. If you are not concerned about "next-gen experiences" I am not sure why you're even interested in the XboxOne and PS4. Ryse is still the best example of what the XboxOne is capable of, graphics wise. I bought Titanfall for PC but it sure as hell isn't for the graphics I feel like I am buying a late last-gen title. A fun looking last-gen title but a last-gen title nonetheless.

More games will show what the XboxOne is capable, like Ryse did, but Titanfall isn't it. I am sure Witcher 3 will look quite good on the XboxOne and the new Halo team did a great job with Halo 4 so I feel Halo 5 will probably be a true next-gen title for the XboxOne. I hope the same for Quantum Break. Titanfall is massively overhyped from my perspective -- at least as a next-gen title.

Personally I am way, way more excited about Infamous as a true next-gen title in the short-term.

Spenok1656d ago

Wow, the level of disagrees with this statement is shocking. I see you have more agrees, but still.

They are essentially saying that if the resolution is bad in a game, the game is ALSO bad. HOW ON EARTH COULD ANYONE THINK THIS? Or even disagree with what Abriael said? If a game is fun, who cares its resolution?

Does that mean all games on previous generations are bad now that they don't have 900-1080p?

Well, guess I need to brain dump my fond memories of Goldeneye, Ocarina of Time, TimeSplitters, StarFox, and Super Mario World. Those games resolutions are TERRIBLE, as well as their graphics. They certainly suck now right? /s

OT though. I hope for Respawns sake the resolution and framerates are what they promised. It's their first Current Gen game (feel weird typing that), and they need to deliver on their boasts. Even if I personally won't be buying the game, I would like to see it do well, and performance is part of that.

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Garethvk1657d ago

I think smooth play is vital. With so much going on at once that will be the key. With Titans blasting, people climbing walls and all sorts of gunplay and explosions going on, will it be smooth and how will the latency play out.

nicksetzer11657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I think you are confusing lag spikes (happens in all online games, due to connections) with frame drops.

GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Lol, im not confusing anything.

I saw framerate dips, i know what a framerate drop is when i see one.

In case you think im lying -

"Preliminary performance analysis of the Xbox One beta. Titanfall aims for 60fps, but drops frames and exhibits screen-tear when the engine is under stress. Occasionally the distribution of torn and complete frames is rather strange, so we're carrying out further research, but the major takeaway is clear - intense action causes significant performance drops in this beta code."

So, fingers crossed the final build is more stable. If you didn't notice them, that's great, but i did.

SpinalRemains1381657d ago

Lol! I know a framerate drop when I see one.


nerdman671657d ago

The beta was butter smooth, so I imagine the game will be since they kept the same resolution

GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

It wasn't. You just didn't notice the dips. I guess not noticing isn't particularly a bad thing....but for people like me who are sensitive to it, it's annoying.

Check the framerate analysis in the link i posted above for proof.

nerdman671657d ago

Yeah, there were a few, but it wasnt enough for me to care.
The only time I get mad because a game isnt high frame rate is when it is a PC game and that is my fault for not upgrading

MRMagoo1231657d ago

NERDMAN67"The beta was butter smooth"

LUKAS"It wasn't. You just didn't notice the dips. I guess not noticing isn't particularly a bad thing....but for people like me who are sensitive to it, it's annoying"

NERDMAN67"Yeah, there were a few, but it wasnt enough for me to care."

hmmmmmm maybe i just misinterpret butter smooth.

nerdman671657d ago

I meant that most of the time it had no performance hiccups for me, only occasionally, like when getting into a titan. Or when I had netflix running at the same time on my other TV

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Insomnia_841657d ago

Seriously, this looks nothing like a next gen game. I'm sorry if my comment hurts anyone here and I'm not trying to troll or anything but truth be told, with so much hype created by Microsoft and trying to pass this as the second coming of Christ for next gen, this is pathetic...

BTW, in the gameplay side of things, jump to the minute 2:30 here...

Looks familiar? Ha! Very original Respawn, bravo!

I just don't see anything in this game worth getting excited for. The graphics, the gameplay, it's all been there done that from last gen.

A sincere question, would this game create hype just by itself without the help of Microsoft's ridiculous marketing? I Don't think so.

christocolus1657d ago

But you said you were not trying to troll.

GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I agree that it doesn't look "next gen" visually, in fact i would argue it looks pretty ugly in some screenshots and if you would have told me that was a next gen game before next gen started, i wouldn't have believed you....but the gameplay is where it's at for this game.

I doubted it too, before i played it for myself. Now i can't wait for it. Im bored of BF4 now, TF will replace it.

Ducky1657d ago

You're absolutely right.
If it wasn't for Microsoft's ridiculous marketing, a game by Respawn, an unknown group of developers with no past record of game development experience, would have gone unnoticed.

The gamers who played the game at game shows and in the alpha/beta wouldn't have enjoyed the game either if it wasn't for all the marketing hype.

It's sad that people will misinterpret your truthful comments as a silly attempt at trolling. After all, your comment history is spotless.

Qrphe1657d ago

Everyone knows it's ugly but no one cares. Wait for Halo for graphics

DOMination-1657d ago

Well don't post then and go back to playing contrast until a game comes out for ps4

Ra30301657d ago

I agree with your comments. This game at its core is a shooter. Just like the other hundred shooters out their.You fire a weapon, you get into the Titan and fire a bigger weapon. The jet packs all cool but we've seen jet packs in other games and they do the same thing push you above the ground your standing on. All of the things Titanfall has was seen last gen and some of the cool things 2 console gens ago. Vince Zampella says the 360 version is pretty close to X1 version and I'm guessing here but i'd bet their will be more than a few that say the 360 version looks better than the X1. My point, you are right there is nothing about Titanfall that says next gen. That's a Microsoft sales pitch. One of many to get people to buy the X1. Titanfall looks like a fun game. And for me it'll be a fun game on the Xbox 360 if I get it.

DJ1656d ago

No, you're right. It's on part with the PS3/360 versions of COD Ghosts, which is on part with COD4 Modern Warfare.

It's a very very old engine that needs to be replaced.

aragon1656d ago

Angry bro? People play sleeping dogs, true crime and saints row even tho I think Gta was pioneer? Why are there so many flappy bird knockoffs? O wasn't flappy bird a knock off? And I summoned my Titan in binary domain and used up a lot of my wall run powers, also why is it that in platform ears u jump on enemies heads like didn't Mario start that? Why why why? Why u mad?

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DiRtY1657d ago

Higher resolution than Killzones multiplayer then.

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yewles11657d ago

Oh this will be interesting...

Tedakin1657d ago

Framerate looks rock solid in the most recent youtube leaked videos.

UbiquitousClam1657d ago

youtube videos only display at 30 fps...

starchild1657d ago

True, but you will still see framerate drops. In youtube videos you can see stutter in any game that has stutter. The uneven frame delivery will still be noticeable.

djplonker1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

What did cboat say the resolution would be?

Edit: 790 is closer to 720 than 900 or 1080 but I forgot about the textures thing he mentioned... hey atleast its 1080p on pc!

Dudebro901657d ago

720p and that the alpha textures were final.

nicksetzer11657d ago

.... he said the alpha was final ...he was wrong (way wrong) get over it.

UbiquitousClam1657d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same as the beta. I'm more interested in how people work this stuff out?